What to Watch – Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Arrow-Verse concludes its week of season premieres tonight with Arrow kicking off its Season 6! Everything else tonight is just background noise as we assess the damage from last season’s explosive season finale on Lian Yu. What kind of pieces is Oliver going to have to pick up this season?

8pm Hour:

1st Choice: Gotham. Digging the Dark Knight origin story. Tonight, Ra’s Al Ghul is back in town and looking for the $2million knife Bruce bought last week.   Fox

2nd Choice: Supernatural. Kick off Season 13 with the Winchester boys as they deal with the fact that pretty much everyone died last season.  The CW

3rd Choice: Thursday Night Football. The Philadelphia Eagles v Carolina Panthers. Goooo Sportsball!!  CBS

9pm Hour:

1st Choice: Arrow season 6 premiere. Who’s alive? Who’s dead?  The CW

2nd Choice: The Orville.  This is my little show that could. I appreciate Seth’s ambition and his resistance to turn this into a straight Family Guy in Space show. But, it has bumps that need to be fixed ASAP. My 9 year old likes it.  Don’t judge me! Fox

3rd Choice: Still football. CBS

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: Impractical Jokers. Just the funniest thing on TV week in and week out. TruTV

2nd Choice: Ice Road Truckers. Because I cant watch How To Get Away With Murder (somewehre along the line, I completely abandoned the Shonda ship – I’m not sure when that happened) or Chicago Fire.   History

3rd Choice: Still football. CBS