TV Recap: The Outpost – Vex Rezicon

The Outpost
“Vex Rezicon” (Episode 109)
September 25, 2018

In the last episode of The Outpost, Gwynn and Talon realize Garret has been infected, Janzo figures out where the Book of Names is kept, and Talon, Janzo and Garret journey to retrieve the book.  If you haven’t caught up with last week’s recap, you can read it here!

Now for tonight’s episode…. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

The episode begins with Talon, Janzo and Garret, continuing on their journey to find the Book of Names.  Garret still hasn’t turned and it’s puzzling Janzo.  It can take up to 6 days, but usually the vast majority of people have turned by now.  Janzo sees the concern on Talon’s face and says, “You really love him.”  Talon quickly retorts with, “We need him.”  They choose not to chain him back up and continue along their journey.

Essa finds the temple and the book inside it.  She pulls out one page, as she was instructed, and burns the book.

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Talon, Janzo and Garret come to a lake.  Both Garret and Talon go into the water, have a drink and wash up.  Janzo notices a teraprock and yells for them to get out.  They don’t respond fast enough and one of the tentacles grabs Garret.  Talon goes after it and slices the tentacle with her knife.  She pulls Garret out of the water, but he is not breathing.  Talon begins to revive him suggesting that Nordijorian clerics say it can bring someone back to life.  Garret wakes up and Talon has saved his life once again.  While Garret is resting, Janzo feels awful that he just stood there like a coward without helping at all.

“Cowards don’t come deep inside Greyskin territory to help their best friend.”

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The Prime Order starts to search the castle at the Outpost and find Gwynn’s ring.  Dred realizes that she is part of the royal family.  They begin searching all the residences for Gwynn and the Blackblood.

Talon wants to get to know Garret a little more and asks him about his family.  He tells her that his mother died when he was young and that he had an older brother.  Once when they were young, his brother stole a case of wine from one of the quartermasters.  He was caught right away and his father sent him to the mines to teach him a lesson.  It was only supposed to be for a day or two, but when the rest of the criminals learned that he was the Marshal’s son, they beat him to death.  That’s when Garret enlisted to become a soldier.  Then Calkussar summoned him back to protect Gwynn.  When Talon questions why he would leave Gwynn and go on this mission, he tells her that he wants to protect her and find the book.  Greyskins attack the three and they are captured.

“I am here Talon because I want to be here, with you.”

Gwynn is hiding in the drains with Naya.  She can see the ruthless Prime Order cutting all the girls hands to see what color blood they have.  Naya wants to leave and get help, so Gwynn tells her to find Danno.

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Dred and the Prime Order take over the Nightshade.  They order every bottle and barrel to be destroyed.  When the Mistress begins to protest, the soldiers grab her and Munt.  Naya comes in to provide information to Dred about Gwynn.  She has been working as a spy this whole time, but never mentioned that Gwynn was royalty.

“You may have been somebody special before we got here, but now…you’re nobody.”

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Wythers and Danno find Gwynn and take her through the tunnels.  Down in the mines, they introduce her to Sill.  Wythers tells Gwynn to go with Sill and escape.  Gwynn asks if he is coming along, but Wythers tells her that the Outpost is his home and he will defend it.

“I’ve smuggled hundreds of swords and armored suits across this wall.  I can damn sure smuggle a bag of bones like you.”

Talon, Janzo and Garret are tied up waiting to be the Greyskins next meal.  First, the Greyskins want Garret to consume colipsum.  He refuses and the Greyskins grab Janzo for their first meal.  Garret tells Talon that they are running out of options and Talon summons Baphnoro to help.  The demon cuts her loose and begins to attack the Greyskins.  Talon releases Garret and Janzo and the three of them flee.  Talon does not want to leave Baphnoro and sees him getting killed by the Greyskins.

Just ahead, Janzo notices the Shrine.  They go inside and realize the book has been burned.  Inside the spine of the book, is an object that Janzo thinks is the Vex Rezicon.  The book itself was just a decoy.

“But if that’s the book, then how do we read it?”

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Back at the Nightshade, Wythers and Danno meet the Mistress down in the basement.  Wythers organizes a coup to take back the Outpost.  Naya is among the crowd and leaves to warn Dred.  When Wythers, the Mistress and Munt lead the charge, they are met by the Prime Order and are attacked.  All three have been shot with arrows from the soldiers.

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End Credits.


First, I really hope we don’t lose Wythers, The Mistress or Munt!  All three of these characters bring something special to the show and I’m always surprised to see what Wythers is up to.  I didn’t expect to see him helping Gwynn.  This shows just how much he hates the Prime Order.  His primary concern has always been to protect the Outpost and he continued to do that up until the end…possibly.  Maybe Janzo will get back in enough time to stitch everyone up and save their lives!

Janzo, still doubting himself and considering himself to be a coward.  He has saved Talon’s life!  He is a hero!  He needs to start believing that.  I hope he becomes the hero at the end of season and saves the entire Outpost!

We got a glimpse of Sill again this episode.  I would really like to learn more about her backstory.  Maybe if she is rewarded with freedom, we can see a bit more of where she came from and how she ended up at the Outpost.

Essa completed her mission.  Maybe?  If Janzo is correct and the book is the object, then Essa has failed.  I can’t imagine it would be that easy to go in, destroy the book and be done.  I would love for her to be in an episode for longer than two minutes.  She is another character that we need to learn more about.

Where is Raelius?  I hope we get to see his army attack the Prime Order at the Outpost in a full-on Lord of the Rings epic style battle.

We get to see colipsum with the Greyskins again in this episode.  What is this substance used for?  With each episode, I am more inclined to believe there is a link with the Plagueling virus.

There are quite a few questions still left to answer before the final episode.  Will we learn these answers this season or will we have to wait until next season?

Episode Score: I give it a 4 out of 5 Casey’s.  Great episode, but still a bit slow like last week’s episode.  Here’s hoping the final episode of the season can bring in a 5 out of 5!

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