TV Recap: Across the Arrowverse – Week 7

Across the Arrowverse
Week 7

Each and every week, we watch and recap all of the Arrowverse show so you don’t have to! We break them down for you and let you know what’s going on … Across the Arrowverse!  Catch up on last week’s action here!

This week didn’t have a lot of crossover material but with Elseworlds coming in less than two weeks, your crossover life is about to get real.

“Call To Action” (Episode 406)
November 18, 2018

Lena and Miss Teschmacher are conducting her phase two of her tumor trials. The haranel isn’t working on shrinking the tumors.

The Children of Liberty are moving out in the open now and as a group go to attack some aliens in disguise, Manchester Black emerges from the bushes in full vigilante mode.  Supergirl comes in and helps him mop up the baddies.  Leaflets fall from the sky and they contain the Agent Liberty Manifesto!

At the DEO, Colonel Haley shuts Alex and Supergirl down – investigating the Children of Liberty manifesto is not their purview AND Supergirl doesn’t have the free reign to patrol where she wants.  Behind her back, Alex tells Brainy he should definitely continue his investigation despite Haley’s orders.

At the Lockwood house, Ben yells at … someone about the Children moving in the open.  Shut that shit down until he says, are his instructions.  Too bad, he and his beliefs are being broadcast on TV.

Catco.  Lena and James get into a fight – she can’t believe he’s going through meeting with the Children of Liberty after the hate speech in their Manifesto. He believes he can take care of himself but she would really like him to go on TV and disavow the Children.  These two are in a bad place now.

J’onn swings by Manchester Black’s place to invite him in person to attend his Thanksgiving Day party but MB isn’t feeling it.  J’onn understands and leaves him be but we see Manchester’s real reason – he’s got plans to torture the jerk off cop from last week (who was also part of the muggings in the beginning of the episode) who he has tied up in his bathroom.  Nice!

When James says he’s not going on the roundtable despite Lena’s orders, Kara tells him she’ll take his place on the TV segment.  She’ll prep with Nia’s help. Unfortunately, Nia is asleep (again) at her desk. She wakes and says she has narcolepsy but can’t think of the word.

James gets picked up by a Child of Liberty.

Lena and Miss Teschmacher can’t figure out why the tumors are actually growing with the haranel treatment. And, a new development. The heart is now invincible to burning … presumably because of the haranel.

Counterpoint Daily.  It’s time for Kara to go on in James’ place but she’s surprised to see that Ben Lockwood is going to be her opponent … I thought he was supposed to be meeting James?!?!

Manchester can’t get anywhere with his prisoner and remembers that J’onn can read minds. He’s heading to Kara’s for Thanksgiving after all.  Side note:  Manchester Black notes that the mask the Children wear has weird lenses.

Speaking of James, he’s walking the neighborhood with the Child of Liberty. James mentions his meeting with the Agent Liberty and the Child says that a meeting with Agent Liberty is above his pay grade. This annoys James.  When the Child mentions his job is to patrol the streets and keep them safe from “roaches,” James tells him that word offends him and please not use it.  He makes clear, he fights humans and aliens alike as Guardian for the good of man.  Not just aliens.

Counterpoint Daily. Kara makes some good pints on how exceptional aliens can be but Ben twists her words and makes a point about human exceptionalism. He also points to the rumor that James is meeting with the Children of Liberty right now as proof that even Guardian thinks they’re an okay group. And last, after Kara brings up the spirit of coming together for Thanksgiving, Ben reminds the audience that ultimately, Europeans slaughtered Native Americans.  What will future generations say after aliens have done the same to humans – did we learn nothing?

Kara’s Apartment.  Everyone shows up and it’s not long before Lena is making the case to the group that certain humans should be given superpowers – remove the feeling of inferiority. She says not bad guys though … how do you tell, Lena?  At dinner, Nia mentions the dick dogs that can detect aliens and James starts thinking about Tom (the Child he walked with the day before) and his dog they walked.  The group works the problem and figure out the weird lenses in the Children of Liberty masks (thanks for the tip, Manchester) are reading infrared marks that the Children are placing on houses belonging to aliens as marked by the dogs.  Breaking down a code in the Manifesto, they realize that there is going to be some strike at sundown.  Way to problem solve team — even if it required the contribution of Manchester which was derived from kidnapping and torture.

As the dinner breaks up early to spring into action, James and Lena get into a major go around. He’s headed out to be Guardian against Lena’s wishes and he yells at her that she doesn’t need to freak out about everything in his life. She tells him that the DA didn’t prosecute him for being Guardian because she went behind his back and cut a deal.  He can’t believe she lied to him and storms out.  James is a dick.

On the street, everyone takes on the Children of Liberty in their own way.  James ends up fighting Tom after failing to convince him to not give in to his hate.  Brainy, caught erasing a mark, ends up beating a group of Children by using physics and effective dodging.  Manchester Black opens fire and presumably kills a group of Children. And, in a twist, a little girl (Alana) watches her father be beaten by a group and orders her pet lizard Spike to protect them all.  Spike transforms into a fucking dragon and mows all those motherfuckers down.  Supergirl does battle with Spike until Alex can communicate that Spike is just acting defensively.  Supergirl assures Spike he did his job well and gets the dragon to transform back to lizard form.

DEO. Colonel Haley chews out Alex and Supergirl for pursuing the Children of Liberty but then says that, as it turns out, the Children are  a menace and will be a DEO focus going forward.  Also, Haley lets Alex know she knew all along about Alex’s rogue investigation.  Alex tells the Colonel that she will continue to follow her instinct because that’s what makes her a great leader. Well then!

Lockwood House.  Ben gets a call from Counterpoint Daily and they give him his own show.

Kara’s Apartment. They discuss the day and talk about how fighting the Children will be an ongoing battle.  Also, they realize Nia is lying about her disease.

Garage.  Tom meets James and thanks him for causing him to not meet his friends – they’re all missing now.  But, this is all a set up for James to be kidnapped by the Children of Liberty.  I should mention that James declines a call from Lena before a hood is placed over his head.

L Corp.  Lena talks about shit is getting worse and tells Miss Teschmacher that they need to move forward with the haranel protocol … they need a human subject.

Manchester Black gets the final scene.  His prisoner is trying to say he takes his orders from a Caldwell but MB is past that point.  He kicks the bathroom door closed on our face as we see him raise a gun in his hand.

“Due Process” (Episode 706)
November 19, 2018

Diaz is still with Anatoly (which i show we ended last week) but he’s not ready to kill him yet. No, he tells Anatoly that he’s going to help Diaz destroy Oliver.

Slabside.  Back on Level One, Stanley fills Ollie in on what’s been going on since he was gone. New guards have been brought in and they are even shittier than the last group. Dunbar is still there but, since the fight club broke up, he treats everyone like garbage including Brick.  Speaking of Dunbar, he grab Oliver and tells him that he’s got a visitor …

Faux Laurel is there! Oliver gives her the cold shoulder and even colder shoulder when she mentions she’s working with Felicity on trying to get him out of prison. He tells her that she’s a shitty version of “his” Laurel, this is all her fault to begin with because she worked with Diaz and also, leave Felicity alone.

Faux Laurel circles up with Felicity and Felicity tries to convince her not to take grumpy Oliver personally.  Faux Laurel isn’t worried about Grump Oliver and the ladies move on to The Longbow Hunters and Diaz.  Their Silencer tracker leads them to an old warehouse where they find Anatoly tied up with some bombs ready to blow.  Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. arrive on scene at the same time and the whole team is back together (Rene is there at the request of Felicity).  They all escape the exploding building just in time!

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Back at A.R.G.U.S., the OTA/NTA reconnect and there is lots of catching up about who has been working with who and who has been doing what.   Diggle lays down the law that they can’t involve the new Green Arrow (whoever that is) and no one not from this Earth. Faux Laurel leaves in a huff but Felicity chases her down to beg her to keep working together. The lure of killing Diaz is too much for Faux Laurel to walk away from.

Slabside.  Stanley is hauled off by the guards to solitary. He’s being accused of killing Dunbar who was murdered during the night.  He calls after Oliver that he must have been set up for Brick.  Oliver wastes no time before confronting Brick and his boys in the lunchroom.  Brick taunts Oliver over Dunbar’s murder and Stanley being accused … Oliver promises he’ll find out if Brick was involved.

A.R.G.U.S. Using the information Anatoly gleamed from Diaz, they realize Diaz is in the market for a city destroying weapon.  It’s what he’s been after all season and now, he’s looking to buy one from another Russian, Pyotr Roslov. Using some blackmail motivation, Felicity convinces Anatoly to meet with Roslov so he can gain access to Roslov’s laptop which will allow Felicity to hack his system and get location information on Diaz.  All goes well until it doesn’t and Anatoly gets an ass kicking. Diggle manages to get him out alive and Felicity manages to get the information.  Felicity is kind of cold and hard this season and I really love it.

Back at A.R.G.U.S. Diggle reads Felicity the riot act for risking “innocent” lives to get what she needed. She doesn’t back down though and comes back that Anatoly is hardly innocent and also, she’s willing to do what it takes to end Diaz, sorry if you’re a pussy, John.

Slabside.  Oliver makes his way down to solitary and has a chat with Stanley.  Stanley lets Oliver know that one, the guards haven’t found the murder weapon yet and two, the murder happened near the showers … where Stanley asn’t. He baits Oliver into solving this case for him.  And so, Detective Oliver is on the case. In no time, he finds a bloody shiv, hidden in a shower wall.

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

Federal Court.  Faux Laurel is making her case on Oliver’s behalf in front of a Federal judge. Dinah comes in the court while Faux Laurel is preaching.  Faux Laurel makes good points about the FBI not upholding its end of the bargain it made with Oliver but in the end, the judge isn’t moved to let Oliver out of prison.  She does, however, order an investigation into Slabside.  The look on Faux Laurel’s face basically says, “damn, now I have to kill the judge!”

A.R.G.U.S. Felicity has figured out the weapon Diaz is planning on using and the fact that he has two of them.  John says he’s going to start an evacuation of Star City.

Slabside.  Oliver confronts Turner (Bronze Tiger) in the lunchroom as the man that killed Dunbar. The guards come for Turner as Oliver says his prints were found on the murder weapon.

A.R.G.U.S. Felicity swings by Anatoly’s hospital bed to apologize for almost getting him killed. He’d rather her continue to be the badass who does what needs to be done.  “Embrace the demons, not more half measures.” Anatoly says that Felicity reminds him of the Oliver he worked with in Russia … did what needed to be done, wouldn’t have worried about the cost.

Outside the federal court house, Dinah stops Faux Laurel before she can do something to the federal judge.  Dinah reminds Faux Laurel of her words earlier about how the hardest thing to do is to be a hero when no one expects you to be.

Back at A.R.G.U.S., Felicity has figured out that Diaz is going to use the bombs to ignite a river of gas that runs underneath the whole city. John tells them to call in the whole team, it’s all hands on deck.

On site, the teams locate the bombs and Felicity realizes that they need to deactivate both at the same time.  Also, one of the bombs has a cell phone detonation attachment.  Diaz is still on site and half the team heads out to find him.  Diggle and Dinah and Rene fight Diaz and the Longbow Hunters. With the new Green Arrow’s help, they deactivate the cell phone device and manage to arrest Diaz. The rest of the Longbow Hunters get away.

SCPD.  The team watches the news and hear the new Green Arrow getting all the credit for stopping Diaz. The crew is spent on whether the NGA deserves credit or not. The important thing is that Diaz is behind bars.  Outside, Felicity runs into Anatoly and she hands him a new passport for a new life. In return, he hands her a gun. He tells her, “you catch dragon, now don’t look back.”

At Slabside, Faux Laurel comes by to tell Ollie they lost the appeal but he’s impressed that she got an investigation ordered into Slabside’s practices. Oliver thanks her for her works but now its Faux Laurel’s time to act snotty, saying she doesn’t need his thanks.  After he leaves, she gets the message from Felicity that they caught Diaz.

SCPD.  Felicity walks into Diaz’s holding room and pulls a gun on him. He taunts her that she can’t do it but she’s resolved. But, just as she’s about to pull the trigger, Faux Laurel busts and tells her to stop.  She tells Felicity that she’s made a deal with the Feds … Diaz for Oliver.  If Oliver works with them to put Diaz away, Oliver will be let out of prison.  “Oliver’s coming home?” a teary Felicity says.  She  puts the gun down.

Slabside.  Stanley returns to the lunchroom and thanks Oliver. He doesn’t know how he did it but if he hadn’t found Turner’s blade, Stanley would be stuck forever.  “How’d you know it was Turner’s blade,” Oliver asks?  Stanley covers but the seeds of doubt have been sewn in Oliver’s brain.

Flash Forward.  Old William can’t believe Felicity is dead, murdered in fact. Dinah tells them Felicity had changed from the person they knew. Started calling herself the “Calculator” (which was her father’s nickname) and ran in dangerous circles. William tells the group that Felicity reached out to him for a reason so, dead or not, he’s going to find out what she had planned for the Glades (he powers up her hologram).

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

As Zoe and William reconnect, Dinah and Old Roy walk behind therm and lament getting old.  Dinah asks how William managed to convince Roy to return to Sar City and he says that he found a message in Oliver’s bow. It was the “Mark of Four.” Dinah knows what this means and calls it impossible, then she questions whether they can trust William – no one has seen him for years.  Roy brings up the fact that he’s Oliver’s son … which is exactly what worries Dinah.

The Future Team enter Felicity’s lair and trigger her security protocols.  William figures out that they need to put an arrow through some virtual tennis balls … just like the old days.  Once in to her computer system, they find structural blueprints for important buildings outside the Glades and bomb making instructions. It’s a plan to level Star City.

William wonders aloud that if Felicity became the “Overwatch of Evil,” why would she reach out? Roy posits that maybe she had a change of heart at the last minute … which would explain why she became a target for murder. William says that even if she changed, at some point, everyone there loved Felicity and they owe it to her to find out what happened. Dinah agrees and they look up the last person she contacted. It was someone named … Blackstar.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Tagumo Attacks!!! (Episode 405)
November 19, 2018

Sara sends Ray to find Nora … who is hiding out in Reston, Virginia in 2018. She hopes the witch can save their Warlock – Constantine still isn’t doing well following the Summer Camp rescue.  Everyone else is heading to Tokyo, 1951, to stop a new magical creature – we’re calling them Fugitives. The monster in question was caught on film in Tokyo Bay and then it destroyed Tokyo two days later.

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

The Time Team track down Ishiro Honda, the director who caught the film of the creature. He dodges knowing anything about the creature and then says the film was ruined in transport.  Clearly he is a lying liar who lies.  Charlie and Sara sneak into Honda’s office and find the film. On the Waverider, they have a viewing see the monster is some kind of giant squid thing.  Charlie says that the squid isn’t a Fugitive, it’s man made.

At the bay side dock, the Time Team find Director Honda feeding the creature in the bay. In return, it spits up a book to him.  Charlie takes the book as it begins to glow and says it’s much much worse than a Fugitive.

Back at Hondas office, Charlie explains that the book is an agent of “Brigid.” The Celtic goddess of art, creation and healing.  The book has the power to make imagination a reality. It’s drawn to creative types which is how it found Honda.  His worst fear came to life when he held the book, Tagumo, the destroyer of cities.  Charlie explains that the book’s link with Honda won’t break until Honda’s story is played out in full.  And, in Honda’s story, Tagumo wins when it destroys Tokyo. And, he can’t write a new happy ending because he is filled with unhappy memories.

Tagumo attacks.  Charlie and Sara take on the monster and manage to shrink it … but then it disappears down a sewer.  Inside, Mick convinces Ishiro that now that his story is out in the world and people have seen his thoughts, he doesn’t have to fear what’s onside his head any longer.  Mick and Honda write a happier ending which we see play out.  Mick’s creation of an Amazonian type woman, Garima, appears and opens up a can of whoop ass on Tagumo … Honda gets it all on film.  After vanquishing  Tagumo, the three breasted Garima grabs Mick and makes love to him in the ruins of the city … just as Mick wrote it all out.

After Mick is finally done with the love making, he finds Ishiro waiting – everyone else got tired of waiting for him to finish and went back to the ship.  Honda tells Mick to keep the book, it clearly likes him and his creation was magnificent.  Also, three boobs was enough, four might be too much.  Mick tells Ishiro to forget about octopuses, that lizards are king.  Honda ponders the idea of King of Lizards and likes the idea.  Godzilla here we come.

On the Waverider, Sara and Charlie reach an understanding that if someone has to play policewoman to the fugitives, at least she has a heart.  They drink together.

Using the day’s events as an inspiration, Mick finally finishes his novel.

Witch Hunt.  Ray finds Nora at the Ren Faire and even manages to act chivalrously against a gross guy trying to get cleavage shots of Nora in her wench outfit. They arrive on the Waverider and Constantine would rather Nora not be there.  She’s been clean for a while and he doesn’t want her to use magic to help him.  Nora scans John and tells him what he already knows, his Life Force is almost depleted and he’ll die if he’s not recharged.

Nora tells Ray she’d have to drain another’s life force to recharge Constantine – she can’t allow herself to back slide into using dark magic.  Ray says life force is basically energy so he’s got an alternative plan.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

The plan is to use energy from the Waverider to recharge Constantine but, before he lets her do anything, John makes sure that Nora understands what she is about to do. And, if she’s going to choose a life of using magic again, that she’s not doing it for him or Ray or anyone else, but only for herself. She agrees and using herself as a conduit, they are able to bring Constantine back to life.

Constantine and Nora catch up and she tells him that, for the first time in her life, her magic doesn’t scare her.  She asks him about the man she saw in Constantine’s mind and he tells her, cryptically, “the past.” He leaves for a smoke as Ray comes in.  Nora and Ray have an awkward moment and he hands her a time portal thingy – he tells her to run far and hide and be free. She zaps them both to the Time Bureau – she tells him it’s time to pay for her past so she can be free in the future.

Team Time Bureau. Nate’s dad invites Ava to join the Haywoods for Thanksgiving dinner, a dinner which even Nate doesn’t want to go to.  He promises a day of starving while everyone gets drunk and fights.

Nate and Ava arrive at the Haywood gathering and Ava remarks that everyone is lovely. Nate assures her that it’s still very early.  In fact, dinner is still 6 hours away. “Buckle up Ava Sharpe, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” At the Time Bureau, Gary has arranged a not so impromptu dinner date with Mona, the food delivery woman.  We’ve seen her already this season – Gary always ends up mind swiping her.

At the Haywoods, the drinks are starting to kick in and things are beginning to fall apart.

At the Time Bureau, the creatures they’ve been keeping in a make shift holding cell break free.  Gary locks Mona in a closet while he deals with the problem. Gary calls Ava and Nate and tells them about the problem.  Nate does not want them to leave because his dad will know they screwed up. He leaves to help Gary and tells Ava to stall his family. Nate diagnoses the three monsters as being hangry and Mona, who’s broken out of the closet, tells him the kind of food they’d eat. She reads a lot.

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Mr. Haywood realizes that Ava is stalling and insists on going to the Time Bureau when she confesses the monsters are loose. When they arrive, Nate and Gary, with Mona’s food delivery help, have everything under control. The monsters are feeding themselves into a stupor and they’ll be able to lock everyone back up once they are full.

In the wrap up, Nate’s dad compliments his eye for talent – meaning Mona the creature wrangler and Nate covers quickly that she’ll fit in great.  They have a heart to heart about ducking out to put out disasters and also, needing to get out of the house on the holidays.  As Ava approaches, Mr. Haywood tells her he’s going to fast track money for their containment facility so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again and she tells him how they an portal back to house right after they left so no one is the wiser. Benefits of time travel!

As the Haywoods begin to carve the turkey, Mr. Haywood gets a call. With understanding, Nate tells his dad to take the call. In the hallway, Mr. Haywood gets all sinister and says that the creatures are controllable so “Project Hades is a go!” Dun dun dunnnn

The Flash
“The Icicle Cometh” (Episode 506)
November 20, 2018

Cicada’s Story.  Orlin (a/k/a Cicada) is chillin’ at Jitters, as you do when not acting as a meta serial killer, when he detects a meta passing by.  Well, really, it’s his dagger that detects the meta.  He follows Raelene (thanks, closed captioning) to her car where she is more than ready to do battle. With her T-1000-like metal dagger arms, she stabs Cicada (now in his Cicada gear) but he gets the last laugh when his dagger returns like a boomerang and stabs her in the back. RIP Raelene, thanks for stabbing Cicada!

The friendly neighborhood ER doctor finds Cicada hiding in a closet at the hospital. She wants to stitch him up but he tells her she can’t be a part of “this.” He tells her to focus her energy on Grace (the girl in a coma). These two share the same anti-Meta agenda.

Back at home, we see Orlin’s chest is a mess between the shrapnel disease and the stab wound from Raelene. He passes out before he can get to the purloined medical equipment.

The anti-meta nurse comes by Orlin’s house and finds him semi-conscious on the floor.  She goes to stitch him up but he stands, telling  her the shrapnel wound is making him stronger.

Team Flash will be split into three groups this week., Ralph and Cecile; Iris, Sherloque and Nora; and Barry, Cisco and Caitlin.

Ralph and Cecile’s Story.  Even though Ralph arrives at the West house looking to enlist Joe’s help, he is more than happy to work with the stir crazy Cecile.  Their mission is to access FEMA records from the Enlightenment to see if anyone matching Cicada’s profile received treatment that night.  Cecile is all game to use her bad ass DA intimidation skills to crack skulls and get some answers. We learn that Cecile had quite the reputation among criminals back in the day for being a take no prisoners kind of prosecutor.  Which is why she’s confused when she freezes in front of the snotty FEMA guy who shuts down their investigation for records absent a warrant.  Ralph and Cecile realize that it wasn’t Cecile that froze as much as her receiving the feelings of the FEMA records guy who was scared and projecting. They go back with renewed vigor and get the records they’re looking for.

The records didn’t reveal anyone matching Cicada’s appearance it did reveal a kid that was hurt that might be a match to his child.  Grace Gibbons. At least its a lead to work from.

Barry, Cisco and Caitlin’s Story.  Despite her wish to not find her father just yet, Barry and Cisco went ahead and did it anyway.  He’s located in a Tannhauser Black Ops site at the North Pole.  Dressed in their best cold weather gear, they vibe to the site.  Inside, they find a very much  alive and mobile Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) … even though he went into this facility 20 years ago with severe ALS. How could this be?!? We’ll get there.  Snow drops the info that when he checked into the facility, he was given some technical comforts by scientists including Victor Fries and Harrison Wells. Among the tech was a video uplink to S.T.A.R. Labs … which didn’t work until recently.

Thomas Snow explains that his experiments to cure his ALS became more and more dangerous and eventually Mama Snow shut the site down with him in it.  He stayed alive with water, rations, and use of his cryogenic technology.  Caitlin tells him that they are taking him home.

Once back  in S.T.A.R. Labs, the Snows go for a walk to reconnect and alone, Cisco tells Barry that Papa Snow’s story has too many holes. Barry, thinking like a dad that got Nora back thinks it is fine but Cisco is convinced he’s right and something fishy is going on.

On their walk, Papa Snow has an attack and Caitlin sees his skin is turning to ice.  Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he tells her that he used a gene therapy to cure his ALS but it created something worse.  When his emotions spike, the malignancy spreads. Caitlin realizes he used the same therapy on her (she had the ALS marker) which is what created her Killer Frost personality. Cisco asks Papa Snow where his split personality is and Papa Snow says he never had one.  They come up with a plan to basically freeze Papa Snow at Absolute Zero so they can cure him but Cisco has his own plan.

He investigates the work that Thomas Snow was doing at the North Pole, which included making skin grafts. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco confronts Thomas with the evidence … he thinks that this is Thomas’s dual personality wearing Thomas’s face.  Papa Snow says that the skin grafts were to cover up his disease which is spreading more than he let on. Cisco persists that Papa Snow’s lying but Caitlin won’t listen to anymore and throws him out.  Barry chases Cisco down and Cisco tells Barry he’s looking at this as Nora’s dad instead of a CSI agent.

Barry tries to confront Caitlin that Cisco may have a point but she really doesn’t want to hear it. She’s got no family left, she says, and doesn’t want to lose her dad now that he’s back. Barry says that she does have family left – Team Flash.  Which  is when she realizes that the serum she is about to give her dad would wipe out his human side if he was, in fact, a meta doppleganger. She confronts Papa Snow and he turns into his Meta self, Icicle. He knocks everyone out and steals the serum.  He heads to the North Pole facility and begins dropping the temperature down to Absolute Zero.  Once that temperature is reached, Icicle can inject himself with Caitlin’s serum.  Team Flash follows him but the cold makes it impossible for them to use their powers.  Except Caitlin who isn’t affected.  She is able to summon Killer Frost and fight Icicle.  She returns the temperature to normal but Icicle gets away after Papa Snow’s real personality peaks out for a second, distracting Killer Frost.

Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

In the wrap up, Cisco realizes that he can allow Caitlin and Killer Frost  to talk to each other using Wells’ mental activity dampner … the more she uses it, they will be able to re-establish a connection so Killer Frost can come back at will.

Iris, Sherloque and Nora’s Story. This trio is tasked with locating the core of Sally the Satellite. If they find the core, they’ll know where Cicada was located when he was hit with the dark matter enriched shrapnel. Which, continues to elude me as why that’s terribly helpful information but they all agree it is.  Anyway, there are 47 possible locations and these three aren’t the best investigation team with mismatched skills. Nora is only here because she’s decided her mom isn’t totally lame following her throwing herself off a roof last week.  With Sherloque’s help to bring them together, Nora and Iris are able to find a way to work together using the best skills each has to offer. They realize the core is in the water and Nora uses a technique from her mom’s time as a speedster to blast the water out of the way so they can access it.

Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

They get the core back to S.T.A.R. Labs and Cisco is overjoyed to see Sally’s “heart” again.  Cisco can be weird sometimes.

Black Lightning
“The Book of Blood: Chapter Two:
The Perdi”  (Episode 206)
November 20, 2018

South Freeland. Meet Looker (Sofia Vassilieva). She’s dressed like a lady of the South and she’s admonishing her crew of men that she says she made. In particular, Jake, who she made five years ago and told her she’d be able to count on him without excuses.  Looker tells the men that she cleaned them up and got them free from the drugs and all she wants is competence.  Jake rejects her version and says that she’s made them slaves; that she’s worse than the drugs or even the “Perdi” (which he pronounces Per-dee). She magics silver from Jake’s face as she holds him in the air. The same kind of silver that we saw leak from Baby Daddy Deacon’s face last week.  He drops dead, blackened like a charred skeleton.  Don’t fuck with Looker is the lesson here, I think.  She instructs the other men in the room to track down the thing that’s out in the open, of her body but not in her control.

We cut over to Gambi, looking very much alive and in control. He is interrogating a bearded dude who was one of the men that tried to take him out last episode. He’s already removed some finger tips. The man says he don’t know who hired him and he was paid in Bitcoin.  Nothing further to gather, Gambi shoots the man dead. Ruthless, revenge Gambi is the best version of him self.

Pierce House. Jefferson finds Lynn sitting in the dark. She tells him about what Jace did and how they lost the 14 lives. She feels helpless and cries on his shoulder.

We cut to Reverend Holt telling Councilman Parker that he knows Tobias is the source of the money for the new clinic. Also, he knows Tobias ran The 100 and also tried to kill him. So, take your money and build your own clinic.  And Tobias? Holt says he can kiss his “holy ass.”

Whale Lair. Parker has broken the Holt news to Tobias and Tobias wants to escalate things. He tells Khalil to kill the Reverend.  Khalil tries to push back as he’s not so much into the church and preacher killing thing and Tobias tells him to stop thinking, “you’re not very good at it.” He lets slip that he tried to kill Holt once before and we’ll get to see if his God can protect him again.  This isn’t lost on Khalil who confirms that Whale means the March from last season (which is where Khalil was shot and subsequently paralyzed).  Whale goes on, not realizing the significance of the information he just dropped on Khalil, and Khalil swallows his anger … for now.

At a community meeting (which looks like it’s taking place in the Garfield High gym), Lynn announces to the people that 14 of the Pod people died the night before. They saved 14 Pod people and 4 victims of the green Light. When Lynn can’t identify the names of who lived and died, the crowd riots and Lynn is ushered out of there. Jefferson follows her out and she tells him she’s not okay but she still has work to do. Interesting to note that the crowd made the entire event very racially biased, that if the Pod People were white, they’d know who victims names if nothing else.

Gambi’s Hotel Hideout. Gambi is washing up as the news plays in the background. There is some radio chatter about a war in Markovia breaking out after the death of a King Victor. I include that only because it seems like such a specific event to mention. Anyway, Gambi has a flashback to the car chase from last week. We see that as the SUV began to flip at the end of the chase, Gambi ejected himself through a hidden trap door. Running away from the SUV, he detonated it remotely from some bushes.  His reverie is broken by some beeping on his Team Black Lightning connected devices.

Cut to Anissa who has activated a tracker and placed it in her shoe. She heads out through the woods to the South Freeland compound where she suspects Anaya is and is cornered by armed men and women almost immediately. She says that she’s just looking for Anaya.  We see her ushered into a house where she meets Anaya’s parents. The father is deaf and the mother translates his sign language.  They assure Anissa that Anaya is not in danger as Anaya (Birgundi Baker) herself enters the room. Anissa is sure she’s in danger and breaks the news of Deacon’s death to Anaya. The girl has a breakdown (while the dad hysterically signs to the mother, “who the hell is Deacon?”). Anaya begins to go into labor.

Back in Freeland, Lynn is rear ended by one of the more irate fathers from the community meeting.  He gets in Lynn’s face (well, through her rolled up window), demanding to know if his daughter is alive. Lynn drives off, leaving him screaming in the street.

Pierce House. Khalil and Jennifer sit outside her bedroom, as they do.  He laments to her the news that Whale is the one who arranged for the reverend to be shot, the reason he was paralyzed. And now, Whale wants him to kill the reverend.  J asks Khalil why he’s even still with Tobias and Khalil answers that, given the choices he’s made, where else can he go. She promises him that they’ll work it out together.

Anaya’s birthing room.  Anissa helps Anaya bring her baby into the world and there is much happiness. But, Anaya isn’t done yet, girlfriend is having twins. Damn Anissa, you think you’d have noticed that she was pregnant with twins when you checked her out at the clinic, no?

Jefferson arrives at the Sanctum looking for Anissa but instead, sees her tracker beacon pinging on the computer system running. He checks the suits and is confused as to why her Thunder suit is still there.

At the Pierce house, Lynn is getting drunk when Jennifer comes in and tries joking with her. Lynn is a bit of a nasty bitch to her daughter in response. Lynn’s mood isn’t improved when J tells her mom that, in the spirit of taking responsibility for your actions and being honest, Jennifer tells Lynn that while the deaths of the 14 Pod People wasn’t her fault, she was responsible for keeping them safe as the head of the facility.  Not what Lynn wants to hear.

South Freeland.  Anissa, with Batina’s help (Batina is the name of Anaya’s mom), delivers Anaya’s breach baby.  This one is decidedly lighter skin than her first baby and Batina wants nothing to do with the child. In fact, none of the family are much interested in this lighter skin child and a boy, Joshua, storms out of the house.  Batina follows him out and he confesses to killing Deacon because Anaya chose his “pale ass” over Joshua. Batina advises him that he just started a war.

Back in the house, Anissa places the babies next to each other and feels an electrical charge sweep over them as their eyes ignite … just like Black Lightning’s does when his powers activate.  The black and white babies are holding hands as Anissa looks concerned and Batina and Anaya’s Father look on, troubled.

Pierce House.  J finds Lynn throwing up her liquid dinner and she tells Jennifer she never would have sacrificed 14 lives even if it meant the others would live.

Outside the clinic, Khalil attacks Reverend Holt and tells him to leave Freeland tonight or he’ll be killed.  Holt is a tough old bird though and responds that all he needs to do is “stay black and die.” Khalil begins to choke Holt but can’t go through with it. As he walks away, Holt calls after him and tells Khalil it’s never too late, not for Jesus anyway. God will always forgive.

South Freeland.  Anaya fills Anissa (and us) in on what’s going on here.  Seems that White people with power are called the Sange, Black people  … the Perdi.  They’ve co-existed with each other since after the Civil War. For the last 30 years, the Sange have run guns out South Freeland and the Perdi have lived and farmed in the woods. The two groups hate each other. The Looker instills her silver, called “element” into the whites and makes them Sange. Anaya and Deacon were a certain kind of Romeo and Juliet love story as Deacon was of the Sange.  Anaya worries her father will never forgive her for having twins with a Sange, shits real and scary.

Whale Lair.  Khalil comes in and tells Tobias that he couldn’t get Holt, too many people around.  He starts to walk away very nonchalant but Tobias hasn’t had his say.  He rambles on about tactical cohesion and social cohesion in special ops groups and how, because Tobias personally is fond of Khalil, he’s been lax on training him properly.  Long story short, the two begin to fight fight fight.  Khalil gets some shots in but overall, Whale whoops his ass soundly.  Unfortunately, in the process of “teaching” Khalil, he breaks his fish tank. Of course, he blames Khalil even though it was Tobias that threw him into the tank. Oh, Tobias. I like you despite myself.

South Freeland.  Anaya explains to Anissa that the Looker will come after the babies because they are a threat to her power over the Sange.  Anissa appeals to Anaya’s parents to get their heads out ofntheir asses and that getting the babies somewhere safe is the paramount concern.  Outside the house, the Looker’s Sange are in the woods, watching.

Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

As Anaya, Anissa and the whole Perdi group begin to move the babies out to Freeland, Black Lightning shows up and Looker uses her Sange to attack.  It’s not clear if she is mind controlling the Sange or if she is just able to see the action through their eyes.  Either way, the Sange, with their increased power and speedster like abilities are a formidable foe. I should mention that Gambi uses a remote control drone he has on site to aid in the repelling the Sange attack.

Anaya and Anissa rendezvous but the other baby alon,g with Anaya’s mother and father, are missing.  Black Lightning goes through the the battlefield looking for the missing as Anissa fills him in on Looker and the Element and how she arrived on the scene 30 years ago. Jefferson posits she might have been one of the original kids affected with the vaccine like him.  He seems intrigued by the idea of another “vaccine kid” running around like him.  He begins to follow a pool of silver because Anissa tells him the Element always returns to Looker.

Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Pierce House.  Khalil comes by Jen’s house and, though he tries to hide his bruises from her, she sees what Tobias did to him.  He tells her that he’s not a killer and kind of says goodbye to her. She hugs him and these two, not sure what’s next for them, though I imagine Jennifer is going to end up trying to take on Tobias. That’s my feeling.

Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Looker’s House. With her Sange assembled around her, one of the Sange present the black baby to Looker. She looks disgusted, though it’s not entirely clear if it’s because it’s a baby or because it’s black. Probably both.  She realizes that it has powers and is the result of a Perdi and Sange lying together.  She’s incensed and then, after a quick headcount, realizes Deacon is missing.  Sheriff Clark from last week tells her that the Perdi murdered Deacon for having a baby with one of the Perdi.  Looker examines the baby and realizes it has a white sibling out and about, she wants that baby STAT.

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