What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, September 13, 2018

What To Watch Tonight?  Man, this night is dreary for content … can the new season premiere already?!? Luckily, we are moving in that direction with several shows having their respective finales tonight (of the series and season variety).  Tonight’s Top Pick is the season finale of Queen of the South. There is also the season finale of Take Two and the series finale of Shooter!! NFL Football is on too but only on NFL channel so its not on our list!

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH — “El Mundo” Episode 313 — Pictured: (l-r) Hemky Madera as Pote, Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza — (Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

8pm Hour:

1st Choice:  Supernatural. Start getting excited for the new season with this repeat episode … “Gabriel is back and drags Sam and Dean into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack’s inflating confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm’s way.” The CW

2nd Choice:  The First 48.  “In Tulsa, an unsolved case comes to life when new evidence sheds light on a dead man’s friend.”  A&E

3rd Choice:   A Haunting.  “A single mom is trying to get over the sudden death of her husband when dark shadows and nightmares convince her that a demon is haunting her. She turns to a pastor to exorcise the entity before it drives her insane.” Food

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

1st Choice:  Queen of the South.  Season Finale. “Reeling from a surprise attack, Teresa makes a bold move to seize the throne.” USA

2nd Choice:  The Perfect Murder.  “Multi-millionaire Las Vegas real estate developer Ron Rudin goes missing. In order to find him, detectives will trace twisted a path filled with haunting spirits, dark obsession, and greed.” ID

3rd Choice:  Big Brother.  “Following a live vote, a Houseguest is evicted and interviewed by host Julie Chen. Remaining Houseguests compete for next Head of Household.” ABC

10pm Hour:

 (Photo by: Beth Corey/USA Network)

1st Choice:   Shooter.  Series Finale. “Bob Lee attempts to put an end to Atlas, all while trying to save his marriage and tie up the remaining threads from his past. Isaac, Nadine, and Harris find new roles for themselves in D.C.”  USA

2nd Choice:  To Catch a Killer.  “New York State Police investigator Jim Horton forms a friendship with infamous burglar Gary Evans after a chance meeting, but the question is whether the bond is built on trust or treachery.” ID

3rd Choice:   Take Two. “In the Season 1 finale, Sam and Eddie take a case involving a serial con man who victimizes wealthy women. In order to recover their client’s money and jewelry without scaring off their suspect, the pair hatch a plan to con the con man using Sam as bait. But their plan goes awry when they learn they’re not the only ones after the con man and they may be stepping into a trap themselves. As events unfold, Sam’s future and Eddie’s past collide to test their professional and personal relationship.” ABC

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