What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, October 31, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Our Top Pick To Watch Tonight is Perfect Harmony‘s Halloween episode and the return of Mysteries Decoded. Check out all of our picks for the night below. What are you watching?

Pictured: Bradley Whitford as Arthur Cochran — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

8pm Hour:

Bradley Whitford as Arthur Cochran, Anna Camp as Ginny — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

1st Choice: NBC Comedy Block. In the first part of the two hour block, Must See Thursday kicks off with new Superstore and Perfect Harmony (both are Halloween episodes). NBC

2nd Choice:  The 13 Scariest Movies of All Time.  “Dean Cain counts down the scariest movies of all time.” The CW

3rd Choice: Grey’s Anatomy. “Alex is hoping to impress investors at Pac-Gen North, but when he hears disturbing news about skeletons on the construction site grounds, he enlists Richard to help with distraction tactics. Teddy feels the pressure to be super-mom after tasking herself with creating original Halloween costumes for Allison and Leo, while Meredith fears she won’t make it home in time for trick-or-treating with her kids. Elsewhere, Jackson tends to a pediatric patient upset that she’s in a hospital on Halloween.” ABC

9pm Hour:

Photo: MorningStar Entertainment

1st Choice:  Mysteries Decoded. “US Navy veteran turned private investigator Jennifer Marshall heads to New Orleans and teams up with vampire/writer Vincent Curiel to investigate whether an ancient vampire has cracked the code on immortality.” The CW

2nd Choice:  A Million Little Things. “Gary’s growing tension with Maggie comes to a head as she accidentally lets Colin out while she’s on the phone with Eric. Meanwhile, Delilah does a podcast about suicide, which helps her open up to Andrew.” ABC

3rd Choice: NBC Comedy Block. In the second part of the two hour block, Must See Thursday ends with new The Good Place and Will & Grace. NBC

10pm Hour:

Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS

1st Choice:  EVILREPEAT. “Kristen, Ben and David are hired to evaluate Eric, a seemingly psychopathic 9-year-old boy. Eric takes a liking to David, which leaves them hopeful they can curb his violent behavior. Also, Kristen is most affected by this investigation as she worries about her young daughters who lied about a horror game their grandmother, Sheryl, bought behind her back.” CBS

2nd Choice: Mr. Inbetween. “An old friend takes the fall and an associate pays for past misdeeds.” FX

3rd Choice:  Home Sweet Homicide. “Police officers investigate the killing of Betty Sue Short.” ID

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