What To Watch Tonight – Monday, July 29, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Our Top Pick to Watch Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance. Also high on the list, an all new Legion. Check out the rest of the picks below. What are you watching?!?

CR: Greg Gayne/FOX

8pm Hour

(Photo by: Brett Deering/NBC)

1st Choice: American Ninja Warrior. “The Oklahoma City Finals features up to 10 challenging obstacles, including Snap Back.” NBC

2nd Choice:  Sharks Of The Badlands. “White sharks are infiltrating the waters off Cape Cod. Greg Skomal joins Kina Scollay in New Zealand to test new cutting-edge technology for shark detecting surveillance. If all goes well, they will bring it to Cape Cod to make the water safe again.” Discovery

3rd Choice:  America’s Hidden Stories. “Cutting-edge archaeology has revealed little-known stories about America’s first English settlement, specifically events that took place in the seminal year 1619.” Smith

9pm Hour

CR: Greg Gayne/FOX

1st Choice:  So You Think You Can Dance. “After making it through the grueling Academy rounds, the Top Ten women will take the stage, each partnered with an All-Star guy, for a choreographed duet, outside their own style.” Fox

2nd Choice: American Ninja Warrior. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:  Years and Years. “Throughout fifteen tumultuous years, the Lyons family experience everything people fear of the future in a world marked by political instability, impending wars, and intimidating technological advances.” HBO

10pm Hour

Photo: FX

1st Choice:  Legion. “Syd grows up in a foreign land.” FX

2nd Choice:  Grand Hotel. “Santiago takes matters into his hands. Danny envies Alicia’s relationship.” ABC

3rd Choice:  The Sharks of Headstone Hell.  “Norfolk Island has the largest tiger sharks on Earth that are drawn by full-size animal carcasses tossed into the sea; Riley Elliot and Andy Casagrande are on a quest to find out if this practice has altered the behaviour of these massive sharks.” Discovery

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