TV Recap: A Million Little Things (Episode 208) – Goodnight

A Million Little Things
“Goodnight” (Episode 208)
November 14, 2019

This week on A Million Little Things

Man, Delilah is the absolute worst. She and Katherine are like the angel and devil on Eddie’s shoulders. But, let’s back up and focus on Rome. I am not going to go through all of the details, because I’d rather focus on some key relationship moves today, before we head into next week’s Fall finale.

As a side note, I really wish this Fall finale thing wasn’t a thing. Remember when there was just a season with a season finale? Once they started down the Fall finale road, it created a need for cliffhangers and big episodes. Can’t we just acknowledge that the show will return after the holidays and not make such a big deal out of it? Okay, rant over. Now we can move on.  Catch up on all of our recaps for A Million Little Things here.

Now, on to our recap of the most recent episode of A Million Little Things … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!


The Howards. 

We were teased that a funeral was coming. So, when the show opened with Rome’s parents, it seemed inevitable. And yes, Rome’s mom, the lovely Renee, suffered a brain aneurysm when getting her hair done for the cruise.


The love between Renee and Rome in their last scene together was palpable. As was Rome’s pain when Gina told him about his mom’s death. But Rome said it beautifully, he knew his mom loved him and she knew he loved her and they didn’t need to say anymore to each other.

But, Renee also knew about the tension between Rome and Walter. Rome wanted his tribute to Renee to try to have a better relationship with his dad. But Walter seemed to want to thwart that, at least initially. After the funeral, Eddie, Gary, PJ and Omar lend Rome a hand to finish shoveling in dirt to Renee’s grave. Walter can’t help but quip that he wouldn’t have paid the gravediggers if he had known that Rome was going to do that.

**Side Note: at Jewish funerals, everyone in attendance (who wants to), assists with shoveling the dirt and usually at the end, close friends and relatives finish up the job after the more ritual shoveling happens.

Rome knows his dad is grieving but it doesn’t make it any easier … until he drives his dad and a drunk Omar home and proceeds to watch an old home movie about when he and Omar got bunkbeds. Since childhood, Rome has been grousing about the fact that Omar got the top bunk. Apparently, the one thing that made it okay was that his mom put stars (constellations to be precise) above his bed. However, in watching the movie Rome (and us) learn that it was Walter that put up the stars. So maybe the gulf between them is not quite as wide as Rome perceives it to be.

Romany Malco was truly outstanding in the episode. His grief was evident throughout. But he shone when he explained to Gina, who was very worried about this triggering his depression, that this is different. He lost his mom and he’s supposed to be sad. But he knows that each day will get a little easier. It was a beautiful moment between the two of them, but also a very well done explanation of the fact that being depressed is different from being sad about something.


The Savilles.

Let’s move on to other drama in this episode. During a guitar lesson, Sophie tells Eddie that Delilah is going to take them to France for the summer. A few minutes earlier, D texts Eddie to tell him that she didn’t need him to watch Charlie. Katherine, maybe rightfully, points out that D is punishing Eddie for siding with Katherine about the whole “truth” thing.

Hey There Delilah (haha, thanks Plain White Tees!), I think the PJ bomb is coming sooner and maybe you should tell your kids everything all at once? Just a thought. Let’s not forget Sophie’s impending mortification at learning that she tried to kiss her brother.

We learn that Jon is listed as the father on Charlie’s birth certificate, but Eddie is going to file a legal complaint to have it changed. Katherine approaches D and tells her to be careful challenging this because Katherine is a really good lawyer. D counters that she knows, but she’s asking her to be a good person.

It’s a good line … coming from really anyone else. But coming from D, it’s laughable. Is there going to be a court battle? I think that would make everything worse.

Everything looks like it’s going to converge when PJ lifts the DNA test from Rome and Gina’s, Mitch shows up there looking for PJ, and he encounters Delilah who is now pissed because no one told her that PJ was Barbara Morgan’s son.

It all comes back to selfish Delilah. See, everything is about her. And now, will Gina and Rome tell her about the results? With Mitch standing in the hallway? Will he overhear? Will he come into the apartment? A shitstorm is coming and next week’s episode should give us some answers. Maybe?

Gary and Maggie.

We have a little side update with Gary and Maggie. Apparently, Maggie applied for a fellowship at Oxford before she met Gary. And then she deferred when she got sick. So, no Gary involvement. Then, a few weeks ago, she called to see if it was still available.

FWIW, that would have been the time to tell Gary about the potential fellowship and not as a side whisper when she actually got the call.


Also, Gary lost his job (who even remembers that he has a job?!?) because he took off a lot of time when Maggie was sick. But he doesn’t want Maggie to know yet.

Geez, the way these two keep secrets from each other, you wonder if they are going to make it. But Gary is awesome, and he is Team Maggie all the way. He British-ifies Maggie’s desk area and gets her a black bob wig, because that’s more English? So, what’s the future for these two? Will Maggie get accepted but turn it down (and not tell Gary that she got it)? Will Gary make plans to go with her, only for something happen in the friend group to prevent it? I can’t see either Miller or Roday leaving the show, so leave your guesses here and we’ll see who gets it right!!



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