TV Recap: A Million Little Things (Episode 201) – Coming Home

A Million Little Things
“Coming Home” (Episode 201)
September 26, 2019

After smashing into our television screens and our hearts last year, A Million Little Things returns tonight with Season 2.  If you need a refresher on the show’s Freshman Season, check out our catch-up here.

Without further ado, read on for our deep dive recap of A Million Little Things‘ Season 2 premiere … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!


Tonight’s episode picks up where we left off at the end of Season 1. If you follow #AMLT on Twitter, you’ve already watched the first 2 minutes, but, if you aren’t on Twitter, or missed the footage, here it is. Eddie comes clean to Katherine about the baby’s paternity. Eddie says he doesn’t want to lie anymore. Katherine sobs and then gets a text that Delilah is in labor. She sends Eddie to the hospital because she thinks he needs to be there in the way that he wasn’t there for Theo. Ouch. Eddie apologizes and drives away and Katherine cries.

Delilah is in labor (doing the typical TV labor thing) and Gina is her coach. Gary and Maggie are in the car after Gary said goodbye to John when they get their texts that they need to go to the hospital. Do these people not know how to send a group text? Apparently not, because Maggie crows because she got texted before Gary.

Rome is in the hospital waiting room, all pensive about babies and decides to check in on PJ. But when he calls PJ, we see that PJ is sneaking around the Dixon house.

Back at the hospital, the baby is born but amidst the celebration, Theo calls Eddie and asks him to come home. Eddie rushes out, thinking that it’s because Katherine is ready to talk, but it’s actually because she’s sneaking out of the house with a suitcase. Katherine is holed up somewhere, maybe with her mom? And refuses to take Eddie’s calls.


The predicted strife between Gary and Maggie as they begin their post-cancer life together begins as Maggie gets upset because Gary threw out her cancer meds. Their fight is interrupted because she has patients. And the first one we see is PJ.


PJ tells Maggie that he’s been fighting with his dad because he saw something and now he thinks that maybe his dad isn’t his dad, and all he wants is the truth. PJ saw John say that he regretted not being there for Barbara and the baby; PJ surmised that it meant that John was his dad. But he’s not. Right?

Speaking of dads, what we didn’t see from earlier is that Gary knows that John is not the new baby’s father because he took John to get a vasectomy 2 years ago. Rome is stunned. They rush Eddie back upstairs and tell him he needs to be in the room with Delilah. When he gets there, Gina understands and has Eddie take her place by Delilah’s side.

“Get in there Papa.”

Delilah says he can’t be here. Eddie tells her that the kids don’t know but their friends do and they already did. It’s a girl!

Back in the present, the men need a crib, so they take the floor model. As they are trying to shove the crib into the car, Eddie gets a text that Katherine is apparently at her mother’s house (woohoo, called it!). As the women prepare for Delilah and the baby to leave the hospital, Maggie takes the lactation consultant to task for her constant berating of Delilah. Go Maggie! She kicks ass.

Eddie goes to see Katherine. Meanwhile, Gary and Rome sit outside and talk. Gary tells Rome that even though he wants a baby with Gina, they are all having a baby and they are all going to need to be there for Delilah’s baby and if Rome “wants to take the lead on that,” he should. Rome seems intrigued. Eddie emerges from the house without Katherine. Even his speech about spending the rest of his life trying to be worthy of being her husband didn’t work. Maybe he can write her a song?

Delilah and the baby come home and see the nursery. Sophie put John’s framed Bruins jersey in the nursery, so he watch over the baby (who still doesn’t have a name). Maggie explains to Gary why she freaked out about the pills. Last time she threw away her pills, she found a lump the next day and she thinks that maybe if she hadn’t thrown them away, well… Delilah tells Eddie that she wants to name the baby Charlotte and call her Charlie. Eddie wants to tell her something but they get interrupted.


Danny asks where Katherine and Theo are? Rome distracts everyone but Eddie tells Delilah that Katherine left when he told her about the baby. Delilah looks shocked and distraught. They take a selfie with the baby as the episode closes out with a series of moments at the end (some sweet, some not so sweet):

  • Rome tells Gina that he wants a baby, but he wants “them” more.
  • Danny gives Baby Charlie a bottle while sitting under John’s jersey.
  • Gary gets in the shower with Maggie to change the story of what happens after the pills get thrown away.
  • PJ looks at an old album of John’s, with the red sweater that Gary can’t find.
  • Eddie and Theo are eating cookies when they hear the door, but it’s not Katherine.

Till next time!!

A Million Little Things airs on ABC on Thursday nights at 9pm (ET/PT)!
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