What To Watch – Tuesday, February 20, 2018

These Winter Olympics are just murdering new episodes of TV. Even The CW is bowing to repeats tonight so no new The Flash OR Black Lightning.  So, we are going with lots of Drunk History and Impractical Jokers and at 10pm, Bellevue.  Only a few more days until these Winter Games end.

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

8pm Hour:

2018 WINTER OLYMPICS — Pictured: “PeyongChang 2018” Logo — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

1st Choice:   The Winter Olympics.  “Men take on Big Air snowboarding for the first time in the Olympics, women compete in the final of downhill, and Figure Skating sees the women compete in the Short Program. Adopted as a women’s sport in 2002, the Bobsled sees Elana Meyers Taylor and Jamie Greubel Poser back representing Team USA after winning Silver and Bronze respectively with other teammates in Sochi.” NBC/NBC SN

2nd  Choice:   Drunk History. Repeats. There is so little on tonight that I am recommending two hours of Drunk History repeats for tonight’s new episode at 10pm.

3rd Choice:  Impractical Jokers. Much like Drunk History above, I am proposing two hours of repeats over anything else that’s on tonight. That’s where we’re at folks.  Goddamn Olympics! TruTV

9pm Hour:

1st Choice:    The Winter Olympics.  Continues on NBC.

2nd Choice:   Drunk History. Continues on Comedy Central.  

3rd Choice:  Impractical Jokers.  Continues on TruTV 

10pm Hour:

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

2nd Choice:  Bellevue.  “The town and cops move on from the Jesse case, but Annie chases a new angle that takes her scary road, where she and the Riddler reach a new level.” WGN America

3rd Choice:   The Winter Olympics.   Continues on NBC.

2 thoughts on “What To Watch – Tuesday, February 20, 2018”

  1. Man, you are so right! The Olympics need to end now because I need some new TV show episodes. Don’t TV channel executives realize by now that we would still watch our shows despite the Olympics being on since not everybody like sports?!

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