TV Recap: I Feel Bad – It’s The Little Things That Count …

I Feel Bad
“I’m Not Sentimental” (Episode 107)
November 1, 2018

If you aren’t caught up on I Feel Bad, you can read the latest recap here.

SPOILERS AHEAD for tonight’s episode!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Emet cleaning out her bedroom closet.  Her voiceover admits that she loves getting rid of junk, but she runs into an obstacle.  Enter David, the obstacle.  He starts to go through the pile, pulls items out one-by-one and remembers what each item was from.  When Emet tells him that it’s the junk pile, he argues for her to keep some of the items. She refuses and wants to get rid of all of it, even if she needs to do while he sleeps. 

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David is able to part with some of the objects, which pleases Emet.  Asking her if they’ll still be in love with each other in twenty years, David finds it hard to believe she has no emotional attachment to things like he does.  He feels she may emotionally detach herself from the relationship. Joking with him, Emet says that she wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage by herself.

Just then, Maya walks in with Emet’s stuff from her house that she left there.  Emet opens the boxes and sees things from when she was in college. David comes across a picture of the two of them at the beach and she tells him that she does keep things.  Going into a little more detail, David reminds her that it was the first day they knew they were in love with each other and he remembers the necklace he gave her on their beach-aversary.  Lying, she tells him that it is her favorite necklace, but really has no idea what necklace he’s talking about. They are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary and she promises to wear the necklace for him. While this banter is happening, Maya ignores a call from Sonny who is away on a golf trip.

“I see your cold, cold heart condition is hereditary.”

Lily and Louie are at the table wondering if they need to do anything for their parents’ anniversary. Deciding that they are off the hook for anything before they were born, they continue playing cards. Realizing that David isn’t home, Emet begins rummaging through drawers to look for the necklace. Maya is on to her and tells her she better find it for the sake of her marriage. When the kids hear this, they panic and want to do something for their parents now. Remind them “how good they’ve got it.” Emet stops going through the drawers because she doesn’t even remember what the necklace looks like. She asks her mom if she remembers and when Maya replies ‘yes,’ Emet asks her to draw it. Of course Maya doesn’t draw it. Instead she writes, “It looks like a woman who is screwed.”

“Happy Anniversary, Dear.”

[Ed. Note: Maya is the real MVP of this show, right?!?]


At work, Emet enlists the help of her coworkers to look through her old college boxes for any clues as to what they necklace looks like. Finding many treasures to poke fun of her, the guys actually find a picture of her in the necklace. Admitting that she didn’t think it meant that much to him, Emet suggests trying to make a new one and lying about it.

“I got to do the right thing.”

David is on the basketball court with his friends, when he tells them about the necklace.  His friend Kevin suggests the necklace is long gone and that he is under-appreciated. David agrees and feels like he has to call Emet’s bluff now.  

Lily goes over to Louie and tells him that she found Emet’s old journals. She wants to do a play for her parents about the journals at the anniversary party.  Louie agrees since the card he was working on didn’t come out well.

In the kitchen, Emet tells her mother that she had a replica necklace made up and an extra just in case she forgets about the first one.  Maya does not approve of her lies. David comes home and suggests she put on the necklace now. Continuing her lies, Emet says that it is getting cleaned.  David starts to call her bluff and describes a gold line on the necklace. When Emet fumbles through knowing about the line, David is starting to catch on.  

Back at work with the guys, Emet is going through a bunch of stones, looking for one with a heart in it.  She admits that she wishes she was as sentimental as David was. Remembering that she donated a box of her stuff to a co-worker’s church, Emet asks if the necklace was in the box.  Gladys, her co-worker, shows her the necklace and says that it has been her good luck charm ever since she was diagnosed with the Big C.

“Can I ever catch a break?”

I FEEL BAD — “I’m Not Sentimental” Episode 107 — Pictured: Sarayu Blue as Emet — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)


David’s friends are at the house and he asks Emet if the necklace came back to show the guys.  She says no and the guys go along with the story.

Emet tells her mom that she found the necklace, but can’t really get it back.  Her mom plots with her to try to get it back, but Gladys will not give it up. Griff offers his handy work of unclasping the necklace for her and Emet agrees.  He comes back with necklace and Emet hugs him.

I FEEL BAD — “I’m Not Sentimental” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Madhur Jaffrey as Maya, Sarayu Blue as Emet — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Returning home, Emet surprises David.  He admits that he didn’t expect her have the necklace.  Outside on the patio, the kids are practicing the play and David and Emet go to spy on them.  When Lily says an unappealing line directly from the journal, Emet tries to grab the journal away.  David gets a hold of it and reads more about how Emet thought the necklace was a silly gesture when she received it as a gift.  

The day of the anniversary party arrives, and the kids are acting out the play.  David is upset with Emet and interrupts the play. He tells her that he will stay for the party, but go hang out with his friends at a hotel afterwards.  Emet’s coworkers arrive late to the party and hand David a box of all the stuff the Emet had. Inside the box was a sketch that she drew of David.  He’s immediately sentimental again. Emet tells him the story of sketching the picture and he digs their “sketch-aversary.” Emet tells David that she may not ever release 50 doves for him (diseased little beasts amiright?!?) but she feels 50 doves in her heart for him. Hopefully that’s enough.

“That’s gotta be corny enough to count for something.”  

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After the party, they are sitting on the couch together and Emet realizes that David may focus on the grand gestures, but she focuses on the little moments.  The kids are happy that mom and dad aren’t getting a divorce and Maya is happy that Sonny is coming home early from his golf trip. All is well. [Ed. Note: I like the awkwardness the work crew feels seeing Emet’s home life – it’s a real moment of how people are actually different at work versus their natural selves at home.]

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End Credits.

Thoughts.  This episode wasn’t as good as previous episodes, but still had it’s hilarious moments.  I wonder how long it will take Emet to realize that her coworkers have awful ideas, but she still keeps following their suggestions anyway.  [Ed. Note: Do they have awful ideas tho?!?] Even though they saved the day is this episode, most episodes Emet wastes more time fixing the problems she caused by listening to their horrible advice. 

Episode Score:  I give this a 3 out of 5 Caseys.    

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