TV Recap: A Million Little Things – The Season 1 Recap!

A Million Little Things
The PCR Season 1 Recap
August 28,2019

We are a month away from the Season 2 premiere of A Million Little Things, the ABC breakout hit from last year. From the teasers being dropped, it looks like Mark Cyr Jason Ritter (shout out to the Parenthood fans) will be causing problems for Gary and Maggie! PJ and Rome are buds!  And, there will be a death this season! Questions and mysteries abound and I am looking forward to being right there with you for the ride.

But, before we bring down the safety bars and brace ourselves for the first jolt of the emotion roller coaster, let’s jump into our memory inner tubes and enjoy the lazy river of a Season 1 look back.  Yes, I spent time in amusement parks this summer.  What gave it away?

Read on for the PopCultureReview Season 1 Recap of A Million Little ThingsBEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

Photo: ABC

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TV Recap: A Million Little Things – Lost Sight of the Horizon …

A Million Little Things
“Pilot” (Episode 101)
September 26, 2018

I’m not sure there are enough words for me to be able to thoroughly explain my excitement for A Million Little Things. I’ve been awaiting its arrival a little more than 3 months ever since I saw the first trailer. I knew this show was going to be something special. As I saw more & more about the show, I became more and more excited not only was it going to be special but honest, or at least that is my hope for the show. From the Pilot it didn’t disappoint.

Photo: ABC

A Million Little Things is brought to us by writer and creator DJ Nash (Truth Be Told; Growing Up Fisher). After someone close to Nash took their life, he knew he needed to do something with how he was feeling. Later in the my recap I will touch on a parallel between JFK Jr’s plane crash and depression, this was written by Nash after the loss of his friend trying to understand how he felt. Nash knows where the season will go and has plans for where the series would go if they are lucky enough to be renewed for another season.

This show is going to touch on many heavy hitting topics; it’s not going to be for everyone but give it a chance. AMLT is going to touch on depression, suicide, marriage, friendship, and more — the highs and lows of life.

So now we will begin into the deep dive of A Million Little Things, you’ve been warned spoilers await…

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