What To Watch – Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Wednesday TV is all about killing time until Mr. Robot starts at 10pm but i gotta tell you, this season of Riverdale looks to be amazing. We’ve got a revenge-y type serial killer loose. Archie has a baseball bat. The Lodges are under one roof and its wonderfully tense and awkward.   Here is everything else you should be watching tonight, Wednesday, October 18!

8pm Hour:

1st Choice: Riverdale. The season premiere sent a dark tone for the season with Archie poised to play vigilante against his father’s would be killer. And the Lodges have been reunited – can you say, awkward.  Tonight, Pop’s Diner might be forced to close — i can’t imagine all the blood on the floor from the shooting is good for business.  The CW

2nd Choice: Blacklist. Red is poor, looking for a new source of income.  NBC.

3rd Choice: The Walking Dead. AMC is in the middle of replaying the whole series, leading up to Sunday night’s Season 8 premiere.  They are in the middle of the Governor story line right now and this 8pm rerun is the series 3 finale.  Check it out!  AMC

9pm Hour:

1st Choice: SEAL Team.  In tonight’s B-plot, we finally get to meet the oft mentioned, but not yet seen, Clay’s father, Ash Spencer (guest star, C. Thomas Howell (Ray Donovan, Stitchers). Sounds like he wrote some peacock feather strutting book about his time on the tip of the spear.  Typically, this is ill-received by operators who pride themselves on not taking victory laps.  CBS

2nd Choice: Law & Order: SVU. The gang takes on cyber-bullying of children tonight.  NBC

3rd Choice:  The Walking Dead. The 9pm hour is a rerun of the Season 4 premiere, 30 Days Without an Accident. If I recall, this is the episode that starts with Farmer Rick! AMC

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: Mr. Robot. Elliot continues to undo 5/9 while Angela, Mr. Robot, Irving, Whiterose and the rest of the Dark Army work against him. USA.

2nd Choice: The Shannara Chronicles. Still not caught up but this is very high on my catch up list.  Spike

3rd Choice: The Walking Dead.  More Prison Life drama as Season 4 continues to rerun.  AMC.

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