What To Watch Tonight – Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What to Watch Tonight?  The State of The Union is throwing a monkey wrench into programming tonight with a lot of 9 and 10 pm favorites being preempted. We still have all new shows on The CW like The Flash and Roswell, New Mexico. Also, our Top Pick to Watch, Project Blue Book (which usually gets bumped for New Amsterdam).  On BET, the new bio pic series, American Soul, premieres tonight and we’re so nostalgic for Soul Train that we will definitely be checking it out. What are you watching?

8pm Hour:

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW 

1st Choice: The Flash. “Barry and Ralph must go undercover as criminals in an illegal black market to stop Cicada. But once inside, Barry and Ralph find their morality tested as they slip deeper into the criminal world, eventually having to choose between committing a crime, or losing the means to defeat one of their greatest foes. Meanwhile, Iris investigates a lead on Cicada’s whereabouts and ends up in a dangerous situation.” The CW

2nd Choice: Good Trouble.  “Stef and Lena visit Callie and Mariana in their new digs for the first time. Everyone is on their best behavior, but secrets are revealed and the girls are reminded of why they need their moms.” Freeform

3rd Choice:  Ellen’s Game of Games. “Games include “Danger Word,” “Mount St. Ellen,” “See You Later Alligator” and “Aw Snap.” The winner of each of the first four rounds advances to “Know or Go” and the person who wins that game advances to “Hot Hands” for a chance to win a cash prize.” NBC

9pm Hour:

Sinqua Walls as Don Cornelius from BET’s “American Soul” episode 101. (Annette Brown/BET)

1st Choice: American Soul.  Series Premiere. “Don risks everything to land an A-List performer in order to take Soul Train nationwide. While Tessa struggles to live up to Don’s expectations, she discovers a new act that could be the next big thing.” BET

2nd Choice: Roswell, New Mexico. “Max is conflicted when a town-wide power outage leaves hospital patients in need of help. Meanwhile, Liz turns to Kyle after learning details about the night Rosa died.” The CW

3rd Choice: Chopped. “Four talented pastry chefs make a chocolate feast for the Chopped judges.” Food

10pm Hour:

Photo by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORY

1st Choice:  Project Blue Book. “Quinn and Hynek follow clues that lead them to a secret group who have witnessed strange lights.” History

2nd Choice:  American Soul. “To save his Southern syndication Don teams with an unlikely partner. The Clarke family prepares for Joseph’s homecoming from Vietnam. JT finds himself in a bad spot after running into an old friend.” BET

3rd Choice: Drunk History. “Bessie Coleman is America’s first black woman pilot; the students of the Little Rock Nine integrate a high school following the Brown v. Board of Education decision.” Comedy Central

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