About Us

At Pop Culture Review, we’re fascinated by the world we live in and how, as 21st Century Americans, we perceive that world.

PCR will focus on reviewing and judging the onslaught of entertainment, celebrity and pop culture that assault our senses on a daily basis.  At Pop Culture Review, we hope to make you laugh and we hope to make you think. I am sure, at some point, we will make you mad.

The People That Make the Words …

Michael Caputo is a writer and pop culture enthusiast based out of New York. In addition to freelance writing assignments, Michael is the founder and editor-in-chief ofPopCultureReview.com and a co-host of TV Talk, a nightly internet radio show presented by somanyshows.com. When not watching TV or Movies, Michael is probably playing video games (poorly) or Tweeting at @popcultureview.

Kayla Fink is what “pop culture” would call a millennial though she will argue with this if you ask her about it. Kayla reigns from central Wisconsin. She found her way to PCR via Twitter and The Brave fandom. Excited to be writing and trying new things and trusting the process wherever it may take her. Kayla is a professional multi-tasker, always working on many projects. On any given night, she can be found at home watching a new show, running out the door to the theatre when a show is in town, curled up on the couch with a good book, or at a local coffee shop working on one of her many projects.  Want to know more about Kayla? Head over to “Kayla’s Korner” and also, follow her on Twitter (@kfink12).

Welcome, to Pop Culture Review!

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