What To Watch – Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fresh Blood joins the NCIS team tonight so I think we should all welcome Maria Bello to the family.  Elsewhere, Barry and Iris need some relationship counseling, the Legends go to the Circus, and science might be able to explain why someone appears to have burst into flames which was caught on camera. We like to keep you guessing here at PCR.

8pm Hour:

1st. Choice: The Flash.  Not sure if Barry thought Iris was just going to be totes cool after him being gone 6 months in the Speed Force but their relationship needs some work, ya’ll.   The CW.

2nd Choice: NCIS.  A storm! A power Outage! A new woman for Gibbs to verbally spar with! That’s right, Maria Bello joins the veteran CBS drama tonight as NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane, forensic psychologist. Bello (Goliath, Touch) will be a series regular from here on out. Its unclear if she will be in every episode but with fan favorite, Pauley Perrette, leaving the long running series, expect Bello to occupy more and more screen time – especially if fans take to her chemistry with Gibbs (Mark Harmon).  CBS.

3rd Choice: The Middle and Fresh Off the Boat. The first hour of Tuesday’s night comedy block is always reliable for a laugh or two.  There are funny misunderstandings and funny tropes will be played out and laughter will ensure.   ABC.

9pm Hour:

1st Choice: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  The Time Dummies find themselves with PT Barnum and his circus in 1870, still cleaning up their time messes.  I am positive I will say, “not my monkeys, not my circus” several times during my live tweet of this episode.  The CW

2nd Choice: Bull.  Bull has to hire his own attorney for his own case tonight.  Michael Weatherly is one of the most delightful people to watch on TV and that is no less true than as Bull.  This is another show I tend to On Demand during slow parts of the TV season and just binge away.  CBS.

3rd Choice: The Mick and Brooklyn 99. My friends tell me The Mick is very funny and Brooklyn 99 was the last comedy I watched with loyalty (though its been a season since I saw an episode) so give Fox a chance with the second hour of primetime TV.  Fox

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.  I’m still recommending this one on the advice of others but hope to be able to endorse it myself, soon.  ABC

2nd Choice: American Horror Story: Cult. This is still happening. Episode 7 tonight.  People will die; it’ll be horrific. It might give you nightmares. Enjoy! FX

3rd Choice:  Strange Evidence.  The premise of this show is, “a look at mysteries caught on tape and the science behind them.” Tonight’s examination includes, “a person inexplicably bursting into flames. An ancient statue at a museum appears to come to life at night. An alien-like creature is filmed in the sewers.” SCI

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