What To Watch Tonight – Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ho-Ho-Ho! Meeeerrrrry Christmas! What To Watch Tonight?  Not a Goddamn thing. Santa was so busy delivering presents to the good girls and boys, he forgot to schedule anything on TV for the good adults! Tonight, we’re continuing our binge of Marvel’s Runaways, Season 2. Also on that we like, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone! A non-traditional Christmas movie that it is totally a Christmas movie in vibe.  If you need a laugh tonight, Impractical Jokers will keep you in stitches all night long!
(Photo credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu)
8pm Hour:
(Photo by: Greg Lewis / Hulu)
1st Choice:  Marvel’s Runaways.  “Topher helps the kids break into Atlas Academy, but the plan is blown when Dale and Stacey trigger an earthquake and the parents rush to the scene. Jonah’s body continues to break down as he leads Karolina into the hole.” Hulu 2nd Choice: Impractical Jokers. It’s a whole night marathon night of the 4 Best Friends and their Impractical Joking! The 8pm episode is Holiday themed, “In this holiday special, Sal, Q, Murr and Joe revisit wild show moments, sharing their favorite “toys” and spending quality time at the mall.” TruTV 3rd Choice:  We’ll Meet Again. “Korean War veterans search for their brothers in arms. One wants to show his gratitude to two lieutenants who inspired him to be brave in battle, and the other hopes to thank a friend who boosted his spirits aboard a hospital ship.” PBS 9pm Hour:
(Photo by: Michael Desmond / Hulu)
1st Choice:  Marvel’s Runaways.  “When the kids discover that Topher may be more dangerous than they could have imagined, addicted to the rocks that give him superhuman abilities, will they help him or will they turn their backs on their new friend?” Hulu 2nd Choice: Impractical Jokers. Continues on TruTV. 3rd Choice: Chopped.  “Right out of the gate, the chefs are surprised by a bold delicacy that is seafood in name only. A soda shop treat is a sweet hurdle for the entree-round competitors. And the finalists find a jackfruit in the Round Three dessert box.” Food 10pm Hour: 1st Choice:  Marvel’s Runaways.  “PRIDE grapples with the moral implications of Jonah’s latest offer: freedom. Jonah, weakening, begins to eye his next target. After learning that Jonah is after another sacrifice, the Runaways realize they have to stop him before he kills another kid.” Hulu 2nd Choice:  Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone. “This adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s first bestseller follows the adventures of a young orphan who enrolls at a boarding school for magicians called Hogwarts, and unravels a mystery connected to a diabolical wizard who vanished years ago.” USA 3rd Choice:  Impractical Jokers. Continues on TruTV.

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