TV Recap: EVIL (Episode 105) – God Has Forsaken You …

“October 31” (Episode 105)
October 24, 2019

I must confess, I have not regained full composure after last week’s EVIL; it was gut-wrenching. In short, last week, the God Squad investigated a potentially possessed or psychopathic 9-year old boy. After he tried to drown his baby sister in the family pool, the God Squad came to the conclusion that an exorcism was needed to address a possible demon in him. Unfortunately, when the God Squad showed up to perform the rite, the boy had gone missing. The grieving mother gave the God Squad (and us) enough hints to conclude the parents killed the boy in order to protect their other children. Meanwhile, Kristen’s Mom gave her granddaughters augmented reality goggles, which seemed fine until they activated an MA-rated game and the web-enabled component that brought in a gamer named Rose390, who dialed up the intensity and maybe is an agent of the Devil? 

It’s Halloween in the show and almost Halloween in real life. With that in mind, are you ready for a bona fide exorcism where science and religion collide, spectacularly? Great! Let’s get into tonight’s all new episode of EVIL … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

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