TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – What Makes a Hero?

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Back Breaker” (Episode 109)
July 26, 2018

After tonight, there is only 1 episode left in the Freshman season of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (congratulations Show on the Season 2 renewal!!).  So much to cover in the next hour, so little time.

Before we jump into tonight’s action, make sure you’re caught up on last week’s game changer episode with our deep dive recap & review here!

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TV Recap: Reverie – Farewell …

“Despedida” (Episode 108)
July 25, 2018

During last week’s episode of Reverie,we saw what happens when an “East Berlin” takes place – that’s the name when two Reveries cross paths. Mara had to work to help Ehmet who was being held by a branch of the Department of Defense and being interrogated by a pilot program using Reverie. The DOD believed Ehmet was a part of a terrorist cell but they were sorely mistaken. Thankfully, with the help of her team, Mara was able to go back into Ehmet’s Reverie and get out via the Mandala. When Mara returned from the program she had a large bruise on her side from being shot while in the program. We don’t know how long this effect will last; Paul wasn’t comfortable with it but didn’t say so. By the end of the episode we can almost safely say Monica Shaw is team Onira Tech and made sure the interrogation seen in the East Berlin wouldn’t happen. Oh, Chris and Mara got “friendly” after dinner at the end of the episode.

Well here we go for “Despedida” which is Spanish for “farewell“; we begin … after the jump (Spoilers Beware)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – An Origin Story …

“Bedwomb” (Episode 11)
July 30, 2018

Last week, Plum went full on Jennifer, agreeing to become their communications person – officially the voice of Jennifer.  Unfortunately (fortunately?), at the end of the episode, she was unable to gun down a man she was told had earned Jennifer’s harsh justice. It was a test and she failed it miserably so now, as we  enter tonight’s season finale, the question is – what does Jennifer do with Plum now that she knows too much about the organization?  Catch up on our last week recap here before joining in for tonight’s deep dive recap and review of the Season finale of Dietland … after the jump (Spoilers Beware)!

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TV Recap: The Outpost – One Remains …

The Outpost
“One is the Loneliest Number” (Episode 101)
July 10, 2018

The Outpost is a new Summer drama on The CW.  Interestingly, it will air on Syfy outside of the United States.

From the official press release, “The Outpost follows Talon (Jessica Green), the lone survivor of a race called “Blackbloods.” Years after her entire village is destroyed by a gang of brutal mercenaries, Talon travels to a lawless fortress on the edge of the civilized world, as she tracks the killers of her family. On her journey to this outpost, Talon discovers she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to control in order to save herself, and defend the world against a fanatical religious dictator.   Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai Barochia, Imogen Waterhouse, Michael Flynn, Robyn Malcolm, Andrew Howard and Philip Brodie also star.”

The Outpost airs on Tuesday nights at 9p (ET) and was created by Jason Faller (Mythica: The Godslayer) and Kynan Griffin (Mythica: The Godslayer). It includes Dean Devlin (The Librarians) and Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1) among its executive producers.

Now, on to our recap and review of the pilot episode, “One Is the Loneliest Number” … after the jump (spoilers)!

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TV Recap: The Bold Type – “The Fleetwood Mac Song”

The Bold Type
“Plan B” (Episode 208)
July 17, 2018

Last week was episode “Betsy,” which I can’t wait to write up. As a brief overview, Jane found Sutton’s shotgun which Sutton named Betsy in high school. Jane who is opposed to having guns around  tries to be open minded about Sutton’s love for Betsy and why she enjoyed shooting skeet. Although she can’t come around on the topic, Sutton makes a compromise. Jane also furthered her relationship with Ben and speaking of relationships, Adena made a ground rule to allow Kat to experiment with her sexuality. Sutton had a bit of a hiccup with one of her connections for an item for a shoot but Oliver handled it.

Now we head into this week’s episode and it’s a bit heavy hitting as well. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched.

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TV Recap: Dietland – I Flail …

“Woman Down” (Episode 109)
July 23, 2018

Last week On Dietland … was rough. This week, we see the next step in Plum’s journey. As she deals with the aftermath of Jack and Calliope House and her own internal struggle to belong and to accept herself and find acceptance and her place in the world.

Before you jump into tonight, make sure you are caught up with last week with our deep dive recap & review … here!

Read on for our recap of tonight’s episode … after the jump (spoilers!!!)

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TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Celebration Pancakes …

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Ghost Stories” (Episode 108)
July 19, 2018

This week on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, we pick up lots of plot line threads we’ve been introduced to over the last few weeks and begin to weave them together as we enter the end phase of the Season. Before we get tonight’s episode, let’s first make sure you remember where we are from last week. Do that by reading our deep dive Recap and Review Here!

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TV Recap: Reverie – “East Berlin”

“The Black Mandala” (Episode 107)
July 18, 2018

Last week’s episode, we saw Holly having to choose between the life she had to give up because of an accident and the world she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a part of anymore. After Mara was able to convince her that her sister needed her and that if she stayed she would end up dying in the program as well, she went back. We also met Chris — not only Holly’s therapist but also Mara’s ex-boyfriend, wondering if we will see more of him in the upcoming episodes. If they grow closer how will Paul handle that cause we can all clearly see that he really cares about Mara. Now if you thought I forgot, I didn’t, that big bomb they left us with at the end of the episode. Ray, he is still alive and I wonder how this will get tied into the upcoming episodes.

I hope you are prepared with all the essentials for this recap, it’s going to to be a long one. Without further adieu spoilers ahead.

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TV Recap: Dietland – I Don’t Like That …

“Rad Fatties” (Episode 108)
July 16, 2018

When we ended last week, Plum was blowing up Kitty’s spot by announcing her own truth – that she was the one Kitty’s Girls were speaking to all along. Tonight’s action picks up where that bombshell left off.

Plum is feeling pretty woke y’all. Let’s see what happens. Read on for our deep dive recap & review … after the jump (spoilers!! spoilers ahead)!

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TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Two Variables …

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Lotus Eaters” (Episode 107)
July 12, 2018

We left off last week with B-Ball Duane, on the precipice of redemption, being shot dead by Detective O’Reilly and, in the aftermath, Tyrone cloaking to Tandy’s church and having an inconsolable breakdown. Meanwhile, Tandy learned that the man who may be the centerpiece of her entire Roxxon investigation is catatonic and unresponsive – even to her Hope visions.

As we begin tonight’s episode, out dynamic Duo is at an impasse. Let’s see if they can break the stagnation. Our deep dive recap & review begins … after the jump (spoilers spoilers spoilers)!

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