TV Recap: EVIL (Episode 109) – Destroy the Past …

“Exorcism Part 2” (Episode 109)
December 5, 2019

Last week on EVIL, Andy Bouchard, absentee mountain climbing husband and father, returned home to no wife, a hostile mother-in-law and crazy daughters. Meanwhile, Kristen and David investigated David’s father and his free wheeling commune life in Upstate NY, and whether Leon Acosta is part of “The 60.” Spiked sangria leads to Kristen and David almost getting it on as well as some intense hallucinations. Catch up on all of last week’s action with our recap Here.

Now, on to tonight’s all new episode of EVILBEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!


Leland’s Office. Leland sits with his protege, IT Fraudster Sebastian, and walks him through the ABCs of male toxicity: Activating Incident, Belief System, and Consequences. Sebastian puts this to use and says his Activating incident was the rejection of a woman causing him to Believe he was worthless. The Consequence of which is that Sebastian sits in his room and surfs porn. Which brings us to “D,” Leland explains.

“Destruction. Destroy old thinking. And then we can talk about the next step.”


Bouchard House. We pick up where last week left off: Kristen turning from David and his retreating Uber to find Andy standing there with open arms and a kiss. Kristen is still high as she processes Andy being home and his beard. Andy explains he came home because he missed everyone and he didn’t want to miss Laura’s next cardiology appointment. They go inside and Andy asks about (David’s) sweatshirt which is clearly too big for her. Kristen sheepishly says it’s a coworker’s as she takes it off. Andy then asks about the artsy, flashy red shirt she has on underneath. Kristen cites that as being work related too and tries to strip it off in the middle of the living room. When she gets stuck in her own shirt, she laughs and tells Andy that her brain is “just a little bit bubbly.”

For not the last time, Andy asks what kind of work she has been doing while he’s been away. Kristen changes the subject and asks where Grandma Sheryl is, sensing that there was maybe a fight or some confrontation between her and Andy. Andy responds that he and Grandma Sheryl have come to a “detente”, but he can’t tell her the specifics.

Any further conversation is interrupted by the girls, who come thundering down the stairs, banging on all kinds of Nepalese musical instruments Andy brought home. Kristen’s brain can’t handle the level of noise and she banishes them to bed.

Cut to Kristen throwing David’s sweatshirt in the laundry basket. Then to the bottom of the basket and then she shoves the laundry basket in the closet. Sure, that’ll work to bury your feelings Kristen.

Cut to the Bouchard bathroom. Kristen sits on the vanity as Andy shaves off his hermit beard. He thinks Kristen looks happier and asks if it’s the new job causing it? She tells him it’s been a weird time, but she likes the job.

“You know how we always talked about not wanting to work in an office or knowing exactly what our day was going to bring? This is that. Just always surprised.”

Andy (finally) asks Kristen if she’s high and Kristen “explains” about the spiked sangria. There’s a passing mention of her coworker again. No pronouns and no elaboration. (Can you see ahead as I am that this is going to come to a messy head soon?) 

Clean shaven, Andy approaches Kristen on the vanity and puts his hands on her inner thighs, pushing her legs open.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m a lady and the inner thigh is by far one of the most erogenous zones on the female body. Just saying, Andy is starting some stuff right here.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Kristen strokes Andy’s face and tells him it’s like a baby’s ass, laughing. He’s getting turned on by her sexy talk. She wraps her arms around him and tells him she’s going to throw him on the bed and ravish him. Momma has some urges! Andy appreciates how much more demanding Kristen’s become.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

A horn blares as a freight train enters the arch on the Hell Gate Bridge outside the Bouchard home. Metaphor much, show?

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

In the middle of the night, a strange banging noise wakes up Kristen and Andy. Andy grabs his climbing ax and a Kristen finds this amusing. Andy owns it, telling Kristen the girls have him paranoid with everything that has been going on around the house lately.

They creep down the stairs and three of the girls run down the stairs behind them. If they were trying to be stealthy, that was no longer the case. A louder, meaner sound comes from downstairs. The sound is coming from the laundry closet.

An orange tabby cat is on top of David’s sweatshirt, which is on top of the basket now. The girls are excited to have a cat and their parents are trying to keep them from touching the stray. The cat’s cute face turns nasty when he sees Kristen. Kristen is as unsettled by the sweatshirt sitting on top of the laundry basket as she is about the cat.


The parents herds the girls upstairs and back to bed. Andy tells Kristen he’ll put the cat in the garage for the night and deal with it in the morning. He picks up the cat, who is sweet again, but the cat’s claw is hanging onto the sweatshirt. Kristen rips the sweatshirt from the cat and Andy walks away with it.

Totes Normal Night in the Bouchard House.

David’s Apartment. David gets a knock on his door and is served with a lawsuit. David is confused but at least the process server was oddly pleasant for that line of work. 

Kristen’s Office. David beelines for Kristen, needing to talk about the lawsuit. She’s awkward with him as he opens the door (the cat and sweatshirt and the entire previous night are on her brain for sure) and he asks how her head is feeling? Kristen replies that her husband is home.

Smooth, Kristen. Smooth.

David tells Kristen that he’s being sued by Caroline Hopkins for a botched exorcism. You’ll recall that Caroline was the Halloween exorcism where Kristen swapped out the holy water for tap water. Also, the same exorcism where David cured Caroline of her demon possession by holding her hand and imploring the devil to leave her. And, the same exorcism where possessed Caroline had this warning for David …

“You’re in danger. He’s coming for you.”

Also, the same exorcism where the streetlight exploded over David’s head. Eventful night.

Caroline’s lawsuit claims #TeamCatholicChurch should have deferred to the “psychologist on the scene and sought medical care.” David is there to make sure he and Kristen have their stories on the same page because they did in fact disagree the night of the exorcism on the best way to proceed.

Kristen, being much more familiar with how these lawsuits plays out, shuts David down hard. She tells him to talk to his lawyer because she’s going to get subpoenaed and, if they speak now on aligning their stories, she’ll be obligated to testify later on as to that collusion conversation.

Stop now and Kristen can swear under oath then that this conversation lasted 5 minutes, they did not get their stories straight, and that David simply asked if Kristen had been subpoenaed. Everything stays kosher. David is taken aback by her frosty business attitude and leaves. Bro, she’s just watching out for you (and herself).

That goddamned cat growls at Kristen from inside her office and gives her a nasty stare. Shiver. 

David’s Apartment. David returns home and finds one Bishop Thomas Marx (Peter Scolari) in his apartment, admiring a bird’s nest in the rafters. David and the Bishop do not know each other. The good Bishop informs David he’s replaced Monsignor Korecki. He mentions jealousy at the free reign David had in doing his job. David disagrees, mentioning the “firm hand” that Monsignor Korecki used on all of the assignments. Marx kind of shrugs with his face, citing the Hopkins lawsuit as proof that Korecki was doing something wrong.

Bishop Marx was placed in the diocese to oversee David’s work, as it has gotten the attention of the Pope.

“That is not necessarily a good thing.”

The Bishop does say that the Vatican thinks the God Squad is doing good work but still, David’s being sued. Bishop Marx tells David an Archdiocesan lawyer volunteered to take his case. Marx explains this lawyer is a “fixer” who has helped the Church before.

“She has kept our abuse victim lawsuits reasonable. We want her to do the same thing here.”

Dear Bishop Marx, that doesn’t sound like something you should be proud of – minimizing sexual abuse lawsuits.

Bishop Marx opens the door to the office formerly occupied by Monsignor Korecki and waiting inside is Renée Harris (Renée Elise Goldsberry), the lawyer for the diocese. David and Renée greet each other by name, looking bemused. Soooo, no introductions needed? Renée explains to the Bishop that she volunteered because she knows David.

“So it looks like you’re in trouble. We should get started.”


Opening Credits.

Leland’s Office. Leland teaches Sebastian “the two most magical words in the English language.”

“As if.”

Sebastian is confused. Leland folds Sebastian’s hand into the classic finger gun position. Sebastian is still confused. Leland explains his plan: Sebastian will go to the Fit 4 Women gym and aim his finger gun at targets.

“You’ll go there, you’ll aim, you’ll shoot ‘as if’ you could really do it.”

Leland, sensing Sebastian’s hesitancy, reverse psychologies his young incel saying he gets it if Sebastian doesn’t want to do this. Leland leaves the room. Sebastian remains, slowing warming to the idea of firing bullets with his finger.

Bishop Marx’s Office. Alone, Renée and David are catching up after their initial greeting. Renée is surprised David is studying to be a priest, remarking “that wasn’t your thing.” David, in his gentle way, responds that Renée being a church lawyer wasn’t something he saw her doing. Renée blames her sister, saying Julia really screwed them both up. Julia is Renée’s sister! Julia made Renée promise to use her talents for good, for the Church specifically, and David too. David is wistful, saying out loud how much he loved Julia.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Bishop Marx enters, asking where Renée thinks they are in the case. Renée is confident that this is nothing more than a nuisance suit and thinks she can get it thrown out in the deposition phase. The only thing Renée is concerned about are the psychologist and psychiatrist. David gives the caveat that he tried to speak to one of them earlier in the day. This is not welcome news for Renée, but David relays that Kristen, the psychologist Renée mentioned, is on his team. He says that Kristen advised him not to talk to her about the case. Renée is relieved to hear this. 

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Law Office. Kristen and Ben are in the reception area of a law firm, waiting to be deposed. Ben, predictably likes neither depositions nor law offices. Renée approaches and introduces herself. She calls Kristen “Dr. Bouchard” and Kristen downplays the doctor-ness of it all. Renée disagrees.

“You have a doctorate, that deserves a doctor. Hi.”

Renée introduces herself as lawyer for the defense, so Kristen’s lawyer too. Ben introduces himself as a contractor and Renée is waiting for the punchline, to which there isn’t one. Ben. Always with the first impressions. Renée wants Kristen to wear a jacket in the deposition room to look more like a doctor. She also thanks Kristen for her intercession with David.

“You stopped him from pulling a Clinton, getting your stories straight.” 

Renée preps Kristen by telling her that the Hopkins lawyer is named “Judith Lemonhead.” Kristen reacts exactly as anyone would hearing that ridiculous name. Renée warns Kristen that Ms. Lemonhead, although having a stupid name and hating the world for it, is smart and will try to get her to elaborate on her answers. Do not willingly elaborate is the gameplan.

Renée asks if David has ever mentioned Julia? Kristen says he has and Renée admits to being Julia’s sister. further, she says that Julia was the idealistic one and Renée, the cynic. Last, Renée shows Kristen the sign for when she needs a break. The Lemonhead entourage arrives. 

Deposition Room. Caroline Hopkins (Karen Pittman) and her lawyer, the aforementioned Judith Lemonhead (Jennifer Ferrin), sit opposite Renée, David and Bishop Marx. Ms. Lemonhead replays the audio recording from the exorcism. Ms. Lemonhead asks if that is Caroline’s voice in the recording, which Caroline affirms. The audio advances and there is a loud slap where Ms. Lemonhead viscerally reacts asking if Caroline was slapped? Caroline answers she was and Renée asked if she was told that it was a slap or if she had a specific memory of being slapped?

Caroline pauses and glances over to Ms. Lemonhead.

Renée, not to be toyed with, says she wants the record to reflect that Caroline looked to her lawyer for guidance. Ms. Lemonhead asked if Caroline was slapped and David says “no.” In that moment, Caroline was trying to break free of her restraints. Ms. Lemonhead wants to know why Caroline had to be restrained and Renée answers because Caroline was trying to kill people.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Renée, seeing the queasy look on David’s face, whispers to him to go to confession if he feels bad. 

Ms. Lemonhead asks Caroline how she felt after the priest told her the exorcism was over. Caroline explains that she felt good for a week but then she got paranoid, had delusions, and suffered from depression. Caroline explains the ended up in the Emergency Room where got “some real help.”

Next to be deposed is Dr. Phillip Lynch-Giles (Jeremy Shamos), a specialist in the treatment of dissociative disorders and schizophrenia. Ms. Lemonhead asks in what condition Dr. Waspy Name found Caroline after the exorcism. Her dismissive body language at the word “exorcism” does not go unnoticed.

Dr. Waspy Name testifies that Caroline was bruised, suicidal, weak, dehydrated and malnourished when he started treating her. He diagnosed her with dissociative identity disorder (if we’re keeping score, that’s exactly what Kristen thought Caroline had the night of the exorcism) with a side order of “severely delusional” noting that Caroline believed demons were trying to attack her.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Renée asks how demons are delusions? Dr. Waspy Name replies that patients often use the crutch of religion to explain or deny mental disabilities. He prescribed Caroline two medications to deal with the delusions and the depression. He also used a therapy called “trauma conceptualization exercise” to deal with the dissociative disorder.

“I have the patient mentally process what happened to them without disassociating from it.”

Out in the waiting area, Kristen and Ben are eavesdropping on the proceedings. Ben asks about Dr. Waspy Name’s testimony and Kristen says it all sounds pretty standard. 

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Next up to testify is Kristen. After a back and forth about the Doctor-ness of Kristen’s name, Ms. Lemonhead questions her about her role in, and opinion of, the exorcism. Kristen is short in her answers and Ms. Lemonhead smells a rat, asking if the defense’s lawyer prepped her? Since Kristen is under oath (although gleaning what we have learned about Kristen these last few months, I doubt her answers would have been any different had she not been under oath), she answers that yes, Ms. Harris told her to be honest and concise. Also, that Ms. Lemonhead hated her name and wished to take it out on the world.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Ms. Lemonhead is not amused, but continues the questions. She asks Kristen to confirm that she called in a psychiatrist to consult because she disagreed with the path of the exorcism. Further, that the psychiatrist agreed that Caroline was suffering from either dissociative identity disorder or schizophrenia. Ms. Lemonhead asks if Kristen requested that the exorcism be stopped? Here, Kristen pauses a while before answering and glances at David before saying she did and the priests disagreed. Final question – did Kristen believe that Caroline was possessed? Kristen replies that she doesn’t believe in possession … which isn’t really an answer to the question asked.  

David is next to testify. Ms. Lemonhead is extracting some background information on David, asking why he is becoming a priest? David explains he finds comfort in his religion. This was the moment Ms. Lemonhead’s hatred of her name was waiting for. Time to haul out David’s dirty laundry. Ms. Lemonhead asks about an incident from three years earlier that David may have needed comfort from? Specifically, she asks him about being arrested. David admits he was arrested for possession of cocaine and assault.

Kristen and Ben are back in the waiting room and are still eavesdropping. Not a very confidential set up if your guests in reception can overhear everything being said, but it’s beneficial for our purposes here.

Ms. Lemonhead follows with a barrage of questions and evidence, asking if David was a drug addict and showing evidence of multiple stints in a rehab facility for substance abuse and sex addiction. David admits it but says that is behind him.  

“I cleaned myself up. I found God.”

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Ms. Lemonhead is not finished berating David’s character, noting the assault arrest was for knocking a man unconscious. Renée has had enough and asks if Ms. Lemonhead is getting to the point of these questions? Ms. Lemonhead states for the record that David has a history of reckless and dangerous behavior and decision making and that is very much relevant to the case at hand.  

Ms. Lemonhead finishes by asking David if he discloses his background to the people he investigates? “No.” And, does David thinks Caroline Hopkins would have consented to his intervention had she known his past transgressions? “I’m not sure.” Ben and Kristen look horrified for David and agree they need to do something to help him.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

David looks very small sitting in his chair.


Fit 4 Women Gym. Incel Sebastian goes to the women’s only gym that Leland prescribed earlier. The receptionist gives him the company policy on no admittance for men and Sebastian tries to claim it is a sexist policy. A woman breezes past Sebastian, entering the gym as though Sebastian is invisible. The receptionist receives a call, ending her interaction with Sebastian.

Sebastian steps to the side and uses his finger as a gun and takes aim at the gym patrons. He mutters, “destroy the past” to himself as he fires his finger gun. None of the women that are working out take any particular notice of him. A big security guard notices him, though, and Sebastian beats feet before he gets his ass kicked.  

The God Squad War Room. Renée comes in and tells Bishop Marx and the God Squad that the plaintiff is looking for (i) $8 million in damages, (ii) David not be ordained as a priest and (iii) Father Amara to be defrocked. Bishop Marx is not pleased and Renée admits that Ms. Lemonhead has them on the run. Renée explains that she’s bought them a day to come up with a counter offer and David stares off into the distance.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

David’s Apartment. There is a knock at the door as David is trying to recover from the testimony and the possibility he won’t become a priest. It’s Renée. She tells David they will try to block the demand that he not be ordained. David, looking very defeated, doesn’t want her to bother if it will cost the Church money. Renée ‘fesses up to David that she always had a crush on him. First, she was jealous of Julia and now, God.

Renée asks if he ever thinks about her? Girlfriend gets verrrrry close to David and he is really uncomfortable. David tells Renée he needs to go study. Renee is snarky in defeat.

“Yep. One of the dangers of living next to a church. It’s hard to get laid.”

She tells David on her way out the door there are other ways to serve the church without being married to it. 

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Bouchard House. Kristen and Andy are in bed  (laying at opposite ends — what were they doing? Hmmm?) when the cat screams again. Kristen wants to call the ASPCA, but Andy changes the subject, asking about her day.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

She tells him it wasn’t the best and he jokes around that she had too many demons to fight. He tells Kristen that the girls were filling him on her new adventures with demons and exorcisms. Kristen downplays it, telling Andy it’s not as exciting as they are making it sound. Andy gets a little touchy asking if he needs to be worried about Ben the Magnificent and if he gave Kristen the rosary he found in the garage office?

Um, no Andy. You need to be worried about the colleague she hasn’t mentioned to you yet. 

Andy asks Kristen if she is becoming an “unlapsed” Catholic? He thinks he would have a problem if she were to start believing again because her words on the matter were that religion was superstitious. And he agrees.

Kristen doesn’t deny it but says that she was starting to have the same feeling as she listened to Dr. Waspy Name testifying earlier in the day; that his treatment for Caroline sounded just as ridiculous as a religious option would be. This gives Kristen an idea. She calls Ben on the phone, as she springs out of bed, and asks him to investigate something for her.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

As he is left alone in bed, bewildered, I’m sure Andy is thinking that it’s quite a late hour to be calling a coworker. 


Leland’s Office. Incel Sebastian returns to give Leland the report on what happened at the gym, relishing the glory of his moment. Leland is thrilled. He asks how Sebastian felt and Sebastian responds that it made him feel strong and excited. Leland tells him the next step is putting “as if” into motion.

“True self-esteem requires true action.”

Leland dips into the reverse psychology well, again, saying he’s unsure if Sebastian is ready for this next step. Unsure if Sebastian is ready to “cross that line” into real action. Sebastian tells Leland he already bought a gun but admits that he doesn’t know how to use it yet. Leland has him covered and introduces Sebastian to Adam (Graham Rowat). Adam is a marksman and a good man.

“He is one of the 59 people I trust in the world.”

Hmmm, 59 + Leland = 60.

I must say, Adam (who is dressed as a security guard) has a sinister look to him. Leland really is the master puppeteer here. Adam tells Leland he doesn’t want to waste his time with Sebastian not being ready, but Leland asks Adam to give Sebastian a moment. Sebastian’s look hardens, ‘as if’ in that moment he resolved to commit to this plan of action. 


Kristen’s Office. Renée drops by for a chat with Kristen. The cat is still there and makes his demonic scream known, scaring the bejeezus out of Renée. Kristen tells Renée she may have a strategy to go on the offensive against Ms. Lemonhead.

“… you have to rip into the non-science of psychiatry.”

Deposition Room. Dr. Waspy Name is back, now being questioned by Renée. Renée confirms the two drugs the good doctor prescribed for Caroline and asks where was he on August 6th of this year? Dr. Waspy Name chuckles that he was on vacation, on a cruise. (Ben’s investigative skills are good!) Renée presses that the cruise was sponsored by the drug manufacturer of the exact two drugs he prescribed to Caroline. Dr. Waspy Name defends that pharmaceutical sponsorship is a common practice in the medical industry. Renée asks why he chose these two medications when there are so many alternatives? Dr. Waspy Name gets defensive, saying that prescribing can be “a bit of an art form.”  

Cut to Dr. Boggs being interviewed for the deposition. Renée asks Dr. Boggs about the side effects of the two drugs prescribed to Caroline. Dr. Boggs rattles them off and wouldn’t you know it, they match Caroline’s current list of ailments, including suicidal ideations.

Renée asks Dr. Boggs if there are other medications that don’t cause suicidal ideations and Dr. Boggs informs her there are such drugs, but they are expensive.

Ms. Lemonhead is looking mighty uncomfortable as she weakly objects to Renée’s questions. Renée counters that Dr. Boggs is Ms. Lemonhead’s witness and she’s just trying to get some clarity up in this bitch (that’s a paraphrase).


Renée continues with Dr. Boggs, asking his opinion about the trauma conceptualization method used by Dr. Waspy Name? Dr. Boggs tells Renée that it is an “extreme experimental therapy.” Renée produces an article written by someone who agrees and asks Dr. Boggs to read the name of the article’s author. Why, it’s Dr. Waspy Name himself. Renée asks Dr. Boggs to read an excerpt she has highlighted. 

“This extreme therapeutic method can be a guided tour of their own personal hell without a painkiller.”


Boggs reads on that the patient could end up worse than before the treatment if not done correctly. Kristen looks pretty satisfied and Ms. Lemonhead is beside herself. 

In the hallway, David tells Renée that was pretty masterful work and Renée tells him it was all Kristen’s idea. Ms. Lemonhead approaches Renée, sounding very bitter and sarcastic that the psychiatrists are the ones to blame in this case. Ms. Lemonhead tells Kristen she will be re-deposed in the morning and lets Kristen know that she sees her flip-flopping sides. Kristen tells Ms. Lemonhead that her allegiance is to the truth. Renée and David witness see this convo and Renée asks David what Kristen knows that can undercut him?  


Gun Range. Adam is teaching Incel Sebastian how to aim and how to shoot. Sebastian, with a semi-automatic gun, looks even more like a child. He does really well in his shooting round, hitting his target at the base of the throat, the groin, and the side. He asks Adam if he’s killed anyone? Sure, Adam says.

“That’s how you get good it it. You kill people.”

Leland’s Office. Leland is thrilled with Sebastian’s progress, ripping up the paper with ‘as if’ written on it. He calls this Sebastian’s graduation. Leland has decided that the gym is out as a target. They have seen Sebastian there and have put in tighter security measures. They need a fresh target. Sebastian offers up a “wedding shop.” Yeesh, this kid. Leland doesn’t even acknowledge this idea.

No, Leland wants Sebastian to turn his new found deadly skills on a prayer group led by David Acosta. Leland shows Sebastian a photo of David – so he knows his target. Leland assures Sebastian that the prayer group is mostly women with no security guard, ensuring he will be able to get away. Sebastian has a puzzled look on his face and Leland toys with him. Going to the reverse psychology well for the third time this episode, Leland tells Sebastian he is asking too much and that Sebastian should go home and forget this ever happened.

As Leland walks away, Sebastian asks “when?” Leland is indignant as he asks Sebastian if he can trust him?!? God, Leland is good. Anyway, Leland tells Sebastian that he’ll send a signal when the time is right. It will be “S.O.I.”  

“Slaughter of the Innocents. It’s cool right? Be Ready.”



Deposition Room. Kristen is back being deposed again. Ms. Lemonhead tries to get Kristen to admit to making a recent career change but Kristen is steadfast that she is still doing the same job she’s always done – evaluating the mental health of clients as an “impartial assessor.” She just has a new employer.

Ms. Lemonhead asks about Kristen’s religious beliefs and its impact on her current role, implying that Kristen has chosen religion over science for this job. Kristen states she is an atheist and one doesn’t affect the other. Ms. Lemonhead asks if Kristen believed Caroline to have been possessed and Kristen testifies that possession is not listed on the DSM-5, but that it is a document based on trial and error.

I’m sorry, is Kristen leaving the door open that possession could be on a future edition of the DSM-5?

Kristen goes on to say that when the exorcism was concluded, Caroline was left in a mentally healthy state and questions the state she is in now is maybe probably definitely the result of Dr. Waspy Name’s treatment. Ms. Lemonhead has had enough of the God Squad.

“So you really sold your soul?”

Renée has had enough of this and utters the best line of the night with an angry, “Go to Hell, Lemonhead.”

I laughed out loud.

Ms. Lemonhead is not to be bested and asks Renée if her attitude stems from her being in a relationship with David. Renée accuses Ms. Lemonhead of character assassination in order to win a case. All the while Kristen and David are just looking at each other. Bishop Marx looks immensely relieved. 

Note: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the handbook used by health care professionals as the authoritative guide to the diagnosis of mental disorders. The DSM contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders.

The God Squad War Room. Ms. Lemonhead approaches Bishop Marx, Renée, David and other unnamed Church officials, all assembled around the table. She tells the gathering that Caroline wants to settle for just medical costs, much to Ms. Lemonhead’s chagrin. This is quite acceptable to the church contingent. Renée looks very pleased with this outcome. 

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Bouchard House. Kristen comes into the bedroom and finds a small box with a bow on the bed. Andy said he got the girls a gift, so he needed to get one for her. She remarks that the box is light as she picks it up and shakes it. Andy tells Kristen he’s been thinking about her new job and ‘the exorcism thing,’ and realized she misses climbing.

He’s rationalized her new role in dealing with demons and killers as transference, because in New York where people doing bad stuff is like climbing a mountain over there. Huh? 

Kristen opens the box and it’s a drawing of a snowy mountain with the words, ‘It’s Your Turn.’ Andy is sending her to Nepal in the Spring in his place as a guide and he’ll stay home and “be the dad.” Kristen is moved by the gesture. The cat growls loudly from downstairs, interrupting their moment. Kristen’s had enough.

“I’m gonna kill it.”

David’s Apartment. David returns to his room and Renée is there waiting for him, sitting very provocatively in a chair, in the dark. David tells her he has a prayer group to lead.

“I’m not leaving until you touch me.”

Oh my. David sits down on the bed as a church choir begins to sing and Renée slowly uncrosses her legs.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher /CBS

Sebastian’s Apartment. The choir continues to sing on the soundtrack as Sebastian is loading his weapons, looking very much like a novice. He is practicing his gun play, role playing how the showdown at the prayer group will go and quoting famous catchphrases from movies.

He pretends to blow out the barrel of one of his guns when he accidentally shoots himself in the chin, splattering blood and brains on the wall. He falls to the floor, very dead, as blood spurts from the wound on the top of his head.


The song playing in the background is “Blest Are They,” a song about blessings in the style of the Beatitudes. If you dust off your Catholic knowledge here a moment with me, the Beatitudes are blessings delivered by Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount and talks about he pure of heart and the meek will inherit the Earth and be able to see God. The irony is high here.  Sebastian’s heart was full of evil and he snuffed his own life out in a moment of vanity and self-glory. And he saw nothing. Death. Although my morbid heart thinks he looks very peaceful in death.

Leland’s Office. Leland has read about Sebastian’s accidental suicide and is REALLY angry at this development, yelling at Sebastian absent form and kicking over his desk. Leland recovers some composure and goes back to his laptop. He searches for angry incel videos and finds a ton of potential new targets. Man, there are a lot of angry white dudes hiding out in their mom’s basements.

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End Scene.



So many questions and theories swirling around in here. But first,  Peter Scolari! Bosom Buddies! (Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari were on a sitcom show in the early 80s, as poor advertising workers who had to dress as women to live in the only apartment they could afford: a women’s only building.) Showing my age here, but I love him. He lends a very different vibe to the Church hierarchy than Monsignor Korecki. He’s playing Bishop Marx as some how more innocent than the Monsignor but there is also a hint of danger there too, all at once? I hope he stays around.

Renée Harris. At first, I wasn’t impressed with her credentials as being successful in limiting the Church’s payout on abuse lawsuits. But, as this episode developed her character, I could see myself getting a drink with her and having a lot of fun banter. Somehow I don’t think we have seen the last of Renée. She has locked her sights on David and wants a slice of that apple before he becomes forbidden fruit. Taking the fruit metaphor deep here today, I guess.

Why is Father Amara not present for the deposition since he was the priest presiding over the exorcism? David was assisting him and took over for Father Amara basically as a relief pitcher. 

I found myself really not liking Judith Lemonhead when she went after David. I made a point of always referring to her as Ms. Lemonhead, to keep her ridiculousness in front of you. It was how she went after him, ripping him into tiny pieces. And Kristen and Ben could hear it all. Ms. Lemonhead’s viciousness makes me wonder what number she is in the 60.

Leland. I have a lot to say about him today. I think we can confirm that the painting in Leland’s office is a Leon Acosta original. His office is basically bare except for a desk, a couch, a chair and that specific painting with that red sigil in the lower right hand corner. It really makes a statement in contrast to the clinical white of his office.

How about Leland introducing Adam the Marksman as one of the 59 people he trusts!?! And how deliciously evil he sounded delivering that line. Adam gave me the willies, to be honest, at how callous he was. How Leland pulls the strings with Sebastian is exactly how he played Grandma Sheryl when he started dating her. He dangled his carrot, pulled it back as if he’d been the one in the wrong and that reeled his prey in. I guess I wasn’t done with the food metaphors. He is a master manipulator and Sebastian was absolutely no match for him.

Leland and David: What The Actual Hell!? David has no idea how close Leland is getting to him and the lengths Leland is going to to take him out. Why is Leland gunning so hard for David, in particular? We know David has uncovered “The 60” from the Poveglia Codex. And that David has been warned by both Caroline, mid-exorcism, and Grace the Prophet from Flushing, that evil is out to get him. David isn’t doing a damn thing to protect himself except brewing some magic tea once in a while to float and see dead people. David, you need a guardian angel with an Uzi or something.

Is it bad I actually laughed when Sebastian shot himself? And the song playing when he lay dying on the floor had me in stitches. Blest Are They, singing about the Beatitudes and how the meek shall inherit the earth. Oops. I appreciate the irony.

Andy. I have a lot to say about Andy as well. Andy is home all day and doesn’t have job at home, so why didn’t he take care of the cat the following day? And joke around with the girls that if they shut up, they’ll keep the cat?

I’m not done with Andy yet, but lets detour to the cat. Usually black cats are a symbol of bad luck and sinister deeds. This cat is a red mackerel tabby and Kristen was warned not long ago to avoid the color red. Furthermore, as a trait in that breed, almost all orange tabbies are male, which would make this a male cat. I’m not sure if that is significant, but this show has me overthinking just about everything I see. Incidentally, I have a cat that looks STRIKINGLY similar to this one, but thankfully I’ve never heard that sound from him and he mostly purrs when I come anywhere near him.

When is Andy going to meet George …. unless Andy, is he in league with Leland? Go with me here and didn’t you just read I’m potentially overthinking a lot with this show. There’s something odd about him and I’ve learned that nothing in this show is unintentional. He shows up unannounced and unplanned, concerned about Laura’s heart and not wanting to miss her appointments, yet he’s also concerned that Kristen’s new job is a plea to go back and climb a mountain? I’m not buying it. At all. It sounds like a lot of transference BS to me. Is this a way to get her out of the picture (and away from Ben the Magnificent and the coworker he’s not even aware of …yet?) Are Kristen and David, when teamed up, seen as a real threat to the 60? Sure seems like there is a conspiracy to keep them apart. 

The God Squad will be back for one more episode before the Winter break, so we’ll definitely be back for that recap!


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