TV Recap: Treadstone – Love It Or Leave It?

Love It Or Leave It? Review
October 15, 2019

Straight out of the world of Jason Bourne comes the new television spy thriller, Treadstone!

From prolific television creator, producer and writer, Tim Kring (Heroes; Touch), Treadstone takes us inside the CIA’s highly secretive black ops program, Operation Treadstone. Fans of the movie franchise, and the Robert Ludlum books upon which they’re based, will know Treadstone as a morally questionable organization focused on (deadly) results and human manipulation. The question is, will this translate to good TV?

Read on for our thoughts on Treadstone and whether we think you should Love It Or Leave It!

USA Network

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TV Recap: BH90210 – Love It Or Leave It? (Contains Spoilers)

Love It or Leave It? Review
August 7, 2019

With the premiere of BH90210 tonight, America’s most famous zip code is back for an all new go-around. Before we get into this nostalgia-filled limited series, some background is necessary for you youngsters out there. Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered almost 29 years ago, on October 4, 1990. I was 12-years-old when the coolest kids from West Beverly High burst onto the scene and this show was everything.  We didn’t have Twitter, or any kind of social media at all (not even Facebook), so Friday mornings in the school yard and lunchtime in the cafeteria were devoted to rehashing the previous night’s latest drama amongst the Beverly Hills kids. Beverly Hills, 90210 ushered in a new kind of television, soapy nighttime dramas aimed at teens and America ate it up.

Beverly Hills, 90210 ran for 10 seasons, ending in May 2000, and those teenagers that watched every episode are now in their 40s, with families of their own, and the appetite for 1990’s nostalgia is running high. BH90210 seizes on this 90’s fever with an enthusiastic flourish. But, is it worth the time  to watch? Read on to see whether we Love It Or Leave It … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

BH90210 Logo © FOX 2019

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TV Recap: Good Omens – Love It Or Leave It?

Good Omens
Love It Or Leave It? Review
May 21, 2019

On May 31, 2019, Amazon Prime releases its newest streaming series, Good Omens. The six episode, limited series is based on Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, the 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Sadly, Pratchett passed away in 2015 but we have Gaiman keeping a close watch on the beloved shared work, penning the screenplay for all six episodes and serving as showrunner. Behind the camera, popular British television director, Douglas Mackinnon (Doctor Who, Knightfall, Outlander), directed all six episodes. The large ensemble cast is led by David Tennant and Michael Sheen, with countless celebrities pitching in recurring and regular roles, including Jon Hamm, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Brian Cox, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sam Taylor Buck, Jack Whitehall, and Nick Offerman. Oh, and Frances McDormand is the Voice of God! 

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TV Recap: Flack – Love It Or Leave It?

Love It Or Leave It? Review
February 21, 2019

Definition: one who provides publicity; a press agent. “She’s a public relations flack.”

Tonight, POP, the channel best known for airing Schitt’s Creek, premiered Flack, a brand new British dramedy. It’s the kind of show that people are going to stop and take notice. Flack, which will have six hour long episodes in its Freshman season, was created by Oliver Lansley (WhitesFM) and stars Anna Paquin (True Blood), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Genevieve Angelson (Good Girls Revolt), Lydia Wilson (Black Mirror), Arinzé Kene (Informer), Rebecca Benson (Game of Thrones), Marc Warren (Safe), and Rufus Jones (W1A).

Photo: POP

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TV Recap: The Masked Singer – Love It Or Leave It?

The Masked Singer
Love It Or Leave It? Review

January 2, 2019

Readers of PopCultureReview know we don’t usually discuss reality shows, let alone cover or review them. However, we felt that the oddity that is Fox’s The Masked Singer deserved some attention.

THE MASKED SINGER Logo – Black © FOX 2018

A reality singing show with celebrities (“celebrities”?) dressed as animals? A panel of judges?, professional guessers?, which includes Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong among its number? Just typing that out, I am thinking, “what the fuck is this show?” Well, our newest PCR contributor drew the short straw, Sheila, volunteered to give The Masked Singer a watch and see what it is about and whether it’s worth the hype that it is receiving.

To give you some context, in its most recent week (Week 3), The Masked Singer was the most watched show the entire night in the key 18-49 demographic.  That is a night (Wednesday, January 16) which included brand new episodes of the NBC hits, Chicago’s Fire, PD and Med (these 3 shows did win the night for overall viewers).

This was the night that Peacock, Monster, Unicorn, Deer and Lion performed and Joel McHale joined as a guest panelist. There is a sentence I never thought I’d type.  Without further delay, let’s find out if Sheila wanted to Love It Or Leave It? BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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TV Recap: The Passage – Love It Or Leave It?

The Passage
Love It Or Leave It? Review
January 14, 2019


Based on a book of the same name by Justin Cronin (the first in a trilogy), The Passage premieres tonight on Fox (9/8c). What a shot in the arm this show is on for network television. Exactly what we need in terms of innovation, character creation, story and production value.

From writer (and showrunner), Liz Heldens, and an executive producer team that includes Ridley Scott, The Passage stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Vincent Piazza, Brianne Howey, Caroline Chikezie, Henry Ian Cusick, Jamie McShane, and McKinley Belcher III.

Read on for a spoiler free synopsis of the show and whether we … Love It Or Leave It?

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TV Recap: Nightflyers – Love It Or Leave It?

Love It Or Leave It?
November 27, 2018

(Photo by: NBC)

On December 2, 2018, Syfy will premiere Nightflyers, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s 1980 sci-fi horror novella of the same name.  We began hearing about Nightflyers at this year’s San Diego Comic Con but now, having seen the first five episodes, we can hardly wait the few days left before everyone else gets to experience this transformative television experience.

“Transformative television experience” sounds like a particularly lofty goal but, for fans of real science fiction with a flair for horror and psychological thrillers, I am telling you that you have never seen anything like Nightflyers on TV.

Syfy is airing Season 1 of Nightflyers in a “binge-style” with the first five episodes airing on consecutive nights, December 2-6, and then the next five episodes on consecutive nights, December 9-13. All episodes will air at 10/9c. Advice, take those two nights off in between to process.

Let’s dig in to what this show is all about (a generally spoiler free show synopsis follows) …

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TV Recap: The Little Drummer Girl – Love It Or Leave It?

Love It Or Leave It?
The Little Drummer Girl
November 19, 2018

In the Spring of 2016, AMC aired a miniseries adaptation of John le Carre’s 1993 novel, The Night Manager. The excellent series, which starred Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman, brought AMC together with the independent film studio, The Ink Factory (which is run by le Carre’s sons, Stephen and Simon Cornwell) and the vaulted institution of the BBC. Together, le Carre’s work popped from the page onto the small screen in a 6 hour movie, replete with careful plotting, beautifully shot locations, and top notch acting performances.  Fast forward two and a half years and the BBC, The Ink Factory, and AMC have now reunited for an all new John le Carre adaptation, this time doing his 1983 novel, The Little Drummer Girl.

Split into a six-part miniseries, The Little Drummer Girl stars Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies; True Blood), Michael Shannon (Waco; The Shape of Water), and Florence Pugh (Outlaw King; Lady Macbeth), and is directed by acclaimed Korean filmmaker, Park Chan-wook (Old Boy; The Handmaiden; Stoker), making his television directorial debut.  AMC will air the six parts over three consecutive nights, November 19-21.

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TV Recap: Love It Or Leave It? – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Love It Or Leave It?
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 
October 26, 2018

Right before Halloween, Netflix released two shows that fit the mood of the season, The Haunting of Hill House and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  Both promised spooks and scares but only one successfully delivered on its promise and in fact, far exceeded those expectations.  The winner of the award for “best new genre show”? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  Whereas Haunting of Hill House largely failed to be either compelling or scary, Sabrina is both and top notch dramatic television to boot.

Photo: Netflix

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