What To Watch Tonight – Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What to Watch Tonight? An all new Blood & Treasure is our Top Pick To Watch Tonight.  Also high on the list, Good Trouble and Animal Kingdom. Check out all of our picks below. What are you watching?

Photo: Mohammed Kamal/CBS 

8pm Hour:

(Freeform/Bill Inoshita)

1st Choice: Good Trouble. “Gael and the rest of the Coterie help Jazmin plan a big celebration—a “Doble Quince”—to celebrate her 30th birthday and the Quinceañera she never had. Mariana decides to use the event to beta test her app, but things don’t go as planned.” Freeform

2nd Choice: Lost Kingdom of the Yeti. “The Lost Kingdom of the Yeti team used DNA sampling to try and identify one of the greatest unknown creatures in the world. But what did they find? The Cryptid Factor crew reviews the results.” Science

3rd Choice:  America’s Got Talent. “A look at some of the best auditions.” NBC

9pm Hour:

Photo: TNT

1st Choice:  Animal Kingdom. “Suspicion grows when Smurf (Ellen Barkin) learns of a new threat to the family. Craig (Ben Robson) tracks down Frankie (Dichen Lachman) in the wake of her betrayal, and Deran (Jake Weary) makes a dangerous decision to try and protect his relationship with Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark). ” TNT

2nd Choice: The Haves and the Have Nots. “Veronica and Wyatt retaliate against their enemies.” OWN

3rd Choice:  America’s Got Talent. Continues on NBC.

10pm Hour:

Photo: Mohammed Kamal/CBS 

1st Choice:  Blood & Treasure. “The FBI offers Danny and Lexi information that will help them in their search for Cleopatra, but only if Danny is able to get his incarcerated father, Patrick, to give up the location of paintings that he helped steal 20 years earlier. Also, Farouk deals with a loose end and takes a big step forward in his master plan.” CBS

2nd Choice: PureRepeat. “Anna’s attempt to cover her criminal tracks prompts an unexpected offer of marriage. Noah discovers that Anna is not the only family member working for the cartel.” WGNA

3rd Choice: Drunk History. “Hedy Lamarr designs the first modern airplane wing, Eartha Kitt’s activism provokes the ire of Lady Bird Johnson, and Alexis Pulaski’s poodle becomes a huge star.” Comedy

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