TV Recap: The Outpost – “Its Complicated …”

The Outpost
“Strange Bedfellows” (Episode 104)
July 31, 2018

In the last episode of The Outpost, Janzo began to do research on the Plagueling bodies, Gwynn and Talon started a ‘friendship,’ Talon challenged Garret to spar, and Ambassador Dred sent the ‘Bones’ to see if Magmoor’s message is true.  If you haven’t caught up on all the action, read my previous recap and review here!

Now for tonight’s Episode … (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Tonight’s episode starts off with Baphnoro killing a poultry farmer.

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Garret takes Talon up on her challenge to spar.  He wants to learn who trained her, and he’s surprised when she tells him that she trained herself.  He is quite impressed with her skill and she matches him, if not bests him, on most of his moves.  At one point she lets her guard down and he pins her.  Gwynn comes in to find them in a very friendly position and whisks Talon away for a girl’s night out.

Wythers and Elinor were enjoying each other’s company and Wythers starts to ask questions of how Elinor thinks that Gwynn can control her father.  Elinor told him to talk to a governess who cared for Gwynn.  Wythers was pleased to learn new information and told her that he owes her a favor.  Elinor cashes in on that favor immediately and asks Wythers to arrest Worm for killing her son.

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Gwynn and Talon enter the Inn and sit down to play cards.  Talon was supposed to work that evening, but Gwynn offers to pay for her wages to take the night off.  This leaves Janzo to cover serving the patrons by himself.

Wythers is questioning the Governess (Anne Sward).  She tells him that she taught Gwynn many things and that Calkussar was very particular about her studies.  She mentions that they were private people and that Gwynn even cleaned her own bedroom.

Back at the bar with Gwynn and Talon, Janzo is having a hard time keeping up with serving all the guests and he is upset with Talon.  The ladies are enjoying themselves with dancing and singing and hustling the men at cards.  One of the men gets annoyed and pulls a knife on Talon.  She fights him and he leaves.  The guards that were escorting them take the man outside, and the ladies sneak out the back door.

Wythers arrested Worm for Elinor, and she begins to interrogate him about who his supplier is.  He doesn’t tell her anything.  She tells him that he murdered her son and he said that he didn’t know Bill was her son.

The ladies wake up in bed together.  Wythers is there in the room, with them.  He is annoyed that his men spent time looking for them when they left the bar. Garret walks in, also irate, and requests Gwynn leave with him.  He warns Talon to stay away from Gwynn.  Marshal informs Talon about the dead body outside her window and tells Talon to leave the Outpost.

“I’ve seen more murders since you came here than I usually do the whole season.”

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Talon goes to see the Smith.  She tells him about the killing and says that she will go after the demon tonight.  He doesn’t think she’s had enough training and doesn’t believe that she will succeed in banishing the demon back through the portal. If she doesn’t succeed, the demon could kill her. She reminds him that it hasn’t killed her yet.  He says that it wants her alive.

“You’re the only one who can let the others in.”

Talon leaves and runs into Janzo.  He requests her help moving barrels and they discuss whether they’ve seen any men with the bones tattoo.  Neither has, so Janzo changes the topic to Gwynn and Garret.  He seems a little jealous of Garret.  As they are talking, a bird relieves himself on Janzo’s shoulder and it seems as though Janzo has figured something out.  He walks off, leaving Talon.  Garret sees Talon and tells her not to do anything like what she did with Gwynn again.  He swore an oath to protect her.  Talon asks him if it’s because of his oath or because he loves her.

“It’s more complicated than that.”

Garret asks if they are going to spar again tonight and she tells him that tonight is complicated.

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Garret goes to see Raelius and asks about the recruiting.  Raelius (William Rubio) tells him that recruiting is going well.  He shows Garret the Plaguelings they’ve imprisoned.  Garret kills one that has turned and asks for the body for research.

Garret brings the body to Janzo.  He asks about the progress with Kell and Janzo tells him that he found the injection spot.  Garret is frustrated that all this time has passed and Janzo has only found the injection spot.  He asks Janzo to keep an eye on Talon and report to him if he sees her doing anything out of the ordinary.

Wythers is on top of the tower, waiting for Talon.  She has not left the Outpost and Wythers sends his men to look for her.

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Janzo goes off to where the courier pigeons are and checks some of the scrolls.  He has figured out that Worm has been communicating with his dealers through the courier pigeons and reports back to Elinor.  She tells Wythers about the Worm’s confession of killing her son.  Wythers beheads Worm. Janzo feels guilty.

Talon finds the demon and commands it to return to its world.  It stabs her and leaves her.

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End Credits.


That ending!  Talon is stabbed again.  The Smith was right, and she still needs more training to banish the demon back to its own world.  Will she get that opportunity?  I wish The Smith was a little more forthcoming with information for Talon.  It seems as though he wants her to figure things out on her own, but I find myself saying, “well that would have been nice to know earlier” whenever he tells Talon something.

I was surprised to see that Janzo only found the puncture wound for Kell’s body.  I’m wondering if he has found out more information, but he’s just not telling Garret.

I’m glad it was Janzo that figured out how Worm was communicating with his dealer.  I’m still curious where this storyline with colipsum is going or if it is even relevant at all.

Wythers finally gets to use that guillotine.  There’s a small amount of justice for Bill there, even if Elinor’s motives were only to extract information from Worm. She clearly doesn’t care about her sons, and only seems to care about what benefits her and how she can make more money.  I hope her plan to get to the dealer backfires and she is left without the supply of her precious colipsum.

It was nice to see Talon having fun and enjoying herself with Gwynn.  I hope to see this friendship build and for Talon to learn to trust someone even if Garret disapproves of their friendship.  Perhaps that would make it even more enjoyable to watch.

One thing that seems to be ongoing in the series, is Garret’s back and forth emotions towards Talon.  He wants her to leave the Outpost, then he wants to spar with her.  They are working together on the Plagueling research, but then he asks Janzo to spy on her.  He seems confused with how he feels about her and we get to go on that journey with him.  He clearly doesn’t trust her, but I feel like he wants to.  It seems as though we keep revisiting the themes of trust, honesty and secrecy frequently.

Will Talon learn to trust? Will we find out the meaning of Garret’s line, “It’s more complicated,” and does the demon really want to let the rest of his kind come out of the portal?

Episode Score: Overall, this episode was better than the last and I give it 4 out of 5 Casey’s.

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