TV Recap: EVIL (Episode 105) – God Has Forsaken You …

“October 31” (Episode 105)
October 24, 2019

I must confess, I have not regained full composure after last week’s EVIL; it was gut-wrenching. In short, last week, the God Squad investigated a potentially possessed or psychopathic 9-year old boy. After he tried to drown his baby sister in the family pool, the God Squad came to the conclusion that an exorcism was needed to address a possible demon in him. Unfortunately, when the God Squad showed up to perform the rite, the boy had gone missing. The grieving mother gave the God Squad (and us) enough hints to conclude the parents killed the boy in order to protect their other children. Meanwhile, Kristen’s Mom gave her granddaughters augmented reality goggles, which seemed fine until they activated an MA-rated game and the web-enabled component that brought in a gamer named Rose390, who dialed up the intensity and maybe is an agent of the Devil? 

It’s Halloween in the show and almost Halloween in real life. With that in mind, are you ready for a bona fide exorcism where science and religion collide, spectacularly? Great! Let’s get into tonight’s all new episode of EVIL … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

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Even in the world of EVIL, paranormal hunter shows are all the rage. Tonight opens with the filming of an all new episode of Gotham Ghosts, a ghost hunter show starring Tony Pacuci (Chris Ghaffari), cameraman, Dougie Martin (Jake Ryan Lozano), and resident skeptic scientist Vanessa Dudley (Nicole Shalhoub) (“if she believes it, you BETTER believe it).

It’s Halloween and the Gotham Ghosthunters have brought along a professional skeptic to Runway Dolls, one of the most haunted strip joints in New Jersey (which, I make you a bet there are a lot of haunted strip joints in New Jersey). The professional skeptic? It’s our very own Ben Shakir!

Ben gives a talking head about how everything on Gotham Ghosts is BS and the show is nothing more than a “stupid money making enterprise.” He’s pretty sure most of what he said will be edited out. That’s a good bet, Ben!

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

David calls Ben to help follow up on an assessment they did three months ago on the Hopkins case. It ended up as an exorcism, but additional work is needed presently. Ben explains to David that he’s busy for the next few hours and asks if Kristen can do it. Ben has the decency to seem embarrassed that he’s going on this scam show. 

Bouchard House. Kristen is on the phone with Laura’s cardiologist as she is getting the girls ready to go trick or treating. The doctor said the recent tests did not show much progression on Laura’s defective heart valve and wants a follow up in a few weeks. Before Kristen can process the disappointing news, her cell rings again. It’s David, asking for an immediate psychological assessment on a subject undergoing an exorcism presently. David reveals they are into the atypically long fourth day of the exorcism and the Monsignor wants more evidence. Kristen tells him she’ll find a baby-sitter and come after they go trick or treating. 

Cut to Grandma Sheryl out on a date with a man fighting the worst case of hiccups. They met online and seem to be hitting it off if not for those hiccups. He gets up to go to the bathroom. (I have a foolproof way to get rid of the hiccups. Leave a comment below and I’ll share my methods).

Alone at the table, Leland Townsend reveals himself to be sitting right behind Sheryl. LIKE directly behind her. He strikes up a conversation with her asking if her friend was okay. Sheryl explains it’s just hiccups. Leland tells her he knew a man with bad hiccups who had a heart attack from it and died. Leland is flippant that the friend was suicidal. Sheryl is drawn into the conversation and she is in for it.

Grandma Sheryl is dark and twisty and I am here for THAT.

Anyway, Grandma Sheryl calls Leland on taking a leap at possibly offending her with his suicide comment. Leland drones on about previously worrying about offending people but that’s all changed now.  

“Kindness is hypocrisy.”

I’ve been doing pick up lines all wrong, kids. I need to let my inner weird out at the outset. That’s how you score in 2019, apparently.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Enough about me, Kristen calls needing Sheryl’s babysitting skills ASAP. Sheryl takes a long look at Leland (who is now on his phone) but reluctantly agrees to be there in an hour. Girlfriend wants some of that Demon Seed. Leland, hanging up his call, tells Sheryl he was stood up and asks her to leave with him. She’s incredulous at how forward he is (remember her date is in the bathroom, maybe hiccuping to death), especially when he mentions that he was stood up because his date was in a car accident. But, she’s also kinda turned on. Leland lays on his bizarre charm, thick.

“Life is created by happy accidents. This is a happy accident.”

She declines, politely (and reluctantly). Leland sweetens the deal by telling her he’ll wait around the corner in the alley for about 10 minutes. If she doesn’t come, he bids her a nice life. Of course, she goes to meet him and he kisses her passionately.

Oh. My. God. What is going on here? Just …. no. Leland. This is low, even for you! She’s so happy and you’re going to destroy Sheryl. I think these two wild and crazy kids may do the deed right there in the alley. She’s got an hour before she needs to be home to babysit.  This cannot end well.  

Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS

Bouchard House. Sheryl arrives at the house. She’s jubilant and tyhe grandkids call her on maybe being drunk.  She denies it. Kristen gives her the rundown for the night: not up past 11pm and there are some friends coming over. Apparently, one of the invitees is a strange girl from the neighborhood, Brenda, that the daughters object to being invited. Kristen reminds her kids to be nice or else she’ll confiscate their candy.  Alone, Sheryl reiterates to Kristen that she is happy, not drunk. She met someone! A perfect gentlemen and not from tinder!! Oh, and Sheryl picked up a guitar on her way over that she’s playing like a troubadour of yore?!? Okay, sure.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Hopkins House. Kristen shows up to the Hopkins house where the exorcism is taking place. William Hopkins (Timothy D. Stickney) shows her in and then resumes an argument he was having with the exorcising priest, Father Amara (Clark Johnson). Apparently, he is being asked to sign some liability waiver paperwork and William really isn’t happy about a psychologist being brought in.  For her part, Kristen gets right to snooping around at the pictures and instruments hanging on the walls and taking in the vibe of the house. Kristen sees two housemaids bring bloody clothes down from upstairs, followed by David.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

David greets Kristen and asks her to come up and observe Caroline Hopkins’ behavior. She is believed to be possessed and the Church is not sure if the exorcism worked or not, and now there is a complicating medical situation. David leads Kristen upstairs and gives her some instructions for being in the room. As David is giving her pointers, a woman flees the devil bedroom weeping. The sound coming from devil room is frightening, to be honest. David tells Kristen it’s okay but her wide, bugged out eyes tells me she doesn’t really believe him.

David hands Kristen a pair of sunglasses so she can avoid making eye contact. David knocks. They enter the room and shut the door.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Opening Credits.

Bouchard Home. Lynn is telling a scary story to her sisters and their friends in the dark. Sheryl brings in the neighborhood girl, Brenda (Matilda Lawler), to the group.

“Please don’t scare yourselves to death. That would be hard to explain to your Mom.”

Sheryl closes the door. The girl, Brenda is wearing a freaky 1970s/1980s style plastic mask.**

** People of a certain age will remember the kind …  with juuuust enough mouth and nose slits to keep you conscious but not enough that the sweat isn’t dripping from your forehead to your chin. Ah, good times.**

Freaky Brenda refuses to take off her mask. I immediately do not like her. And maybe, I’m a little scared of her. Freaky Brenda starts telling a story about a girl who misbehaved so badly that her parents locked her in her room and lit a fire outside her door to kill her. She couldn’t get out the window because there were bars but in her desperation she squeezed through them. However, the bars burned her all over.

Freaky Brenda pauses the story here and asks if they want to do something really scary and invites them to go downstairs. 

Runway Dolls Strip Club. Tony is bringing a camera crew through the strip club, narrating the story about a demon in the club terrorizing women. Tony shows the camera a gadget and announces he’s getting a reading.

“We need to let the demon reveal himself.”

*Eye Roll*

A mirror shatters to the floor on the other side of the room. Tony asks if Ben ever saw anything like this with his “church job”? Ben walks over to where the mirror shattered and said that behind that wall is where they have the light generators which would create just enough vibration to jar the mirror loose. Tony calls cut, looking quite pissed.

Vanessa and Ben are chatting on a break over some coffee. She tells him she enjoyed his blowing up Tony’s spot with the mirror. Ben sees that Vanessa doesn’t believe in what the show portrays itself to be. She mostly agrees but there’s a small part of the things they’ve seen, “that you can’t exactly explain.”

Ben feels like sharing and mentions the 6 frames of video of someone who had very recently passed away and he can’t figure it out (from the “177 Minutes” episode). Ben somewhat rails against the technological world that is able to manipulate pixels to have us see whatever, and that fuels conspiracy theories, and how we can no longer tell what’s real and what’s not.

He starts going deeper and mentions David and Vanessa cuts him off, saying they should get back to the set and maybe continue this conversation later. It’s unclear if she’s disinterested or unnerved by his story, she’s giving a mixed, confusing vibe here.

Tony busts through the door saying that was great stuff and asks why Vanessa cut Ben off. The show was recording their conversation and Ben is shocked that Vanessa let him go on like that. She confirms, with a flip of her lapel, that they record everything. He’s mad that she let him go on and Vanessa defends herself saying she cut him off. Vanessa walks away.

Maybe we get why she cut him off before it got too personal.  I think she was actually trying to spare him from revealing too much on camera, but also trying to keep her job too.  Ben looks after her, confusion on his face. I think he’s thinking about what I just said.

Hopkins House. In the bedroom, Caroline Hopkins (Karen Pittman) is strapped to a chair. There are two guards behind her, both with sunglasses, both looking very Blues Brothers like (all that’s missing are the hats). Father Amara is pacing in front of her praying about the wicked perishing in front of God. Caroline is snarling and vomits. Father Amara stands over her and demands to know the name of the demon inside Caroline. Caroline snarls in a foreign tongue (yes, we will need to get a translation later on). Caroline, all cut bloodied on her forehead, looks to Kristen across the room.

“Help me. They’re killing me.”

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Kristen leaves the room and David follows her. Kristen asks if Caroline was given a psych eval? David hands her a file and confirms she has been diagnosed with (okay, big breath in here to get it all out): bipolar 1, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and epilepsy. Five different psychiatrists. None of the treatment and medications have helped. Kristen asks how long she has been restrained and if she’s eaten?

Father Amara approaches and tells Kristen that Caroline has been restrained for 12 hours today and she eats when the demon rests and when the demon is active, she vomits. Kristen recommends a doctor to supervise Caroline. Father Amara responds that Father Tom is a medical doctor and Sister Ann is a nurse. Kristen clarifies her opinion.

“She should be under a non-Catholic doctor’s care.”

Father Amara thinks the demon is playing on Kristen’s compassion. Kristen looks to David and reminds him she was brought her to be objective. She believes this procedure needs to stop because Caroline is “dehydrated, she’s bleeding and mentally impaired.” Father Amara is definitive that once an exorcism has begun, it must be finished. If not, the demon will return and bring with it, “seven more spirits more wicked than the first.”

As Priest Know It All returns to the Devil Room, Kristen is giving quiet WTF eyes to David. She insists that Caroline needs a doctor. She heads downstairs to calls in the cavalry.

Bouchard House. Sheryl is googling Leland Townsend.  Meanwhile, the girls all head to the basement for the dare part of the game Brenda concocted. This freaky ass girl in her freaky ass Cinderella mask asks the girls to gather around her.

“If I dared you to kill your Mom, how would you do it?”

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

No one really wants to answer. Everyone is really uncomfortable with this. Laura pipes up, “with kisses!” Freaky Brenda tells Laura to shut up because this is not how the game is played. Laura’s sisters challenge Freaky Brenda that she’s being rude. Unphased, Freaky Brenda continues, telling them she’d do it with rat poison. One of the other neighborhood girls gets into it and is all, stab a bitch. Yikes, little girls!

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Freaky Brenda escalates the game, saying she found the perfect place to hide the body. She points a flashlight to a small crawl space in the basement. Under the guise of maybe having to save some cats from certain death, Brenda nominates Lexis to climb into the hole and explore it. Lexis is uncomfortable with this and goes upstairs to tell Grandma Sheryl. Brenda asks the remaining girls if they want to do something really scary?


Hopkins House. Dr. Kurt Boggs arrives at the Hopkins house. The fog is swirling around, giving further creepiness to this night.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Runway Dolls Strip Club. Filming of the Gotham Ghosts show continues as they develop their demon-haunting-the-club story. Tony spots something up ahead and goes to investigate with Dougie, leaving Vanessa and Ben in the hallway. Ben tells her his initial contact with her on social media attracted him because she was honest. He’d like to get back to that. Their conversation is cut short by a groaning in the walls and the sudden appearance of an apparition before them; a woman screaming. Vanessa asks what that was? Ben says it was her team. Vanessa tells him unequivocally that no one is filming. Ben feels like he’s being duped again but, he can’t prove it yet.

A woman screams and Ben and Vanessa head to where the group is filming. We learn from Tony that Dougie and a female producer had sudden nosebleeds. Vanessa’s nose starts bleeding, too. Tony is excitedly filming and commenting on the “violent demon attack” as Ben shouts there’s something toxic in the air and shoves Tony to the side.  

Hopkins House. Dr. Boggs enters the room, sunglasses on. Caroline is growling and snarling as Father Amara is dousing her with Holy water. Caroline looks to David and addresses him with some bite in her words (not the pleading voice we heard before talking to Kristen).

“God has forsaken you. Your visions are hell, not heaven. The three stars are of hell. Turn from God.”

David whispers to Kristen that was his vision.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

David, Father Amara, Kristen, and Dr. Boggs step out into the hall for a quick powwow. Dr. Boggs’s assessment is that Caroline has schizophrenia. Father Amara counters that these symptoms are also seen in demonic possession. Dr. Boggs thinks her religious indoctrination has played into her delusions that pain and suffering are caused by demons. Kristen adds that the rite of the exorcism is only playing into, and feeding, the schizophrenic delusion. Dr. Boggs cautions that playing along with the delusion only escalates the illness. David asks about the possibility that it’s not delusions? Kristen is incredulous, reiterating Dr. Boggs’ extensive credentials and track record in dealing with schizophrenics.

Sassy, girl!

David asks about the possibility that Caroline’s possession is not a delusion? Dr. Boggs respectfully tells David and Father Amara that he deals in facts and psychiatry, not belief. Dr. Boggs believes she is a sick woman and needs a doctor’s care, adding that she may die without it. David counters that they, too, see a sick woman who may die if the religious rite is stopped. Father Amara excuses himself as Caroline’s screams strengthen.

David tells Kristen he changed his mind about this now being a possession. David is spooked. He thinks Caroline is possessed, saw his vision, and is now using his vision against him. David returns to the room, leaving Dr. Boggs and Kristen alone. Dr. Boggs ponders aloud that if they’re on opposite sides from the Church, where does this leave them? Kristen grabs the Holy water from Father Amara’s exorcism go-bag and heads to the bathroom, post haste.  She empties the bottle of Holy water and refills it with top notch, grade A, NYC tap water. 

Kristen Bouchard, you are one moxie broad!! I say that with all the feminist love in my heart.


Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Back in Caroline’s room, Father Amara is attacking the demon with the bottle formerly containing Holy water, compelling the demon out. With every sprinkle, Caroline is reacting viscerally as Kristen and Dr. Boggs share knowing smirks across the room. Kristen stops the rite, removing her exorcism-issued sunglasses and telling the room the woman is in need of a doctor. She tells the Holy men, with all the indignation in her heart very apparent, she switched the Holy water for tap water. She looks quite pleased with herself, thank you very much. 

Cut to a contentious powwow in the hallway. Holy shit (no pun intended, alright, maybe intended), David is MAD! He accuses Kristen of overstepping her boundaries and implored her to consult him if she wanted to experiment. Dr. Boggs contends this is not supernatural. 

“That means it is an illness of the mind, not the soul.”

Father Amara, without hesitation, refutes what Kristen and Dr. Boggs are telling them because he believed what he was sprinkling on Caroline was Holy water and ergo, through his own “volition,” willed it to be Holy water.

I’m sorry, Father, but you’re going to have to talk into my good ear. What. The. Fuck? (As George Carlin said, “I used to be an Irish Catholic,” but this is just cray cray.) Kristen is gob smacked.

“You’re rationalizing this to fit your belief system.”

David spits back that Kristen is doing the exact same thing. Oh lawd, don’t piss of David, he spews venom when angry.

Mr. Hopkins joins the fray, reserving the final decision on how to proceed. Mr. Hopkins is undecided and has problems with both sides here. He asks the clergy how could a demon react like that if it wasn’t Holy water, throwing further doubt onto the situation? Also, Mr. Hopkins wants to know why God would do this? David has this one. 

“Because Satan is a presence in this world and God wants us to triumph over him through our choices.”

If it is medical, Mr. Hopkins asks how could Caroline speak in tongues and throw a man against a wall? Kristen and Dr. Boggs look at each other each time and in unison provide the medical explanation for the occurrence. David just shakes his head.

Mr. Hopkins wants the exorcism to continue, on the condition that Dr. Boggs and Kristen are present in the room. They head back upstairs and David, though angry, gestures to Kristen to head upstairs. 

Runway Dolls Strip Club. Vanessa sits in the back of an ambulance, dabbing her bloody nose. Ben is there, keeping her company. He asks if she is ‘punking’ him? Vanessa reassures Ben she didn’t fake a nose bleed to make him look bad on the show and her team had nothing to do with the apparition they saw together. Ben has an idea and goes back into the club to do his own investigation.

Back in the haunted hallway, Ben is banging on the walls and knocking for differences in sound. He finds a peep hole and busts the wall wide open. Tony and his team hear the commotion and come in just as Ben discovers a fancy camera hidden behind the wall.

Ben explains to us (and Vanessa) that this “phantograph projector,” when used with chemical mist sprayed in the air, allows images to be projected such as ghosts. Ben compliments Tony for the cutting edge technology as Vanessa is hella-pissed that the crew filmed her this way.  Tony calls it a Halloween prank. Ben adds, with a cherry on top, that some people are allergic to the chemical Tony used. hence the nosebleeds. 


Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Bouchard House. Grandma Sheryl is playing an online poker game and is on the phone with Leland. They’re playing strip poker, except Leland isn’t really playing, he’s sitting in his car under a train trestle. Grandma Sheryl gets a call waiting beep. He doesn’t want her to get it, threatening to hang up and not make a date with her.


Thankfully Grandma Sheryl’s better instincts kick in and she picks up the  call.

It’s Brenda’s mom apologizing that Brenda couldn’t make it tonight. Grandma Sheryl has is massively confused seeing as Brenda has been at the Bouchard House all night (not being judgey but the big ol’ goblet of wine is probably not helping clear-headedness at the moment). Grandma Sheryl throws the phone and the laptop to the side and runs through the house looking for the girls. All she finds is Lexis, the daughter who didn’t want to crawl in the hole and left the group. Lexis tells her grandmother the rest of them went to the graveyard because the girl, Freaky Brenda suggested it.

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Oh Holy Hell!


Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Hopkins House. Caroline is frothing at the mouth and writhing in pain. Dr. Boggs approaches offering to sedate her when Caroline strikes a blow to his head, scratching him across the forehead and knocking his sunglasses off! Not cool, demon! Caroline starts talking in a foreign tongue, but this time David understands her.

“The unclean spirits came out, entering the swine and their herd numbered at 60.”

There’s that number again. Caroline switches to English now.

“This time the pigs will not perish. They pigs are here amongst you and they will cause great suffering [laughs insanely] your daughters will be buried.”

Just then, Grandma Sheryl calls to tell Kristen that the girls have gone out to the graveyard and Freaky Brenda is not real Brenda. Sheryl is headed there now with Lexis in tow. Please hurry!

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

If this wasn’t such a harrowing moment, it would be so sweet because Lexis is dressed up for Halloween as a Crayola paint palette. I digress.

Graveyard. The girls are walking down a path. Freaky Brenda leads them to an open grave for another morbid game, this one called funeral. She also wants to finish the story she started earlier. 

Hopkins House. Father Amara asks David to take over. David sits next to Caroline and he prays with the images from his vision, that Caroline has seen too. He implores the 60 to let her go. Caroline is strapped to a bed, writhing and screaming. Her eyes are so bloodshot, even her irises are red ringed. David grabs her hand, reassuring him that he is with her. Caroline looks at David intently and gives him a warning. 

“You’re in danger. He’s coming for you.”

David is all cool, cool, come for me just as long as he leaves you!

Caroline takes a deep breath as she settles back in the bed and then passes out. David calls to her and she wakes with a start.  Her eyes have returned to normal and, in a normal voice, asks for her husband. William races over as Dr. Boggs has a silent scream freak out over what he just witnessed.  

David heads outside (a nice detail that the house has been TP’d during the episode) and stands under the street light. The light blows up and out, leaving him in darkness.  When he looks up, there are 3 Stars in the sky …

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Runway Dolls Strip Club. Ben and Vanessa talk as the night winds down. She writes her number on his hand, old school style. Daaawwwww. They’re so cute together. They are what this episode needed. 

Graveyard. Laura is laying in the grave.

THAT POSSESSED WOMAN JUST SAID HER DAUGHTERS WILL BE BURIED! I do not get paid enough to be this terror-stricken. I already have an active imagination, I don’t need help to have my mind play tricks on me.

Freaky Brenda continues her story about the burned girl from earlier saying her face was so badly burned and disfigured that no one could bear to look at her. Halloween was her favorite night because she could wear a mask. No one was scared of her … until she took off the mask. Freaky Brenda makes a motion to take off her mask as we cut away. 

Kristen, Grandma Sheryl and Lexis have entered the graveyard and are calling for the girls. They hear the little ones and rush to them. Kristen gets Laura out of the grave. They try to explain what happened, but there’s lots of wailing. “Where’s Brenda,” Kristen asks but it seems the little girl managed to disappear, unnoticed, in the commotion. Her mask is by a nearby headstone and blows away in the breeze. 

The Wrap-Up.  The girl with the long blond hair formerly known as Freaky Brenda is walking down the street cackling, unafraid of the boys in the street. As they pass her, she yells “boo!” and scares then as the cackling continues.  She must really be something without that mask on?!?

End scene.



First off, I’m going to say that I am so glad I get to watch these on my terms. I tend to watch in the glorious sunshine around high noon and not at 10pm at night like the rest of you. A perk of being a recap writer that I never appreciated before this show. (Hit up @PCRMikeCaputo on Twitter if you want to be in the writers crowd and not have the bejeezus scared out of you by watching this show in prime time … also, lots of other cool perks).

I don’t know where to start. So, so much to unpack. The exorcism that wasn’t, but …was? Leland’s pass at Kristen’s mom? Freaky Brenda? The tension between Kristen and David? Tony’s hair?

Did the exorcism work? Her eyes were all red and bloodshot and after a moment of rest and David imploring the demon to let her go, Real Caroline was back. Did David heal her? Did he take on the demonic spirit himself? The streetlight didn’t just fizzle out, it exploded as he leaned on it. No schizophrenic just recovers like that, as evidenced by Dr. Boggs’ perplexed (terrified?) look at the end.

Also, Possessed Caroline knowing about David’s visions and telling him that God had forsaken him?!? That seems like Leland and the 60 were hard at work in the Devil Room tonight. Also, the resurfacing of the 60 evil spirits – what is the significance of that number and how is it tied to Leland, David and, now, Kristen (and her kids).

Leland’s ploy to use her mother to get to Kristen. Blech. Not for anything, Grandma Sheryl, you can do wayyy better than either Mr. Hiccup or Leland. I can only imagine what Kristen’s reaction to both of them will be when she finds out Leland seduced her mother. And he was planting all kinds of bad seeds in Sheryl to ignore potentially important calls or else.  I think Leland will do a little damage between Grandma Sheryl and Kristen before he’s revealed. We shall see. But Holy hell!

It’s very interesting the way the scientific team and the religious team stood in their powwow scenes in the Hopkins house. Kristen and Dr. Boggs stood side by side and opposite David and Father Amara. It is subtle but very well done, to pit the forces of science against the forces of God. I see you Robert and Michelle King and your vision.

Also, read the body language, especially the powwows after the holy water incident. Just as much as Kristen and Dr. Boggs shake their heads in disbelief at Father Amara and his religious convictions, David does the same thing back to Kristen and Dr. Boggs when they spout off medical reasons to Mr. Hopkins about some of the incredible things his wife has done. Two very different ends of the spectrum collided in the episode. And it was great. This show keeps you guessing and it’s so intelligent.

The Bouchard daughters attract a lot of supernatural beings and have had a fair share of supernatural occurrences. I don’t know where I’m going with it, but I do know I would have shit my pants if I had to live in their world as a little kid; between George the Dream Demon, those freaky AR goggles and now Freaky Brenda. (See my overactive imagination mentioned above).

P.S. Can we talk for a moment about the early Season 2 renewal for EVIL? We over at Pop Culture Review did a happy dance.

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