TV Recap: The Bold Type – “Fromage”

The Bold Type
“Trippin” (Episode 209)
July 31, 2018

As I sit here to reflect on last week’s episode before diving into this week’s episode, I turned to Dagny’s version of Landslide and am immediately filled with a warm fuzzy feeling. I want to touch on the use of background music in each episode bringing us new artists and remakes of classics. Each week I am reminded of all the reasons I became a fan last Summer; most importantly, the show is super relatable.

Before reading any further, make sure you are caught up on last week’s action with my deep dive recap & review here.  All done? Good.  Let’s dive into tonight’s episode which leads us to our first ever run in with the infamous Babs Brady. As always spoilers ahead.

We start with the girls in the fashion closet, going through the process us ladies like to call, “practice packing,” because if there is anything we aren’t great at, it would be packing for a trip. Now I’ve never attended Fashion Week nor will I…yup, nope, probs not…. but I have a feeling there is probably higher expectations for attire. When Jane mentions the idea of packing a second suitcase Sutton chimes in with how Oliver said if she has a second suitcase he’ll leave her at baggage claim. With one more pair of pink heels thrown in on top, Kat and Sutton flip the lid and try to get it zipped they are nearly there when Jane tells them to clear the way and plops her bum on top and they are able to get it zipped. Remember this is practice packing, they are going to have to do this all over again before Sutton leaves for Fashion Week. Only one thing left for them to do is snap a quick picture for Sutton’s passport and they are done in the fashion closet. “Say ‘Fromage’,” Jane yells before Kat snaps the picture, Sutton does with a huge smile on her face. 

THE BOLD TYPE – “Trippin'” -(Freeform/Philippe Bosse) MEGHANN FAHY, KATIE STEVENS, AISHA DEE

As they are walking with Sutton to the travel department to deliver her passport application, they stop to look at the photos, girls sent to Kat while she’s in her open relationship with Adena. We don’t actually see the photos but from the comments we pretty much get the idea. Kat asks how things are going with Ben; Jane let’s them know it’s awkward since he knows the medical side of what she is going through, which makes her anxiety go crazy. Sutton walks away and Kat gets an alert on her phone about an article that went out about Jacqueline maybe being too “old” for the “now generation.”

In a department leads meeting, everyone is looking at their devices (besides Kat) as Jacqueline walks in. “Happy website relaunch day everyone,” she says as she enters, quickly taking note that their attention is elsewhere. Jacqueline addresses the article right away and is honest with them. As Jacqueline puts it, she underwent worse sniper fire when she was a journalist in her formative years, she can handle whatever backlash this article will bring. Jacqueline checks with Kat to make sure she has everything handled for the launch later in the day…she even has a Snapchat filter ready to go. She then drops a bomb on the department heads that going forward, she is eliminating comments from stories posted on the website. Kat doesn’t agree with Jacqueline’s decision on this matter. Jacqueline thinks trolls have too much of an impact on posts, Kat fights the ability to remove the negative comments but before she can say more, Jacqueline squashes it. Commenting is gone from the site, Kat listens but doesn’t agree.

Kat exits the meeting and texts Adena wanting to know if they can get together so she can talk about what happened. As she finishes her text, Richard (or “Mr. Hunter”) walks by and Kat takes the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. After a bit of friendly banter, she drops in wanting Richard’s opinion on the removal of the commenting from the website.  Richard trusts Jacqueline decision. Before ending the conversation, Kat adds in listing all of what Jacqueline has on her plate right now and the comment from the Times and not being able to afford mistakes. Richard takes notice.

Jane meets Ben for coffee, he is really sorry for how things went over the other night when Jane told him about her BRCA1  status. To make up for it, he wanted to be able to help her with her decision and helped in the only way he knew how. Research, one thing doctors know how to do is research, and he hands her a bound book of her options for treatment, fertility, and other things. Jane doesn’t exactly know what to say, Ben realizes it’s a lot for her to take in but he wants her to be fully informed. Jane returns to Scarlet and is sitting at her desk “looking” at the info Ben gave her. When Jacqueline walks by, she quickly closes the cover. Jacqueline stops to ask if Jane would want to contribute a lighter piece to the .com to help with the launch. Jane loves the idea of a lighter piece and pitches “Fun Things To Do When You Just Can’t Anymore…” Jacqueline doesn’t argue it and gives her the story. Jane is surprised at how easy it was.

Sutton is in the fashion department sending outfits which need to be packed before Oliver is back. Leslie from the travel department comes by to let Sutton know she needs Sutton’s original birth certificate in order to file for her passport and she needs it by the following morning. Sutton doesn’t have it but she has to get it. Outside the office building with Kat, she tries to contact the hospital and vital records can’t get it for her for two weeks. Kat drops the obvious option of which is maybe Babs can help Sutton out, to which Sutton quickly denies there is no way drunken Babs Brady will be able to help. Kat gets a text from Andrew, Jacqueline’s assistant, “she wants to see me now.” –eeeeeek—


In Jacqueline’s office, Jacqueline is talking to Kat because, to Jacqueline’s knowledge, she thought she made her position over the comments on the website perfectly clear earlier in the day. Jacqueline wants to know why Kat went around her to Richard, she doesn’t really give Kat the opportunity to explain she only allows her to apologize for the action. Jacqueline reminds Kat how fragile things are and it would help if she didn’t question the decisions she makes.

–Something is up with Jacqueline she has her guard up. Normally, she would be super receptive of Kat’s opinion but on this one she wants nothing to do with it.–

Jane interrupts Alex to get his opinion for her article on which place he would rather go: Iceland, Burning Man, or making pizza in Naples. He gives his own take… “backpacking in Iceland where I would learn to make pizza over an open flame.” Which results in him getting an idea for another article. After a text from Ben, Jane excuses herself so she can go do a “deep dive into her fertility.” Alex tries to be supportive but admit it, he’s probably super confused.

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

Jane grabs her things and heads for the elevator, when the doors open Pinstripe is there. “Going Down?,” Pinstripe says instead of a hello. Jane asks what he’s doing there and he cracks another joke about riding elevators all day waiting for her to get in. –Pinstripe misses Jane.– After neither of them want to explain what they are doing there, Jane asks where Pinstripe is headed. He doesn’t have plans besides to get a beer, Jane invites herself along. Ben texts Jane to find out if she’s read the information he gave her yet — she lies and says she’s in a meeting all day. “Let’s go Sloan,” Pinstripe calls and Jane follows him.

We now have the return of Adena, where she is meeting with Kat to talk about what Kat is going through with Jacqueline. Kat is still worried about Jacqueline’s decision to remove the comments and is frustrated with the situation. Adena reminds Kat about since she has moved up in her position at Scarlet she is going to have to be more careful in her actions…more strategic vs impulsive. Kat understands where Adena is coming from. She has to return to Scarlet for the website relaunch. Adena is going to finish a walk through of the second half of an art exhibit, Kat mentioned wanting to see the first half with her but had a date. Kat is realizing she would rather have been with Adena than on her date. They say goodbye and Kat returns to Scarlet.

At the bar, Jane and Pinstripe are drinking martinis and Pinstripe is reviewing Jane’s list of “things to-do when you just can’t” and giving his opinion. Jane is oddly shoving an obscene amount of olives in her mouth….13 to be exact. Apparently some sort of record, after Pinstripe comments on why she is being a bit off her normal self, she spits the olives back into her glass. “Why do I need a reason to do anything, why can’t I just live in the moment…” Jane says and couldn’t agree more. Pinstripe still feels something is off with Jane after she orders two more drinks, she pulls out how Pinstripe calls her Jane instead of serious. Which should be noted because he’s being serious and on that note she calls him Ryan and he asks the waitress for 14 olives because he’s going to break a record.

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

Return to Scarlet and the Scarlet staff are holding champagne and awaiting a countdown for the websites relaunch. Richard finds Sutton because she contacted him to find out if he had a connection for a last effort to be able to get her birth certificate. Unfortunately his connection retired the year before. Sutton will have to pull out her last resort and head to Harrisburg. Jacqueline comes up and asks Richard after a friend she sent his way, who is a realtor. Sutton learns things around moving forward with his relationship. –You can see her disappointment and heartache all over her face. We feel you Sutton.– Jane returns from her day drinking buzzed and just in time for the website to go live. “That was about as eventful as Y2K” Alex throws in as everyone goes back to their everyday lives at work. Sutton grabs Kat and then fills Jane in on the plan for the road trip. Sutton calls Jane out for being drunk.

Sutton the speedster is trying to get to Pennsylvania as fast as they can. Traditional road trip telling it like it is and Jane being a little over sharing because she’s still drunk. She’s trying to figure out love and isn’t sure what to do. After a fueling stop, Sutton drops the bomb about finding out about Richard’s apartment and his relationship becoming more serious. To change the mood, Jane puts on music and turns it up —No Rules by Dua Lipa is the perfect song for the occasion. Jane is in need of gum and searches the glove box and finds a vape which I might add happens to be Kat’s parents. –aca-awkward–

It’s dark by the time they pull into “Casa Brady” which appears to be dark. Kat asks the obvious question of how they are going to get inside. Sutton’s plan to use the spare key and get in and get out without Babs ever knowing they were there. For her part, Babs should be at the bowling alley, throwing back gin & tonics.  One problem? Sutton checks under the mat for the spare key and nothing, it’s not there. The still drunk, and now a bit high, Jane has a wonderful idea to break into the house. No one is on board for her idea.

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

They head to Dicey Riley’s and look for Babs who will be in later. Jane gets shots for everyone, well, not Sutton cause … responsible driver. A friend from Sutton’s past walks up they get a bit reacquainted. Billy excuses himself to begin a sound check for his band and mentions they have a mic open for Sutton but Jane takes the opportunity for herself and heads on stage for a rendition of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

–If you didn’t know, Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, was a contestant on American Idol. This is her genuine voice and I love the writers giving her the opportunity to showcase it.–

Kat and Sutton are Jane’s number one fans and Kat comments how she loves when Jane is drunk and high and avoiding her life’s problems. “It’s good on a road trip,” Sutton adds.

Kat and Sutton watch the waitress brings Kat two shots (one for Kat, one for herself) and comments on Jane’s singing voice. The waitress is clearly hitting on Kat and well a bit awkward you can clearly tell Kat is loving it. Jane is rocking the stage and everything about the moment. “Thank you New York…Harrisburg,” Jane yells as she finishes. The waitress comes up and taps Sutton on the shoulder — her mom has arrived. Its a little bit awkward as you can tell they haven’t seen each other in a while. Sutton immediately asks when her mom started working at the bar and jumps to the conclusion she’s able to get free drinks because of it. Things aren’t really getting off to a great start.


Sutton’s mom is excited to see Sutton but Sutton isn’t as receptive. Jane is surprised that Babs knows who they are but then again, she is a bit inebriated. Babs asks them to find a table because her shift is about to start and even offers to buy them a meal. Jane is all for this but Sutton is not. Sutton just wants her birth certificate and to go back to Manhattan. Kat is surprised because Babs isn’t anything like the person she expected to meet, she almost seems normal in comparison to the person Sutton is always describing to them. Sutton warns that within a few hours her mom will be a completely different person. Kat wants Sutton to be a little bit more receptive but Sutton won’t let her guard down because she’s been hurt by Babs time and time again.

Kat plays a game of pool with the waitress, Michelle, from earlier. As a typical flirt tactic, Kat botches hitting the cue ball and Michelle comes around to show her how it’s done. Kat calls her on the way Michelle helps but totally approves. Next thing you know they are making out. Jane finds the jukebox and is dancing. Sutton is on her own at a table. Michelle asks Kat if she wants to get out of there for a little bit but before she goes, she checks her phone which she had been away from while playing pool. She finds a plethora of comments about fans of Scarlet being upset about the comment option being removed from the site, this was their favorite part connecting with other readers. Kat and Jane talk about it at the bar, Kat realizes in the stressful moment, she doesn’t want sex with a stranger.

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse) RYA KIHLSTEDT, MEGHANN FAHY

Babs sits down with Sutton and apologizes for not being able to chat sooner; she can’t slack off as she’s only just started working there. Babs asks why Sutton is in such a rush for her passport and Sutton explains how it’s time sensitive and next week she will be going to Fashion Week for work. Babs is so excited for Sutton and asks what she is going to be doing there? Sutton responds with a snarky sarcastic ‘tude. “You always said you were going to go to Paris,” Babs replies, trying to not feed into Sutton’s attitude. Sutton remarks how she is surprised her mom remembers anything Sutton said when she was younger, knowing she was always in a drunken stupor or nursing a serious hangover. Babs informs Sutton that she is sober now and she is going to school to get her nursing degree. She wants Sutton to stay a little longer so she can talk to her about it. Sutton isn’t having it, to her nothing has changed. In Sutton’s mind, Harrisburg is exactly the same, her mom will fall off the wagon, and all that she wants is the key so she can return to Manhattan.

The Brady Residence. Before they are able to turn on the lights, Sutton apologizes for whatever state the house may be in including but not limited to rodents and dirty dishes all over. Except, when they turn on the lights, to Sutton’s surprise, everything is order — the house she always knew growing up has changed. Sutton chalks it up to the idea of a boyfriend maybe coming over. She checks the one place where she thinks her birth certificate might be but finds “to go” menus instead. Kat stops Sutton to have her call her mom and asks her if there is a possibility her mom could actually have changed. Sutton can’t have it because no matter how many times her mom has changed, her Mom always went back to the way she used to be so she just stopped hoping her mom has changed. Babs calls and let’s Sutton know her birth certificate is in a box under the couch. Sutton finds it and is happy. “She finally did something to make herself useful.”

Kat tries to convince Sutton one last time to go back to the bar and talk with Babs — it’s on their way home. Sutton doesn’t want to, she can’t let her guard down. “At least you have a mom,” Jane, who has been silent until now, blurts out.

–I’m proud of Jane in this moment to make Sutton realize this. There have been many times I’ve wanted to say this to friends. Nothing is harder than seeing a friend “bully” a parent and not appreciate the fact they have them.–  

She apologizes for saying it but she wants Sutton to realize she may not have another opportunity to make things better with her. Sutton is afraid of getting her hopes up again. Kat reminds Sutton she has Jane and herself this time so this time she can and, if it ends badly, they’ll be there for her because that’s what best friends are for.

Sutton reluctantly returns to Dicey Riley’s. Jane and Kat encourage her to go talk to Babs, who is surprised to see her. Sutton asks her to sit and asks what it is she wanted to say to Sutton. Babs go on to explain, seven months ago she woke up from a typical Babs bender and was wasting the day away. She was on Instagram and found a picture of Sutton with Kat and Jane at a little restaurant on Houston Street having margaritas and they were happy. She found herself wondering why Sutton was happy and realized she would never be able to know why Sutton was happy if she didn’t get her life together. So, she picked herself up and went to an AA meeting and has been going every day, twice a day, ever since. “So you stopped drinking because you saw me drinking?” Sutton asks.


Babs wants to be a part of Sutton’s life and she gives her the permission to call bullshit. Sutton doesn’t know how to trust her since all those years growing up, when she needed a mom, Babs was a mess and now when Sutton is gone, Babs has changed. Babs understands Sutton’s reservations — all she asks is for Sutton to call and check in on her to make sure she is true to her word. Sutton agrees, she is able to do that. With a giggle, Sutton corrects Babs the street is pronounced “House-ton.” Babs smiles and tells Sutton she’s so happy she had to come there that night.

In another part of the bar, Kat asks Jane to dance, not awkward at all. Jane says yes and now they are dancing in the bar alone. Resting her forehead on Kat’s cheek Jane goes on to tell Kat about how she just wants things to be normal and not have to deal with having BRCA, but it’s not and she does. She realizes there is no normal; Sutton spent her teenage years sleeping in a van and she just needs to face this. They are interrupted by a phone call, Jacqueline is calling Kat – she steps away. Jacqueline knows Kat has already seen the backlash of her decision but thanks her for not commenting. Kat didn’t want to misrepresent the brand. Jacqueline also owns that she made a wrong decision and should have listened to Kat when she tried to argue it. She asks what Kat would do in her position to fix this. Kat encourages Jacqueline to acknowledge her mistake and reopen the lines of communication. Jacqueline thanks Kat and lets her know there will be a team meeting in the morning. Kat hangs up and returns to dancing with Jane. This time Kat confesses to Jane that she’s decided she is done with open relationships. Jane asks how she came to this conclusion? Kat misses Adena, being able to talk to her whenever she wants. She doesn’t know if Adena feels the same but knows she will have to tell Adena how she really feels. “So does that mean I will be the last person to rest my head on your boobs before Adena,” Jane comments.  “Hashtag blessed,” Kat responds, resting her chin on Jane’s forehead and Jane’s head.

–Remember … Tiny Jane.–

“Aww this is cute, can we go home now?” Sutton  interrupts ready to return to the city. As she turns to head out with Jane and Kat following, Billy stops her. He is sad she’s headed out already, he wanted to introduce Sutton to his wife. Sutton is shocked to learn he has a wife. She’s really happy for him. He encourages her how Babs in fact has changed. Sutton thanks him. Before going, he comments on Sutton’s hotness and Sutton laughs adding a, “Bye Billy.” Back in the car and they are finally headed back to the city. Jane is in the backseat, reading the book of information Ben gave her. Kat leans over and asks Sutton how she is doing? “I’m glad I went home,” she responds. Kat is happy they did too, they all need a little time away from the city.

The next morning, looking a bit like a hot mess Sutton marches into Leslie’s office and hands Leslie everything she needs for her passport. Except wait, the amazing picture they took earlier in the episode is now missing. Leslie offers to take one now getting up from her desk and placing in front of the wall. Sutton asks how she looks? Afraid to tell Sutton her hair is a mess she just responds with, “someone who’s going to Paris” with a huge smile. Leslie returns to her desk and hands Kat her ticket for Fashion Week. Sutton is surprised to find out Kat’s going to Paris too. “I’ve always been going.” They share their excitement. Jane steps away from Ben and asks if he can meet her.

Now at a bar sitting with Ben, she tells him about their road trip to Harrisburg. Ben comments how it sounds like they must have had a good time. Jane says they did and how she had to write the article on “Things to do when you just can’t anymore,” on her phone on the way home. Which Ben responds with, “in other words, ‘Things to do when you just can’t read your boyfriend’s boring medical research.’” Jane comments how there wasn’t a direct correlation and apologizes she didn’t fully appreciate what he did for her, but she has come to a conclusion. She has decided she’s going to freeze her eggs. Ben has to return to work soon but before he goes, he has a suggestion for something he’s always wanted to try which could also be added to Jane’s list. He then looks at the establishment’s bathroom with a smile. “What if we get caught?” Jane asks and Ben is all for it even if they were to get caught.

Kat’s at her apartment talking to Adena. She doesn’t want the open relationship anymore — she misses Adena and wants to spend their time together, growing their relationship. Adena wants this too — she’s also missed Kat. Kat comments on Adena’s project she’s been spending all of her time and the studio on and how beautiful it is. Kat asks Adena if she wants to get breakfast after she gets out of the shower? Unfortunately, Adena wants to return to her studio right away. She wants to keep the momentum going. Kat says she understands but from her actions and facial expression, I think she is a bit upset Adena can’t wait.

In her office at Scarlet, Jacqueline is scrolling through her article’a title, I See You, which would be the one she wrote to her readers acknowledging her mistake in removing the comments from the digital site. Richard walks in and comments on the eloquent way she handled the situation. He also has a bit of bad news — there still hasn’t been a bump in traffic on the digital site. He goes on, there are people out there who are wondering if Jacqueline isn’t as connected with what Scarlet really needs — following the article in the New York Times and her mistake with removing the comments section. Jacqueline responds that it’s still early for a bump on the digital site, it’s only been 24 hours and then asks for clarification on whether “out there” is really code for the Board. Richard reminds Jacqueline he will always have her back and will let her know if he hears anything else.

Jane is on the street trying to hail a cab and two drive by her and she gets mouthy. Of course in that moment, Pinstripe walks up surprised to find her there. She works in midtown, she wants to know his excuse, commenting on him possibly now being a messenger boy since he now has a package tucked under his arm. Pinstripe laughs and explains he submitted his book proposal to some of Safford’s publishers and didn’t want to say anything until he got word back. Jane assumes it must be good news if he is smiling. Yes, it’s good news — they want to publish it. Pinstripe goes on to let Jane know that without her push for him to write it, he probably wouldn’t have. “Oh please,” Jane responds laughing and Pinstripe responds that now he won’t include her in the acknowledgements. Jane wants him too, they are both smiling — there is an obvious moment. After the awkward pause, Pinstripe says, “Jane what you said at the bar the other day I thought you knew by now that I am capable of being more than your beer o’clock guy.” She laughs and comments when he uses her name instead of “Sloan” he might actually be serious about her. Well Jane, maybe he is. Cue powerful background music and Pinstripe walking away leaving Jane super confused.

Next week we will have the season finale and Fashion Week!!

THE BOLD TYPE – Freeform’s “The Bold Type” stars Matt Ward as Alex Crawford, Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan, Aisha Dee as Kat Edison, Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady, Sam Page as Richard Hunter, and Melora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle. (Freeform/Justin Coit)

All my feelings on this week’s The Bold Type …

I’m a broken record every week. I am shocked by how relatable The Bold Type is. This is a show which isn’t afraid to go into the grey areas and exploit it. This week, we see a more personal side of Sutton and how she has repressed so many feels she has towards her mom and Harrisburg. She’s reluctant to accept the idea that her mom maybe really has changed this time. With the encouragement of her best friends, she is more receptive of the idea. Things really are open to the idea. I legitimately cheered when Jane called Sutton on the fact she still has her mom, this is something that gets missed on TV. I’ve had moments where this is the only thing I want to say to a friend when they are being hard on a parent. Having to go through life without one or both of your parents is not an easy thing to do. It’s also something so many take for granted. Don’t take it for granted, you just don’t know how long you have with them.

Kat makes waves this week in realizing where her position is in her relationship with Adena, and realizes what she really wants. Kat may not be sure if Adena is really on-board, but only time will tell. She is also challenged with Jacqueline, and not agreeing with Jacqueline’s decisions. We see huge progress in Kat when she decides not to engage with commenters because she doesn’t want to hurt Jacqueline more. This is big for her because normally she would have jumped on this and take defense.

Sutton finally opens a little to her mom and is more positive in her mom’s changes even if it wasn’t easy for her. Like I said, it’s different. When Sutton went back to the bar to talk with Babs, it made me so happy. Giving that olive branch wasn’t easy for her but you can tell just how appreciated it was.

Next week, we go to Paris for Fashion Week and Jane faces a decision with Pinstripe and Ben, as well as taking the next step in her fertility plan. I’m sad we have already reached Episode 10 and the season finale but I’m so happy for The Bold Type being here to get me through the Summer months.

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