What To Watch Tonight – Monday, July 22, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Our Top Pick to Watch Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance. Also high on the list, an all new Legion. Check out the rest of the picks below. What are you watching?!?

CR: Adam Rose/FOX

8pm Hour

(Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC)

1st Choice: American Ninja Warrior. “In the Atlanta City Finals, competitors face up to 10 obstacles, including Up For Grabs.” NBC

2nd Choice: Buried in the Backyard. “Investigators in York, Pennsylvania delve into buried secrets after a couple makes a discovery in their backyard. A brother appears desperate to find his sister, but in a strange twist could lead detectives to a staggering truth.” Oxygen

3rd Choice: How the Universe Works. “New discoveries and technology may reveal the secrets of the black hole’s behavior.” Science

9pm Hour

CR: Adam Rose/FOX

1st Choice:  So You Think You Can Dance. “”The Academy” callbacks continue at the Dolby Theatre, as the talented dancers are challenged to learn and perform multiple styles of dance and vie for a spot in the Top 10.” Fox

2nd Choice: American Ninja Warrior. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:  Years and Years. “Viv Rook becomes prime minister; Rosie finds herself trapped in the system; and Edith investigates mysterious rumors.” HBO

10pm Hour

Photo: FX

1st Choice:  Legion. “David wages war.” FX

2nd Choice:  Grand Hotel. “The hotel faces a few obstacles from a neighboring hotel while planning their gala fundraiser. Elsewhere, Mrs. P goes undercover; and Javi embraces his new fatherhood role despite his family’s hesitations.” ABC

3rd Choice:  American Dad.  “Snot finds out that his father was a demolition derby driver. Steve learns to drive.” TBS

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