What to Watch – Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stock up on your eCoin friends, Elliot and fsociety are back to fuck with your minds some more. That’s right, tonight is the Season 3 premiere of the USA hit, Mr. Robot. But, that’s not until 10pm, so here is how you should spend the rest of your night. Also, check out the first 7 minutes of the Mr. Robot Season Premiere, below.

8pm Hour:

1st Choice: Riverdale. CW’s breakout sleeper hit from last season is back tonight for Season 2 premiere.  We left Season 1 with Fred Andrews shot and bleeding in Pop’s, and season 2 picks up moments afterwards. Come back for my Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica campiness!  The CW

2nd Choice: Blacklist. I love Blacklist, but I have fallen behind, its high on my binge catch up list.

3rd Choice: Empire. I’m not sure who is still watching this but its the best of the also rans at this hour. Fox

9pm Hour:

1st Choice: SEAL Team.  Yesterday, I posted a comment on the Instagram feed (@pop_culture_review) about which of the 3 military action dramas on TV is the best. I don’t think SEAL Team is as good as The Brave just yet but I’m watching and I’m intrigued.  CBS

2nd Choice: Dynasty. The CW’s reboot of the classic nighttime soap premieres tonight. I’m not going to watch this live but I’m definitely going to catch it on demand.  My 80’s childhood nostalgic heart demands I give it a chance. The CW

3rd Choice: Law & Order: SVU. Its like coming home to an old friend … who is in to weird sexual manipulation plotlines.  Can never go wrong with SVU. NBC

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: Mr. Robot. The odd, surreal and utterly riveting show returns tonight for Season 3.  Catch the first 7 minutes in the link below.  USA.

2nd Choice: The Shannara Chronicles. I hadn’t heard of this show before last week’s NY Comic Con but I am anxious to find out what I’ve been missing. With tonight’s Season 2 premiere, I feel like I need to get off the stick and binge season 1 ASAP.  Spike

3rd Choice: Designated Survivor. I don’t know, why aren’t you watching Mr. Robot? ABC.