What To Watch – Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Superhero Tuesdays are back!! In our continuing post-Olympics after glow, we’re feeling rejuvenated and ready for new episodes of our Favorite Shows.  Tonight, we have new The Flash, Black Lightning (our Top Pick of the Night) and in the 10pm hour, we’re officially moving Bellevue into our 1st place slot – I’ve enjoyed the season so far and its worth giving it the eyeballs so maybe it gets a Season 2.

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

8pm Hour:

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

1st Choice:   The Flash. “Barry meets a powerful woman whose abilities could help him in his battle with DeVoe. Meanwhile, after learning that DeVoe is targeting everyone who was on the bus, Ralph decides he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore, his only concern is staying alive. Harry offers to help Joe” The CW

2nd  Choice:   NCIS. “NCIS strikes a deal with convicted murderer Paul Triff, giving him a 48-hour furlough at his former residence, now McGee’s home, in exchange for information that can convict his former cellmate, Gabriel Hicks, the murderer who deceived Gibbs and Fornell.” CBS

3rd Choice:  The Fosters.  “Stef confronts her demons and finally comes clean to Lena about what’s been troubling her; and Mariana and Emma find themselves going head to head, putting Poppy and Jesus in an awkward position.”  Freeform

9pm Hour:

Photo: Richard Ducree/The CW

1st Choice:    Black Lightning.  “Jefferson is on the hunt for his father’s killer, while Anissa uses her new powers to rectify a wrong after a protest fails. Jennifer grapples with some difficult choices. Elsewhere, Gambi begs for help from Lynn.”  The CW

2nd Choice:  This Is Us.  “Kate and Toby go to Las Vegas for their bachelor-bachelorette parties. Meanwhile, Jack and Rebecca celebrate their anniversary.” NBC

3rd Choice:  Who Killed Jane Doe?The body of an unidentified young woman turns up on the side of an Oklahoma highway. Her name remains a mystery until investigators find a family looking for their missing daughter, who’s become entrapped in a suspicious relationship.” ID

10pm Hour:

1st Choice:   Bellevue.  “Annie looks into the Sandy Driver case with her dad’s notebook and searches for links to the Jesse case, which leads to a heartbreaking discovery.” WGN America

2nd Choice:   Drunk History.  Underdogs! “Colin Hanks, David Harbour and Kimiko Glenn celebrate Fred Rogers and his fight for government-funded children’s TV. Also: the female journalist who helped take down John D. Rockefeller’s oil monopoly.” Comedy Central

3rd Choice:   Undercover High. “As the school year winds down, the participants delve deeper to uncover the barriers that stand in the way of Highland Park’s success. They find students they’ve made connections with to be caught in cycles of poverty, crime and troubled home lives.” A&E

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