TV Recap: A Million Little Things (Episode 204) – “The Perfect Storm”

A Million Little Things
“The Perfect Storm” (Episode 204)
October 17, 2019

Whoa!  Tonight new episode of A Million Little Things, “The Perfect Storm,” answered some questions and raised new ones! Catch up on all of our recaps for A Million Little Things here.

Now, on to tonight’s all new episode of A Million Little ThingsBEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!


Tonight, we finally learned about Eric and Patricia’s connection (who called it? I did!).  Gina and Deliliah are officially going it alone with Someday (and, maybe, successfully in the wake of Andrew’s departure).  Katherine and Eddie seem to be on good terms (Thank God for Carter!). But nothing is simple with this show and it won’t be long before the various boats are rocked. Can Gary and Maggie survive the newly developing connection between Maggie and Eric? How long before Sophie learns that Eddie is her sister’s father (how weird does that sound?)?  How long before Katherine snaps (again)? How cute was Theo playing the uke and singing to Charlie (I still think he annoying but that was freakin’ adorable!)? I can’t believe we’re only four episodes into the season, it’s been quite a ride already.  If you’re content, you can stop reading and get back to work or whatever it is that you’re doing. But, if you can’t get enough of the show, then read on for the full recap!!


There were three main focal points of this episode (which is a bit of a relief from others).  Someday (involving Gina and Delilah and eventually the whole crew), the Dixon house and “babysitting” Charlie (involving mostly Rome and Eddie, with minor players Katherine, Theo and Sophie), and Gary and Maggie’s place (involving Gary, Maggie, Patricia and Eric).  There was a minor additional location at Katherine’s office, but I’ll get to that later.

The Dixon House. We’ll begin with the Dixon House, as it was fairly self-contained.  The Savilles head over to the Dixons so that Theo can give their gift to baby Charlie.

I don’t know how many of you are parents out there, but who has the time in the morning to get everyone ready, leave, go to someone else’s house, hang out and then go to school and work?  What time does Theo’s school start? Sorry, I digress.

Katherine loses it though, watching Theo (who is very talented), play “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars, singing to Charlie, while Eddie holds her, with Delilah looking on and Rome filming the whole thing.  They look like an adorable little family and Katherine is clearly in pain. And it’s made worse by Delilah running after her saying that she can imagine how she feels.

Oof, Delilah, you insensitive bitch. Ugh.

But there is one person who is always in Delilah’s corner and I have missed Carter (Sam Pancake)!  He had the best lines of the night, telling Katherine, “I’d understand if you never wanted to see Eddie again, and I’d understand if you took him back. He’s your husband, and you have a child together. What I can’t understand is trying to make it work. You either make it work, or you don’t. Katherine Saville doesn’t try to win cases; she wins them. If you’re going to be in, be all in.”

Which Katherine clearly takes to heart, as we’ll see later.  Back at the Dixon house, Rome and Eddie are babysitting for Charlie. This irks Eddie to no end since he shouldn’t be babysitting for her, he’s her dad!  We get this over and over again, until the most amazing scene ever, when Rome and Eddie hang out in the shower to help relieve Charlie’s congestion. It’s a great bonding scene, with shirtless guys and candles (by the way, these people all have the same little candles in the same glass holders.  I don’t have those, do you?!?!), until the lights come on and Sophie walks in and soon this adorable image will be all over social media. Ha! Point, Sophie.

Gary and Maggie. Over at Gary and Maggie’s place, the scene was decidedly the opposite of domestic bliss. Over bagels, Patricia revealed the layered truth. First, there is no romantic relationship between her and Eric. In fact, she feels close to him because he was recipient of Chad’s heart.


But wait, didn’t Chad die on impact?

Apparently, he was still alive when Patricia got to the hospital and there was enough time for her to consent to organ donation before he died. But instead of telling her husband and daughter, she instead chose to keep these facts to herself for 6 years and maintain the lie since then.


I’m a parent. While I get the whole motivation to protect your kids, Maggie was in her 20’s and close with Chad. She wasn’t a little kid who needed to be protected.  Now, I’m not saying that Maggie was a Katherine-level saint here. Maggie was not in the wrong, but her overreaction to the whole thing irked me. And it’s clearly going to irk everyone, because her new connection to Eric (like mother, like daughter) seems like it’s going to put her relationship with Gary on the rocks (nooooooooo!). Poor Gary. He’s such a stand-up guy (see below) and as understanding as he is, I’m not sure he can keep the eventual anger contained.

Someday.  D is finally back at work and Gina plum forgot that Delilah was her partner, which pissed D off to no end.  Andrew has been jettisoned – with very little fanfare. We knew it was in the works, but the apparent drama happened off-screen.  And Delilah, doesn’t seem to have an issue with it? Are they still going to be a thing? Anyway, Someday is struggling and when the power goes out, Gina thinks its a sign from God (really?!?).

Instead of closing, they decide to stay open, cook up a storm, and serve it all family style. Gina realizes that as good as her food is, something needed to change. And when she brought up the memory of her first restaurant gig, and how they all used to put the tables together and eat, she realized that she could add that magic to her own restaurant.  Now Gina and Delilah are acting like the partners that Jon intended and Someday looks like its on the road to success! At the end of the day, the group gathers there. I assume Sophie is babysitting her siblings, but where is Theo? Katherine is there, and her sainthood and Gary’s awesomeness are put on display when everyone gets super awkward with her.

Katherine: You know what? Let’s not do this. I know you all know, and yes, it’s incredibly awkward, so while I appreciate everyone looking out for me, honestly, it’s making me feel worse. So for me, please, just stop.

Gary: Well, I for one am glad you finally said something, Katherine. I’m sick and tired of this group making some of us feel like outsiders. Oh, you think I don’t see it, Gina? Well, let me just come out and say it. Yes, people. I have one nipple. One, and you love to undress me with your eyes, but my eyes are up here. 

Katherine: I would like to thank you, and your nipples. 

Gary: Nipple. Have you learned nothing?

Katherine: Sorry.

Gary: How are you doing? 

Katherine: I wasn’t doing too well there for a while.

Gary: Yeah, you definitely had me scared. I thought I was going to have to do the whole guardian thing.

Katherine: I just, I couldn’t let Theo see me like that. I just feel ashamed that I, that I — 

Gary: When I was Theo’s age, my mother left. You know what you did that she never did? Came back. 

Katherine: Thanks, Gary.

Awwwww. Katherine and D had another one on one, with Katherine again rising above petty Delilah.  She has D sign the papers so they can keep the house and stay totally civil because they are going to be linked together. 

Forever. Oy.

Gary vents to Delilah, announcing that Maggie has clearly found someone else to talk to. He had her phone and knows that she and Eric were hanging out. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn.   



I’d like to see more of the Gary/Katherine friendship, he could use a friend right now.  I also loved seeing Rome and Eddie together without Gary. This show does its best work when it mixes up the usual pairings.

One thing that made this episode more cohesive was the lack of PJ.  That story was shunted for this episode, and it was a welcome break.  But this is A Million Little Things and mysteries abound, so I’m sure we’ll get back there shortly.

I always think it’s weird how everything can seem all hunky-dory and then suddenly a wrench is thrown in out of nowhere.  After Katherine’s triumphant speech and emphasis on wanting Eddie to be in Charlie’s life, is she really going to push to move to Austin?

I’ll leave it there!  Drop your comments below.


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