What To Watch – Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You’re a very busy person with very limited time and this time of year, there are too many TV options.  Even the worst new shows of the season are still airing because some TV executive gave a 6 episode order to his girlfriend’s little brother’s best friend from Kindergarten because everything sounds better when you’re doing coke in a limo with tequila chasers.  But I digress, you have options and not a lot of time, so here is what you should be watching (and why) tonight, Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

8pm Hour:

1st. Choice: The Flash Season Premiere. This is a no-brainer, folks.  The Flash is entering its fourth season and has promised a return to a lighter feel after a season of just doom and gloom and sad/angry/distraught Barry.  Lets get out of the Speed Force and meet this season’s big bad, The Thinker!!  The CW.

2nd Choice: NCIS – Listen, I am an unapologetic NCIS  fan. I am not quite 40 and certainly not in the demographic being appealed to but its good TV and my gold standard for non-serialized (or very little serialized) drama. Also, enjoying this weird, quirky Happy Gibbs thing we’re playing with this season.   CBS.

3rd Choice: ABC’s Tuesday night yuckfest can take you through the evening with The Middle and Fresh Off the Boat occupying this 8pm hour.  ABC.

9pm Hour:

1st Choice: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season premiere!! The Legends broke the timeline at the end of season 2. And now, Julius Caesar is running amok in Aruba – who can’t get behind that?  The CW

2nd Choice: I don’t watch This is Us but I feel like everyone else in America does so here you go, This is Us is on NBC.

3rd Choice: ABC’s Tuesday night comedy block continues with Blackish and The Mayor. Or you can go with The Mick and Brooklyn 99 over on Fox but really, why aren’t you watching Julius Caesar in Aruba?!?! ABC/Fox

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. I like giving new shows chances so that’s where we are right now. I don’t know how I feel about Kevin.  ABC

2nd Choice: American Horror Story: Cult on FX. If that’s your thing. I am periodically in on the Ryan Murphy anthology series and periodically out and more often than not, I just binge the season after its run.  FX