TV Recap: FBI – A Green Bird in Paradise …

“Green Birds” (Episode 102)
October 2, 2018

Episode two of FBI kept the pace, drama and character development, all well establishing in the Pilot, going at a nice clip without ever feeling forced.

If you missed my recap of the Pilot, check it out here. Otherwise, let’s get on to tonight’s new episode of FBI, “Green Birds” … after the jump (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)!

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TV Recap: FBI – The Enemy of My Enemy …

“Pilot” (Episode 101)
September 25, 2018

It’s a bright fall day in the South Bronx. Two brothers, Chris and Emmett Grant, raced down the street after school, heading for home. Chris stops when he sees his classmate Ginny.

Chris strikes up a conversation with Ginny, who comments he was babysitting. No, younger brother Emmett refutes. He wasn’t a baby and they were going to play Xbox and have meatball sandwiches.

The older brother hurries Emmett along, promising he’ll just be a minute. “It’s never just a minute,” grumbles Emmett as he goes up the steps into their building.

Alone at last, the teenagers talk about math homework and how Ginny doesn’t get algebra. Ginny asks to come up to Chris’s home so he could show her graphing equations when the windows in the building explode out, knocking the children off their feet.

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