What To Watch Tonight – Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What To Watch Tonight?  The post-Christmas blues set in tonight with a dearth of original TV. That being said, we’re genuinely excited to watch Hamilton‘s creators be honored at The 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors.  Also on, a Doctor Who marathon! This is the best we can ask for these dark days of late December.

Photo by Jonathan Hession

8pm Hour: 

Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS

1st Choice: The 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors.  “Cher, Philip Glass, Reba McEntire, Wayne Shorter and “Hamilton” co-creators Lin-Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail, Andy Blankenbuehler and Alex Lacamoire are honored.” CBS

2nd Choice: Mysteries at the Museum. “Don Wildman examines how a spelling mistake created a holiday classic; a ferocious feline that stalks the halls of the US Capitol Building before national tragedies, and a gruesome triple murder on the high seas.” Travel

3rd Choice:  Doctor Who. You may not realize it but there is a Doctor Who marathon going on over at BBC America. When in doubt, you can always check in for an hour with the Doctor! BBC America

9pm Hour:

Photo by Jonathan Hession

1st Choice:  Vikings. “Ivar the Boneless insists his leadership over the Great Heathen Army. Meanwhile, Lagertha reigns Kattegat.” History

2nd Choice:  The 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors.  Continues on CBS.

3rd Choice:  Egypt’s Ten Greatest Discoveries.  “Dr. Zahi Hawass and a team of archaeologists paint a picture of Ancient Egyptian civilization.”  Travel

10pm Hour:

Photo: BBC America

1st Choice:  Doctor Who.  The Doctor Who marathon is the best of what’s on at 10pm. BBC America.

2nd Choice: Egypt’s Ten Greatest Discoveries. Continues on Travel.

3rd Choice:  Shattered. “Police tell Larry Schlegel that her mom’s death is not what it seemed.” ID

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