TV Recap: The Bold Type – Never Walk Away From Love …

The Bold Type
“We’ll Always Have Paris” (Episode 210)
August 7, 2018

I’m finally doing this, recapping the season finale of The Bold Type. Even though I’ve watched the finale three times, putting words to computer for the recap was something I may have been avoiding a bit.

A few things about me, I almost didn’t go to my high school graduation because I wasn’t ready for it to be over. Because, to be graduating meant starting something new. Change and new are hard for me. Another example? I have three books that were sooo good that I didn’t read the end; maybe one day, but that day isn’t today.

When I really like something, I have a habit of avoiding the “end.” So, by not writing this recap then I don’t have to think about how I have to wait ten months before I can recap more episodes of TBT.

Alas, I can only put this off so long [Ed. Note: So long before her editor’s head explodes =)]; soon, Fall season premieres will begin. So, I’m pulling off the band aid and I’m recapping “We’ll Always Have Paris.”  I can do this, ten months isn’t so long. So now that you know a little more about me here …

Oh, wait. Catch up with what happened in the previous episode, “Trippin’” here.  Caught up? memory Jogged? Great! Without further adieu, let’s go to Paris….if you haven’t watched the finale yet you should know there are spoilers ahead.

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We begin the episode with Sutton and Kat joining Jane at her fertility clinic appointment. Jane’s ready to freeze her eggs and this is the first step she must take. While Jane goes and hands in her paperwork, Sutton and Kat are distracted by macaroons because, well fancy fertility clinic. The receptionist asks Jane for the initial $750 for her appointment, Jane is thrown off guard because prior to making the appointment she checked to make sure her insurance covered the clinic. Well, the insurance covers the clinic just not fertility treatments.

–ERRR, press the breaks. Here is part of where health insurance is screwed up. I could write a long drawn out article on this but, alas, I am not going to do that.  Jane will cover some of the reasons in the episode but health insurance doesn’t cover everything we need, even if it is medically necessary.–

Jane doesn’t have the money to pay for the appointment and goes to grab Kat and Sutton. Before ditching the clinic, they pour the contents of a tray of macaroons into Sutton’s bag and for good measure, Sutton grabs the tray on the receptionist’s desk because, why not.

Now at Scarlet, Jacqueline is holding a last department meeting before the Paris Fashion Week people (including Jacqueline) take off. She leaves the meeting reminding those who have to stay behind about who is in charge while she is away. As Sutton gets up, she thanks Oliver one more time for this gracious opportunity he has given her and how thankful she is of him for this. Oliver, without a blink, reminds Sutton that this is where assistants either shine or disappear.

–No pressure Sutton, no pressure.–

Before Oliver leaves Sutton to finish her tasks, he has one more request and asks her to send flowers to Richard. She asks, why? Richard’s father passed away from a heart attack. You can see it all over Sutton’s face that she feels sadness for Richard.

Cleo is back and is meeting with Jacqueline. She’s here to tell Jacqueline about the talk among the Board and how there is a chance they may remove her from being the digital editor.

–Whoa! Way to drop a bomb, Cleo.–

Jane is casually outside of Jacqueline’s office waiting for her to walk out so she can ask her about Stafford’s health insurance policy, and their lack of coverage for fertility treatments. Jacqueline is aware of them not covering it but unfortunately, even progressive companies are only now choosing to cover those treatments. And Stafford? Not progressive.

“But they made a hard push for Viagra.”

Jacqueline finds Jane’s response interesting. Jane found out that the only people who could change this is the Board and is wondering if Jacqueline could talk to them. Unfortunately, Jacqueline has to disappoint Jane because right now she isn’t in a position to proposition the Board after talking to Cleo.

Jane walks into the fashion department to talk to Sutton. We see she is holding a stack of papers — the things their insurance policy covers …

“Vasectomy…covered. Viagra…covered. Vagina…not covered. Don’t you think they’d make it a little less obvious.”

Sutton doesn’t give much of a response and Jane can immediately tell something is wrong; she asks Sutton what is going on? Sutton tells her about Richard’s dad passing.  Sutton brings up the wake being that night, Jane reminds Sutton that Paris is that night as well. Sutton feels she should be there as a friend and Jane agrees to go as moral support.

Kat and Adena are getting ready for the day at their apartment. Adena is telling Kat about the photo series she is working on and how excited she is to go to the studio to work on it.  Kat is a bit timid but reminds Adena she is leaving for Paris and wanted to spend time with her. Adena changes her mind about the studio and says she will hang out with Kat, but Kat tries to play it off that it’s okay for her to go to work. Adena gets a call while they are talking — it’s her immigration lawyer, she takes the call.

The lawyer is calling to let Adena know her immigration was approved. Kat asks what she has to do next. Basically, Adena has to leave the country and then re-enter. Adena says she could go to Canada but Kat instead suggests Paris. Adena agrees, she’ll go to Paris, “a chance for them to reset.”

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Sutton and Jane are walking into Richard’s Father’s wake; Jane reminds Sutton how they can’t stay very long. Once they walk in, Richard spots Sutton and he walks over.  Jane walks away so they can be alone. They hug and Sutton asks if Richard was able to talk to his dad before it happened? Unfortunately, he didn’t, they had just missed calls from each other but didn’t get a chance to talk before it happened. Richard’s girlfriend interrupts them saying Richard’s Uncle thinks it’s time for him to say a few words.

Sutton returns to Jane, Sutton is freaking because, “they are in the plural possessive phase,” talking about Richard and Jessica. Jane says it would probably be a good time to leave but before they can make it out the door Richard begins to talk. So they stay.

“… you hear it all the time life is short. Yet we don’t treat our lives with the attention they deserve. My father always knew what he wanted and he went after it like a shark. Never apologized, never worried what anyone else thought, but he always stayed true to himself. I admire my father for that, more than I realize. More..ah than I ever told him. Life is short we should, remember that and spend it with the people who make us feel truly alive.” 

“Is he talking to you?” Jane asks Sutton. “No he’s talking about Jessica,” Sutton replies and she is ready to leave, Sutton is ready to go to Paris.

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Camera pans over all the popular attractions beginning with the Eiffel Tower and ending with Sutton, Kat, and Adena walking into their hotel. Sutton is super excited about Paris and the hotel and every bit of Paris Fashion week. Oliver walks up to burst her bubble because there is so much for them to get done.  Sutton is immediately on Oliver’s tail and they are off. Jacqueline interrupts Kat and Adena because she needs to go over social media strategy for the Scarlet Party for PFW. Adena departs to go to their room. Jacqueline informs Kat how the party this year will be more than it has been in the past. This year, Board members and important people for the company will also be there and she is concerned because RSVPs are a little low. Kat reassures Jacqueline and let’s her know she will get the word out to celebs, models, and other social media influencers talking about the party. With that, Jacqueline and her assistant Andrew are off to their next thing.

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Back in New York, Jane is at her apartment with Ben discussing what she found out about the fertility clinic and not having coverage. She’s frustrated because it will cost her $12,000 from start to finish to have her eggs frozen and she’s well aware of how long it will take her to save that kind of money. This is something they want her to do now, not in 5 years when she finally has the money. Freezing her eggs is something Jane needs to do sooner rather than later. Up until now, Ben has been listening to Jane but he catches her off guard when he throws out an idea for how they can get around paying the $12,000 and get it covered …

Ben’s hospital has an egg freezing program for staff and family, Jane mentions how she’s not family. Ben is aware of this but the way around it is for them to sign up as domestic partners **Cue Jane’s jaw hitting the floor.** He assures her that they wouldn’t actually have to live together, they would just have to make it look like they do on paper. Jane is surprised by this and needs some time to think about it.

Paris. Kat, Oliver and Sutton are at a fitting for a designer. Kat’s trying to spread word about the Scarlet party and make sure models plan to be there; she’s denied right away by a model. Before she can change the model’s mind, Oliver snatches her phone out of her hand and deletes any of the photos she had taken as they are on a closed set. Kat is a bit frustrated because she doesn’t know how she can build hype and not use photos. Oliver calls on “Red” (aka Sutton) who is standing behind him ready to be called into action. Due to the closed set, Sutton has to take all of Oliver’s notes for outfits he likes and changes he’d like to see on pen and paper, “like in the old days.”

–Ping Pong … that’s a bit of what this recap will be like jumping between Paris and New York. If only they could all be in one place together.–

New York. Jane is waiting to get on the elevator and when the doors open you can guess who is already on said elevator. Did you guess Pinstripe cause it’s Pinstripe! He begins rambling about the weather and Jane asks him what he’s doing. “Well since you don’t want to talk about anything personal, I thought we could talk about the weather.”

–Reminder: The last time Jane and Pinstripe were together, he told Jane he was ready to settle down and be a boyfriend. Jane also reminded him she had a boyfriend to talk about personal things with. So, needless to say, things have been a bit awkward.–

Jane shocks Pinstripe by asking him if he really wants to know what is going on in her life … he does. She asks him how familiar he is with female fertility. Didn’t see that one coming, did you Pinstripe Or, is it Ryan now? I still like Pinstripe the best; I’ve always been one for code/nicknames.

Paris. Adena and Kat are walking together on the streets of Paris. A gentleman walks passed them, an old friend (Anthony Kavanagh) of Adena’s. She stops him to say ‘hi.” He is an art critic and friend. He mentions how he hasn’t seen any of her work lately. –awkward.– Adena explains how she’s been taking a bit of a break lately, but is working on something in New York. Eliat asks if she will be showing her pieces at Coco’s gallery but, unfortunately, no she won’t. With this, they depart and go their separate ways. As they are walking away, Kat mentions how Adena hasn’t had a show in a while and after a brief pause, asks Adena if it has anything to do with her? Adena doesn’t want to talk about it she just wants to enjoy fashion week.

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New York. Alex and Jane are at their desks working when Sage comes up and asks if they want to go wait in the standby line for Hamilton tickets? “I’m good with the soundtrack,” Jane replies. –I don’t know how she even utters those words. I can’t wait for Hamilton to come to our local performing arts center.–

Alex isn’t much of a musical theatre guy even though he works at a women’s magazine. Sage is surprised by their response but has gossip for them. “Spill it.” Sage spotted a well known jewelry designer in the building headed to Richard Hunter’s office. Rumor is, she was dropping off sketches for a rush job. Alex and Sage are yammering about what this might mean but Jane already knows what this might mean and is freaking out. Sage walks away and Jane asks Alex if he knows what it means for a jewelry designer going to Richard’s office? Alex doesn’t care. Jane makes a split second decision grabbing Alex’s arm and dragging him to the fashion closet.

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Kat and Sutton aren’t here to talk with her in the fashion closet so Jane settles for Alex. Jane is pacing in the closet and Alex is just standing there. Another reason why Jane pulled Alex in there is because he is the only other person at Scarlet who knows about Sutton and Richard’s past relationship. Alex thought it was over? Well yes, it is over but Jane thinks Sutton still has feelings for Richard. She also thinks she needs to tell Sutton. Alex agrees but Jane doesn’t want to ruin Paris for Sutton, her career is the reason she broke things off with Richard in the first place. So then Alex says don’t tell her, but Jane knows if she doesn’t tell Sutton, she’s denying Sutton the chance to tell Richard how she really feels. Alex was expecting the gossiping in the fashion closet to be more fun but there is a lot of pressure.

“This is why you don’t get invited.”

Paris and New York. Sutton is preparing herself a bath when her phone starts to ring, she sits down on the ledge and answers the call. “Bonjour from my bubble bath.” Jane asks Sutton if she has a minute cause she has to tell her something. She does as she’s reviewing her notes from the preview with Oliver earlier. Jane tells Sutton how she thinks Richard is getting engaged which results in Sutton freaking out and accidentally knocking the notebook into the bathtub. Now she has two things to freak out about.

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Sutton has to call Jane back because right now she needs that notebook. She pulls it out and everything is blurred.

–Ink and water aren’t friends.–

Kat tries to help Sutton try decode the pages. Sutton can’t believe this is happening to her, there is so much pressure with fashion week and impressing Oliver. On the “bright” side, her love life is rock solid … and by rock solid, she means in shambles. Sutton made the decision to chase her career and knows she needs to be okay with it. Kat brings up how Adena has stopped working and still feels it might be because of her.

New York. Pinstripe is at Jane’s door but she wasn’t expecting him. He is carrying a carton of eggs. Why you ask? Well, Pinstripe is there because he would like to help pay to freeze Jane’s eggs and then hands her the carton of eggs. Jane doesn’t know how to respond. Pinstripe goes onto explain that his book wouldn’t even be happening if it weren’t for Jane; she’s the one who pushed him to do it. So without her, he wouldn’t have written it. His advance is her advance. He likes her and he is ready to be in a relationship with her; he wasn’t ready before, but he is now. Jane once again reminds him she has a boyfriend. Pinstripe doesn’t care and reaches in and kisses her. On that note Jane asks him to leave and he understands.

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New York and Paris. “He just kissed you holding a carton of eggs,” Kat asks Jane via video chat? Sutton and Kat are together on a video call with Jane in Sutton’s hotel room talking about what has happened that day. They want to know which/who option Jane is going to choose for freezing her eggs.

Jane weighs both sides of Ben and Ryan, but she still doesn’t know who she is going to pick.  Jane wishes they were there to help her with this. Kat then says well maybe, Jane needs to come to Paris. Jane reminds them she can’t afford to pay for her fertility appointment … how is she going to afford an airline ticket? But wait, she doesn’t have to because Kat has a ton of airline miles to use. While Sutton mentions how she slept with a pilot once, Kat reaches for a tablet and books Jane a ticket to Paris. They want her there too. 

–Jane is going to Paris and they get to all be together. I mean we had to know this is where the episode was headed but still … The Feels! —

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Kat is on the phone with a publicist trying to get someone to agree to go to the Scarlet party; she spots Coco at a cafe as she hangs up the phone. Kat thanks Coco for agreeing to meet with her then apologizes for how things ended with Adena and her. It wasn’t her intention for things to go that way. Coco isn’t phased by it anymore and let’s Kat know she can let it go. Then Kat goes onto ask Coco if the break up has anything to do with why she won’t allow Adena to show her work with her anymore? This shocks Coco because this isn’t the case at all. Coco would love to show Adena’s work but she doesn’t have any to show.

Now Kat is surprised, she asks Coco if this is unusual for Adena? It is, Coco confirms. She’s talked to Adena about her work and apparently hasn’t produced anything she is proud of since she has been in New York (aka since she’s been with Kat).

–Not what Kat was looking to hear and a blow to her in the sense that now she knows she is the reason Adena hasn’t been producing anything.–

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Now in the hotel lobby, Kat and Jane are toasting to Jane being in Paris. Before Jane has a chance to speak, Kat asks if Jane thought about Ben or Ryan and what she is going to do while she was on her flight. Jane could only think about “WWNED” (What Would Nora Ephron Do) while she was on the flight. She continues that Nora wouldn’t be worrying about the men in her life, she would be worrying about her career. She has decided she’s going to work on her article and her health insurance dilemma, and go from there.

Health insurance and Safford is what she is writing for her article, she knows the hard part is going to be convincing Jacqueline to run it. Kat just asks her to wait to talk to Jacqueline until after she comes up with a plan getting attendance up for the party.

As they are finishing up, Sutton spots them as she is headed out. Jane gets up to hug Sutton who takes Jane’s flute of champagne and slams it. Sutton shares with the girls how she is headed with Oliver to meet with the designer to go over the outfit notes Oliver had made, and how she needs to try to remember everything he said verbatim or her career is over.

With that, Oliver rushes passed and Sutton follows him. Jane sits back down with jealous vibes of Sutton and Kat’s day yesterday and wishing she could have been there. Kat mentions how she could share pictures with her but there aren’t any. At that, you see the gears turning in Kat’s head.

–What idea are you cooking up Kat?–

Sutton is chasing after Oliver, headed to their waiting car. As he is going to get in the car, Sutton reminds Oliver of the time he called them teammates and informs him of the incident with dropping the notebook in the bathtub. She reassures him it will all be fine. He hopes so, “because players get traded all the time.”

Jacqueline is clad in a purple pants suit as she walks through the hotel’s lobby when Kat stops her. Kat prefaces her party attendance idea pitch with the warning that it’ll be a bit of a risk. Kat reminds Jacqueline of the designer Vivian, and how she is known for having a bit of a mystique about her to which Jacqueline responds with the fact of Vivian not allowing photos to be taken. Good, she is on the same page as Kat. Her plan for the party is to do a social media blackout.

Jacqueline is surprised by this idea since it is coming from their social media director. Kat thinks it will work because the mystery of what the party holds will draw guests in and they’ll be sure to please all the guests. They’ll want to attend just to find out what happened. Jacqueline leaves it in Kat’s hands …  if she thinks it will work, then she is all for it. She does remind Kat, however, that there is a lot riding on this party, so whatever she does it has to work.

Zoom in on Sutton freaking out trying to remember everything from the day before. While Sutton is trying to remember, Oliver tries to create conversation and with that, it all comes flooding back to her. She heads over to the clothing racks and begins commenting on each of the pieces with the reasoning why. Then, she pulls a black and gold metallic dress off the rack, the same dress Oliver denied the day before. Oliver knows he didn’t choose this dress as they aren’t using metallics this season. Sutton confidently replies with why they should be using the dress and how it would be an unexpected choice. To which Oliver rethinks his choice and keeps going. Sutton did it.

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Sutton is sitting on a couch in the room when Oliver praises her for pulling it off from memory as well as her ballsy move in adding in the metallic dress. She notes how she is good at this and Oliver agrees as he sits down with her. He asks her why she doesn’t seem more excited? Sutton breaks down a bit; she shares how Paris is the most amazing thing to ever happen to her but she is sad because she can’t share this with the one she loves. Because she broke up with him. Oliver asks why she did that and she reveals how they too work for Safford. Oliver asks if it was Alex? Sutton replies no and then informs him of it being Richard Hunter.

Oliver is surprised but understands. Sutton goes onto explain how her time with Richard was perfect and life with him was everything they ever could have wanted. Again, Oliver asks why she broke up with him? She explains how she broke up with him because she didn’t want anyone in fashion questioning her career and where she goes because of who she dates. She realizes it could have been a crazy decision to break up with him. Oliver assures her it was a smart decision. He also tells Sutton her talent is undeniable and tells her to go to Richard. She would but he’s in New York.

Oliver reminds her there are these things called airplanes but, she can’t just leave, she says.

“I’m telling you to. Never walk away from love. No white on labor day and never walk away from love.”

Sutton thanks him and gets up to leave. Before she gets too far, she turns around and comes back to give Oliver a hug.

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Once again we are in the lobby of the hotel, and Jacqueline is meeting Jane. Jacqueline is surprised to find Jane  in the hotel lobby in Paris and Jane explains that Kat used points she had saved. Jacqueline commends Jane for her article and how she made some really great points. Unfortunately, right now she can’t run the article. It’s a hard article for her to sit this one out on. Jane comments on how it sucks; she doesn’t say it to change Jacqueline’s mind … just that it all just sucks.

Up in their room, Adena enters excited that the next day she will be able to get her Visa. Kat is working on her computer when she closes it and starts explaining to Adena what she did earlier in the day. She goes on to tell Adena how she went to go see Coco. Adena isn’t happy. Kat defends herself because she did this trying to clear things up between Adena and Coco, but now knows she’s the real reason Adena isn’t making anything.

Adena explains how she may not have any new work because she is stuck. She also explains how her relationship with Coco was very different than her relationship with Kat. She had more freedom.  Kat realizes how Adena started creating again when they opened up their relationship to see other people.  Kat comments on how crappy it makes her feel finding out she’s basically the opposite of a muse. They don’t know what they are going to do but she knows she has to get ready for the party. Kat gets up and goes in the bathroom trying to get ready but breaks down in tears. She wants to be all in with Adena but knows this probably won’t be the outcome.

Outside the hotel, Sutton is pulling her suitcase joined by Jane. Sutton asks Jane if she thinks it’s a bad idea for her to go back to New York? Jane assures her she is making the right decision because even if Richard isn’t on the same page as Sutton, she will have done everything she could.

Before Sutton gets in the taxi,Jane stops her — they haven’t taken their Paris selfie and now she’s leaving. Sutton is sad because Kat isn’t there with them. Jane holds up the camera but comments on how her arms are too short.

**Note:  Car door slam in the background and someone walking up to the hotel.**

Sutton takes the camera and they smile for their Paris selfie. While she is taking the picture we hear someone say, “do you need me to take that?” This someone is Richard Hunter. Sutton quickly turns around and can’t believe he is there.

Jane backs up to give them their space. Sutton mentions how he is there, he asks her if she was going somewhere? She was … to see him. He mentions how he is there for her and Sutton asks about Jessica. Richard tells Sutton there is no more Jessica … it’s always been her.

Background music begins to play and Richard and Sutton embrace each other.


Not weird at all for Jane who is just standing there and excuses herself to go inside. After they separate, Richard asks what Sutton is thinking. She tells him how she thought them being together would get in the way with her career when in fact it was Sutton who was getting in her own way because she didn’t believe in herself. Now she does and now she knows she can have both things.

“I’ve always believed in you.”

They kiss in public again.

Jacqueline is in the lobby reading Jane’s article one more time when she is joined by Andrew. He lets her know her outfit is ready for her in her room and it’s perfection. Jacqueline asks him about the RSVP’s for the party and he informs her with a party with a blackout there are no RSVP’s. Andrew tells Jacqueline how he thinks the blackout for the party is really cool. “If you are going to go down, go down swinging,” he says, then inserts his foot in his mouth and basically runs away.

In the last second before she gets up she posts Jane’s article saying “screw it” as she hits the button to make it live. Jane is all ready for the party when she gets an alert on her phone showing her article had been posted. She’s happy because it’s posted. She then gets two more alerts a text from Ben and a text from Pinstripe; she’s quickly reminded of the decision she has to make.

Kat is ready for the party and comes out to find Adena but she isn’t there. She too gets an alert … this one is from Adena; she needed to go for a walk and talk. Sutton is getting into her dress and Richard helps her with the zipper. Sutton notices Richard’s new cufflinks. He tells her they were made from his dad’s class rings. Light bulb to the jewelry designer he had met with in New York, which started this spiraling of Sutton realizing her real feelings for Richard. Sutton asks Richard if he is ready to walk into this party together? As they are about to leave for the party, Richard gets an email that shocks him … he’s just received a short list of applicants to replace Jacqueline.

On the red carpet, Jane is asking Kat if she think Adena will come? She isn’t sure, she hasn’t heard from her. Jacqueline walks up and congratulates Kat on her gamble paying off for the party. Kat replies, “everyone just wants to feel like they are apart of something special.”

–So true Kat so true.–

Jane thanks Jacqueline for publishing her article; she knows what this means for both of them. Jacqueline is ready to take the heat if they want to punish her for taking this risk. Jacqueline excuses herself to check her phone in (no phones in a blackout party), and head into the party. In a limo, Sutton and Richard are ready to make their first public appearance together. Oliver turns and sees them and nods. Sutton is all smiles. Kat and Jane are waiting for her in the distance.

Jane is looking at her phone and Kat asks if this has to do with the egg situation? Kat helps Jane break it down. If Jane were to get good news, who would she want to tell? In that moment, Jane knows who she’s going to pick. Of course she doesn’t tell us and then turns her phone into the phone check guy. Richard and Sutton walk up and Jane lets Richard know they approve. Kat gets a message and Sutton asks if she’s okay? She doesn’t really respond. Sutton asks Richard if she can meet him inside, he says yes and walks away.

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Kat received a message from Adena. She isn’t coming and she needs more space to be creative. Being with Kat is limiting her. Kat wants to be inspiring, so who is she to say no to Adena? Kat is on the verge of tears when Jane says she is inspiring but Kat doesn’t agree.

Jane goes on with how Kat inspires her as a writer and without her, she wouldn’t ever take any risks. Sutton chimes in reminding Kat of the party they are at; the party that had to work and it does because of her. On that note, Kat begins to smile. She can do this because she has her best friends there. Walking the red carpet, Jane realizes they never took their Paris Selfie but they turned their phones in. But wait! Kat hasn’t yet so they get their selfie.

Arm in arm, the trio walks into the party.

Photo: Freeform

And scene.

Runs to find Kleenex and be filled with the Bold Type happiness …

I’m going to keep my feelings for The Bold Type season finale brief or at least I’m going to try to. I’ve said it before, I love this show.  I will admit it right away, the finale was a bit predictable.

There was no way the season finale was going to leave Jane in New York for the entire episode. There was no way, and I’m glad she didn’t. They needed to be together. Sutton, Jane, and Kat are always there for each other. The three of them were having to make some really hard decisions and the only way they could do this was to be with their girls. So, I’m glad Kat had extra air miles saved up and was able to get Jane there. But I do have to ask just how many miles does Kat have saved up?!? And can I borrow some? Please and thank you.

Anyways, I didn’t see Pinstripe showing up with a carton of eggs and offering to pay for Jane’s egg freezing. This one shocked me but I am here for it. The episode ended and we don’t know who Jane decided she wants to be with. We’ll have to wait for season 3 for those answers but I am rooting for Pinstripe. Maybe by season 3, I will be able to call him Ryan.

Kat was hit with a ball from left field, she didn’t see herself as a road block for Adena. She has come so far finding who she is and identifying herself, she never thought she’d be an impediment to Adena’s work. For now, they are giving each other space … maybe in season 3, they’ll mend fences but I personally hope Kat finds someone who, like she said, is inspired by her. Kat deserves happiness and I hope she has a new love interest for season 3. Don’t get me wrong I love Adena, but I don’t think they are meant for each other.

Sutton and Richard … About Damn Time!! I wasn’t prepared for Oliver to send Sutton back to New York and Richard already being in Paris, but thank goodness for Hollywood magic!  If that timing had been off, well that would have been unfortunate. I’m so glad they are back together. This is the relationship that I wanted all season but they definitely needed their time apart. Richard and Sutton both grew when they weren’t together and when the time was right, made their way back to each other. Like I said … finally!

The Bold Type is always willing to touch the grey areas. In Season 1, they did just that and they set their own bar for Season 2. I think they did well. Needless to say, the bar has been set even higher for Season 3. I have no doubts they will succeed.

We need role models like Jane, Sutton, and Kat on TV. And Jacqueline, Oliver, and Richard are role models as well. The show handles the topics other shows aren’t willing to cover and always has a message of empowerment. I may be nearly a month late with this recap of the finale but I am happy I finally sat down to finish. Fingers crossed, we find out The Bold Type will have a longer season than the last two. They are already filming, so who knows. Until then, keep watching and sharing your love with others.

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