TV Recap: The Bold Type – “Oh Shit.”

The Bold Type
“The Feminist Army” (Episode 201)
June 12, 2018

Meghann Fahy, Aisha Dee, & Katie Stevens. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

End of Season 1 we left The Bold Type with Jane Sloan leaving her job at Scarlet for an up and coming digital magazine called Insight where she would get her own vertical. Kat was taking time off from her job to travel with Adena while she figures out her work Visa. And lastly, Sutton broke things off with Richard and is newly single but she snagged the job in the fashion department as Oliver’s new assistant and can’t wait to crush it in this new role.

I know this isn’t a ton of detail as far as season 1 goes but give me a little bit and I will have a full season 1 (broken into halves) posted soon. Watch for it… until then you can catch Season 1 & 2 on Hulu or the FreeForm app.

Let’s begin…spoilers ahead. 

Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

The episode begins with Jane and Sutton at the airport waiting for Kat’s plane to arrive from her trip, balloons a sign the whole 9 yards. Well the flight is delayed and they find creative ways to entertain but that only last so long before they are on the floor waiting for her to arrive.

Katie Stevens & Meghann Fahy. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse
Aisha Dee. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Kat spots them first and seconds later, they’re in a giggly group hug, three best friends reunited. In a cab catching up on all things Kadena (Kat and Adena’s ship name). Adena is on her way to New York she was able to get her VISA approved for three months while she looks for work. Tables turn and Kat asks Sutton about Richard first she tries to lie and after a cough from Jane she’s honest that it was only twice and they’ve moved on. They both love their jobs and it won’t work out.

Sutton requests a detour to make it to a pop up for a bag that Oliver has requested. Oh the fashion lifestyle. Once they arrive Jane and Kat find a few items they like and head off to the fitting rooms while Sutton discusses the bag she is there for with an associate. In the fitting room Jane is trying to get out of a top and Sutton walks in, “is that a hat?” Sutton and Kat try to help and Jacqueline pulls back the curtain. “Hello Jacqueline…” Kat says, Jane doesn’t think she is very funny. —Mind you her face is covered with a black top and has no idea she actually just walked in. Good thing she decided to wear a bra today.– “Welcome back Kat” as the girls pull the stuck top back down to keep Jane from running for cover. —Also aca-awkward since Jane is no longer working for Jacqueline.–

Change scene and Jane is out of the top and Jacqueline has checked out the items she was there to buy. Jacqueline begins conversation with Jane about her new vertical at Insight and how it is a big responsibility. Jane discusses that she is excited to begin with a segment called The Feminist Army showcasing millenial women who are changing the world. Jacqueline stops

Katie Stevens & Melora Hardin. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Jane reminding her it’s not a pitch meeting but that’s she is super excited to see where this takes her. As Jacqueline walks away you can see a little bit of doubt in Jane on whether or not she made the right decision to take the leap that she did by leaving Scarlet. Time will tell if this was the right decision.

The next morning, Kate is waking up Adena excited to begin a day back in New York and return to work. Now at Scarlet Kat, Sutton, and another writer whose name is escaping my memory but typically writes for the sex column are walking out of the elevator. Kat is telling them about one of the spiritual cleansing journeys she went on while she was away. “I barfed and farted and the same time I’m basically a shaman now.” –Lines like this are what makes this show so wonderful. Okay not really but you can’t help but smile as the delivery is made.– Alex (yet another writer) spots Sutton and Kat and greets them, Kat notices the changes in Alex’s attire from while she was away. He’s finally ditched the khaki’s and embraced the help of Sutton in the fashion department. Mitzi another fashion assistant asks Sutton what she wants done with a rack of clothes and after Sutton replies hangs around in the background waiting for her. Alex asks Sutton if she has the time to help Alex style a few looks and would get her a styling credit. In the background Mitzi gives another assistant a look. –Should be noted here that near the end of season 1 Alex and Sutton slept together. It was one time and they’ve moved passed it but as with anything word gets around.– Oliver calls for “Red” aka Sutton for her help, he’s drowning! On that note Sutton parts ways with Kat and Jacqueline asks to speak with Kat in her office as she passes her by.

Kat is very appreciative to Jacqueline for giving her the time off and what Scarlet has brought to her life. Jacqueline discusses with her the goals for building the social media department and Kat fills her in on where she is at with putting together a team. Jacqueline also informs that the .com numbers are low and the board is looking to relaunch, she wants Kat to sit in on the meeting that afternoon and Kat happily accepts the invite.

Now in Oliver’s “office” Sutton is discussing a call when they have to break for a Sexual Harassment Seminar. A woman is upfront talking and quickly turns the floor over to Richard Hunter –Richard is the older man Sutton had been dating in season 1 but because of their jobs. He is her senior in the company and Sutton took the fashion job they decided they needed to end things.– Richard is there to discuss a new policy that the board put into place. If two employees within the company want to date they are free to they just have to fill out paperwork with human resources stating the relationship is consensual. In the background Kat is texting Sutton cause we all know who this policy could benefit. **SUTTON AND RICHARD** and after sending a text Kat’s arm is in the air to ask a question.

“So umm if two employees want to date that work at different levels of the company they can without getting in trouble.” Kat asks.
“Correct” Richard replies, knowing what Kat is implying. To make matters worse Kat continues.
“What if they are at wayy wayyyyy different levels of the company?” At this point Sutton is ready to kill Kat and Mitzi is judging hardcore from the other end of the couch.
“They just need to go to HR” so there it is folks Richard and Sutton would be free to date as long as it goes through HR. As the seminar disperses Sutton smacks Kat and that results in laughing.

We move now to Jane walking into Insight which gives a very different vibe than Scarlet. Insight has more of hobo-chic kind of feel where Scarlet is still very fashion forward, on that note Jane definitely stands out in their writers meeting. Victoria (new boss lady) wants to hear what Jane has for pitches for her vertical. Victoria isn’t buying Jane’s pitch for doing a piece on a CEO of Off the Rack which sells menstrual cups. Jane stands to make her point that Emma the CEO is 29 years old and she has created a million dollar company. Victoria still isn’t buying it she wants to know why this story. Jane goes on to explain why she made the switch to Insight, she made the change because she wants to inspire young women and Emma is that message.  With what looks to be some resilience Victoria gives her the go ahead as it’s Jane’s vertical and she likes her passion.

Meghann Fahy. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Back at Scarlet Sutton is entering Richard’s office in a very professional manner. —Can’t let the cat out of the bag that they have already been in a relationship.– Sutton is there to discuss what Richard was talking about at the seminar. She questions if it can be that simple and Richard says that because of the new policy it can be that simple. Richard wants them to be together, he wants the relationship, the dinners, dates, vacations, he wants it all with Sutton. Grinning Sutton shares the excitement, she wants it too.

At OTR Jane is interviewing Emma to find out more for why she created the company and what her vision was for her story. Emma is proud of the company she has created and the empowerment she is able to give to those who are buying them. Jane is very excited about this piece.

Once again we are back at Scarlet and Sutton is grabbing Kat by the arm and pulling her into the fashion closet. She’s freaking out telling Kat about how the seminar and the new policy being mentioned was indeed about Sutton and Richard. She also wants Jane to be there, facetime for the save. Or not they can’t get a good connection. –Darn you technology and big cities you never seem to get along when people need you the most.– Kat promises to text Jane all the details she just wants Sutton to spill. She shares that Richard wants a public relationship with her that he’s ready for it. Kat is super excited for her as any best friend would be but then she sees the look on Sutton’s face, does she want the relationship like Richard does? Yes of course she does, but she’s trying to figure out how this can all work. Kat encourages it. Sutton is going to set a meeting with HR, the are going to do this. —Sutton & Richard. It can finally happen.–

Now in the board meeting Kat is chomping at the bit trying to hold back as the board is discussing the .com and how they can revitalize it. But she can only hold it in for so long before speaking up. The board doesn’t have the right direction and she explains to them that the issue is with how Scarlet magazine is perceived. While she was traveling with Adena she spoke to many women of many cultures and many believe the magazine is for “straight middle classed women.” She explains that for the magazine that works but the website they should be able to take more risks and reach everyone. The board isn’t exactly receptive, so Kat takes this into her own hands and uses Scarlet’s Twitter page to show them the impact of social media. Quickly her example takes off showing that what the board sees as popular isn’t what’s popular anymore. Millenials are pushing the envelope and Kat wants to do that with the website. She made her point and left them with a lot to think about.

Walking in the halls Kat is going over the board meeting with Sutton replaying the shock on their faces when she spoke up. –Mind you I didn’t previously state this but this board meeting is populated by nearly all males wearing suits. They are also for the most part older. Kat stands out just by what she is wearing and not to mention she is a female speaking up.– As they are laughing and get to the elevator Mitzi and another assistant are on the other side of the doors. “Everyone knows that she is sleeping with him, that’s why she is getting all of the styling credits” Mitzi is saying as the doors are opening not knowing Kat and Sutton would be standing right there. –Oh sheit!– “What the hell Mitzi” Kat speaks up defending her friend. Sutton is pissed and calls for them to follow her to the fashion closet. Sutton wants her to explain. Mitzi thinks that no matter the policy and some paper it doesn’t matter that Sutton is getting preferential treatment. “Are you talking about Alex?” Sutton questions clarifying that they weren’t onto the Richard thing. –Remember Alex and Sutton did sleep together that one time like I previously mentioned but they’ve moved passed it. They are friends, friends help each other out.– Mitzi thinks that Sutton is sleeping her way to the top when in reality she is working her ass off. She walks away.

Not finished with them yet Kat lays into Mitzi. She once again is defending her friend, she isn’t sleeping her way to the top. “Goodnight” and walks away leaving the other two in the fashion closet. Kat finds Sutton in the hall unraveling. The entire office must know about this or if they don’t they do now. She also thinks she needs to talk to Alex, Kat doesn’t think that’s a good idea. As they are talking Adena walks up she is there for her lunch with Kat. Unfortunately Kat has to cancel her lunch and Adena is very understanding.

Katie Stevens. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Doing more research for her article Jane is now at a women’s shelter finding out more about the donations of the menstrual cups from OTR. She is surprised to find out that the cups have actually sent three of the women from the shelter to the hospital. The person she is talking to goes on to explain that the women living in the shelter don’t have the means to sterilize the cups properly between uses. “The intentions were good but these cups were made for women with privilege in mind not women who don’t have access to basic facilities.” Jane is still surprised by this and asks if they’ve communicated with OTR about this, as Emma didn’t say anything during their interview. Apparently Emma is well aware of the problem, yet never mentioned it. –This is not good, you can clearly tell Jane isn’t happy. Her vertical is relying on this article and I wouldn’t be happy either.–

Sutton and Alex are in the lobby of the building discussing the fact that they slept together has worked its way around the office. Sutton explains the Mitzi problem and how she thinks that’s the only reason he is giving Sutton the styling credits. Alex defends his decision that Sutton has the best eye. Sutton gets a call from one of Oliver’s clients, whom also asks for Sutton’s opinion while on the phone. Sutton suggests to Alex that maybe he shouldn’t always be choosing her for his shoots. Alex doesn’t agree but will oblige.

Jane returns to OTR to confront Emma about what she just found out. Emma goes to explain that when they learned about this they stopped donating the cups and are working to create a disposable cup that doesn’t need to be sanitized. Jane goes to remind her that they may not be donating them but they are advertising that they still are. Without the customers they currently have they can’t continue to move forward with their research to make their products better. Jane understands that but still isn’t okay with it, they are still covering up a huge safety issue. Emma tries to level with Jane about taking risks and sometimes you do what you have to, to move forward. They are working to fix the problem. Jane stops her phone from recording you can tell she is disappointed.

Nikohl Boosheri. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Kat returns to her apartment to Adena who has been missing Kat and cooked supper. Kat’s super excited to see her and is also wanting to take Adena out to a Scarlet party after they eat, Adena isn’t so sure. She hesitantly agrees to go to the event. Change of apartments Jane is on the couch plucking her eyebrows and Sutton is ready for the party trying to convince Jane to come along. Jane isn’t comfortable with going to a Scarlet party after the way her day was and her vertical launching the next day and having nothing written. “Please hand over the tweezers,” Sutton says after the mention of stress tweezing is brought up. –You know a friend cares when they have your eyebrows best interest at heart.–

Jane doesn’t want her first article to rip women down she wants to lift women up and this isn’t what she was expecting. Sutton doesn’t want to go to the party cause she doesn’t know what she is going to say to Richard just yet. Jane pours Sutton a glass of wine and have a little girl talk. Sutton wants to know how Jane knew she was making the right decision to leave Scarlet. “I didn’t,” she actually feels just like the opposite but she wants Sutton to break it down to her how she feels things will be with Richard. Sutton is afraid that if she goes on to have a relationship with him and becomes super successful it will be because of who she slept with not who she is as a person. Richard doesn’t have that problem he already has risen to the top, he doesn’t have anything to lose like she does. Jane puts it out there that although it’s not reassuring Sutton needs to decide what she is more willing to gamble with her career or her love life. In that moment Jane realizes that her article doesn’t have to be perfect like she wants it to be it just needs to be honest and show that Emma is moving forward and making the adjustments. Sutton reassures Jane that she made the right decision of going to Insight, at the last minute Jane decides she will go to the party and of course Sutton has the perfect dress waiting for her.

Katie Stevens & Meghann Fahy. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

The Scarlet Party, of course there are photographers and a red carpet entrance. Once inside Jane and Sutton head for the bar to get drinks before they are spotted. Jacqueline finds Kat and Adena, Adena thanks Jacqueline for her graciousness of giving Kat the time off she did. Jacqueline requests that Kat walk the red carpet for the digital audience. Adena is hesitant, that isn’t her thing. Kat joins Jacqueline but you can definitely tell she isn’t happy Adena didn’t join her. After the photos Kat asks Adena why she didn’t want to join Kat. Adena feels as if Kat is moving too fast and she isn’t comfortable with all the public “displays” that Kat is. Kat doesn’t agree with how Adena feels and right now the two of them are at odds with how they are moving. “But you aren’t ready to go down on me…” with those words from Adena, Sutton and Jane walk up and try to make a quick exit Kat tells them to stay. Adena realizes that this conversation would be better suited for back at the apartment and walks away.

Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Sutton has an idea so the three of them can talk, Jane and Kat follow her to the coat check counter. Sutton convinces the girl to allow them behind the counter for a while as bathrooms aren’t their thing closets are. –See fashion closet.– They head to the back of the coat closet. Kat words vomits because she is afraid that if she does it she might not be good at it or it might be weird or everything could change because of it. Jane reminds her that Adena and Kat are in love and one sex act isn’t going to break that and it doesn’t have to be perfect every time. Now that Kat is feeling better with the help of her girls she knows she needs to go find Adena.

Meghann Fahy, Rachel Antonoff, & Steven Conrad Moore. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

Out in the party Sutton finds Rachel the special guest of Oliver’s for the party. Rachel praises Sutton’s eye and Sutton tries to play it off. Oliver joins them and he mentions that everything is ready for the photoshoot. Once again Rachel sings Sutton’s praises and goes as far as saying if he isn’t careful she may try to poach her away from him one day. While they are talking Sutton gets a text from Richard and she excuses herself to go find him.

At the bar Jacqueline is ordering a drink and Jane comes up to find her, surprised to see Jane at the party. Jacqueline asks Jane about her article and how it is going. Replying that her vertical launches tomorrow Jacqueline is a bit surprised but also encourages that she must have made the right decision and that she looks forward to reading her piece. In a quiet room away from the rest of the guests Richard sits with a drink and Sutton joins him. Sutton explains to Richard why she can’t sign the agreement and why she can’t do this. Richard comes back with they have legal protection on their side. “A contract can’t protect a reputation,” Sutton replies. Richard doesn’t understand how Sutton is willing to walk away from someone that loves her over gossip from another assistant. She knows it’s all a gamble but she has to put everything down on her career that love will fall into place. He feels the opposite and Sutton feels that’s a problem. Richard can’t keep doing the secret meetings and the texts it’s hurting both of them. This time they both have to move on. “Goodbye Sutton,” Richard says and gets up from the table. –NOOOOOO!!!! This was one relationship I wanted to see work out. But hats off to Sutton for putting her career first, she finally has the job she’s worked towards she can’t risk losing that. Broken hearts everywhere.–

Kat returns from the party to find Adena on the couch reading a magazine. They have a heart to heart discussing the dynamics of their relationship. Kat confesses she is a little worried about the act not actually doing it. Adena encourages that it’s not about actually doing it but also the conversations and being upfront about things they are struggling with. After this conversation they are feeling better. By the end of the episode Kat gives Adena what she desires.

Busy back at her apartment Jane is typing away at her article. Feeling confident in the angle she has decided to take after the article she wanted to be able to write fell apart before it got started. Sutton is taking a cab home and you can tell she is still upset about her decision even tho it was the right one.  

The next morning Sutton is walking into the office and gets a text from Oliver to call him as soon as she is in. Opening her favorites to call him she hesitates and deletes Richard’s number, then dials Oliver and continues her walk in. Jane receives a call from Victoria her article has launched and it’s made the “slush” page. Jane is ecstatic. Victoria warns that she made a few adjustment and Jane understands. Opening her computer she immediately goes to check out the article. “Emma Cox: Bloody Fraud” my guess that isn’t the title that Jane used.

“Oh Shit.”
End Episode.


Thoughts and Feelings. Are you still with me, I sure hope so cause here are all my feelings and my love, because I LOVE this show.

Waiting for one of your favorite shows to return can feel like an eternity, that’s how it felt waiting for The Bold Type to return. Thankfully with social media it can help fill the gaps and get some sneak peaks during filming. Now this episode is a huge set up for where the rest of the season will go, we start the episode with Kat returning from her trip and ready to hit the ground running with the social media department. One of my favorite things about Kat is her confidence, she doesn’t take no for an answer and she is ready to fight for anything and anyone she believes in. Don’t be afraid to speak up even if you are in a board room filled with men who don’t like being told they are wrong.

At the end of season 1 we aren’t sure where Richard and Sutton’s future lies in means of their relationship. They were on a break but after the seminar we have hope. Kat may have made it awkward for Sutton but what are friends for if not for situations like this. They can finally be together. But then Mitzi Mitzi Mitzi has to open her mouth and cause Sutton to have to make so many difficult decisions. Hats off to her for putting her career first but that couldn’t be easy.

Tiny Jane. Who can’t relate to Jane going threw her career changes and questioning whether she made the right decision. I think we have all felt this way a time or two. Jane made a huge decision to go to Insight at the end of season 1 and although the style of magazine is different than Scarlet she is ready to take on the challenge. Her new boss Victoria seems a bit difficult to work for but she is up for the challenge and wanting to prove herself. Get it girl, you got this. Even after her subject matter for her article goes a bit sideways she finds a way to make it work. Until it blows up in her face a bit.

Jane, Sutton, and Kat are the best friends anyone could want. The show isn’t afraid to go there with relevant topics I can’t wait to see where season 2 takes us. Recap of episode two will be coming later this week.

If you love the show as much as I do please let me know.

Meghann Fahy, Katie Stevens, & Aisha Dee. Photo Credit: Freeform/Phillippe Bosse

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