TV Recap: Krypton (Episode 204) – The End of the War …

“Danger Close” (Episode 204)
July 3, 2019

Last week on Krypton, Seg managed to kick Brainiac out of his brain via the natal chamber on Colu – the same chamber that originally brought Brainiac into being. Afterwards, Seg and Adam were able to Zeta Beam out of the chamber (and back to Krypton) just as Lobo regenerated, leaving the Main Man to get his revenge on Brainiac. Elsewhere, Zod decided to send Lyta in to squash the rebellion on Wegthor. And Nyssa further muddied the waters of her her life as double agent but also, got some sexy times with an old flame who is now in the Resistance. Catch up on our deep dive recap and review of the episode here.

Let’s see what’s happening now on this week’s all new episode of Krypton, “Danger Close” … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! 

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Flashback Time! Tonight’s episode opens with a flashback to when Seg was a Rankless and met Sagitari Lyta for the first time. Back in a time when everything was dirty and gross and there were curfews, Seg helps corral a drunk Kem back home. Seeing a Sagitari talking to one of the street vendors, assumes the helmeted soldier is harassing the vendor and he intervenes. The Sagitari takes off her helmet and he’s taken aback as Lyta reveals herself. She tells Seg she’s looking for a hand made gift for her betrothed for their binding ceremony which coming up. The Rankless district is known for its handmade items.

Seg is totally smitten by her. Y’all, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Seg looks at Lyta.

When Lyta isn’t immediately taken by him, Seg kicks the flirting into high gear, telling Lyta that he can’t let her buy something that “hideous,” especially if she intends to give it to someone else. Lyta takes the bait and smiles, melting her tough facade. The flirting dance continues and Lyta lets Seg bind them in a scarf he chooses. The chemistry here is electric and neither chances to speak for a minute as they see their hands bound (as would have been done in the traditional ceremony). Seg breaks the spell.

“I think this is definitely the one.”

Dawwwww, guys. You are too cute.

Kem ruins the moment by falling to the floor right by the stall where they are flirting. He announces himself by saying “the pilferer.” Lyta and Seg help Kem to his unsteady feet and Kem asks Seg if he thinks this Sagitari woman is a little too short to be a Sagitari? Seg disagrees and says she’s perfect.  Lyta and Seg blush.  Turning serious, Seg tells Lyta she’s the only Sagitari who has ever helped him and she replies that not all Sagitari are the same …

Which is when Brainiac appears over Seg’s shoulder in the memory.

“So this is how you met her.”

Kandor. Seg startles awake.  Adam wishes Seg a good morning but also makes sure that Seg know that he looks “like three kinds of shit.”  Seg wants to get a move on to Kandor but Adam cautions they don’t have respirators and, well, Seg was dead fairly recently. Adam thinks they need to be cautious because Zod is not to be taken lightly.  He’s so evil, “people just let him wear a cape, and I don’t want you to get hurt or dead again.” Seg appreciates the concern but he assures his friend that he’ll be fine.

“Whatever else he is, Dru-Zod is still my son.”

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Opening Credits.

Wegthor. Sagitari bodies litter the ground as Kem wakes up. Clearly the Resistance did well in their ambush. An automated voice, like Siri’s cousin, warns that his oxygen levels are depleting. Whelp, now they’re depleted. Kem grabs a respirator and injects himself so he can breathe. After taking a deep breathe, Kem gets another warning, this time from above. It’s Araame and a group of Resistance fighters warning Kem not to move. This warning comes with a blaster pointed at his face. 

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Kandor. Seg and Adam are walking through the same Rankless district from Seg’s memory. Seg is in disbelief at how much it’s changed. It’s clean and bright in comparison to before. Adam catches his buddy up on things.

“Welcome to General Zod’s Kandor.”

They walk along the formerly dank Rankless sector and Adam says the change is due to one person. Adam points out a giant hologram of Zod, the “savior of Krypton.” The cleaner streets and improved conditions are why it’s hard for Val to recruit rebel forces, Adam continues. Adam asks if Seg has a plan? Seeing Seg’s face, Adam realizes is going to be doing something alone and while Seg denies have an “I’m doing it alone face,” he doesn’t deny he going to be doing something alone.

Seg tells Adam to go ahead of him, find Val and update him that’s Seg is alive and will join them soon. Meanwhile, Seg will find Lyta and have her stand with him. The people will see that and, as Lyta’s a respected leader of Kandor and from the House of Zod, it could sway numbers to side with the rebels. Adam thinks that plan might actually work but tells Seg that if he doesn’t hear from him the next day, he’s coming back to look for him. Seg thanks Adam for everything and for getting him home. Adam throws his arms around Seg, not knowing what else to do, really. They part ways. 

Wegthor. The rebels who captured Kem are asking him questions, seeing how he’s all that’s left of the Sagitari after the ambush. They ask if his commander was his friend? Kem replies the commander didn’t think the conscripted Sagitari, like Kem, were loyal enough so nope on the friends thing. Araame tells Kem that he outlasted 99% of the “real Sagitari” from his regiment. He is sardonic as ever. 

“Didn’t realize not dying was a skill.”

Kandor. Lyta’s Quarters. Lyta is scheduling her transport to Wegthor when Seg (very casually given he’s been away for a bit and presumed dead) walks in. Lyta immediately cancels her transport and the forbidden couple embrace and kiss passionately. Seg picks her up and walks over to the bed. Bow chika bow wow. 


Wegthor. The rebels are celebrating their victory over the Sagitari. Val and Jax are standing before the recruits (Nyssa standing silently next to them). Jax tells the troops that the war isn’t over, but this victory “feels damn good to win.” Val chimes in that he’s pleased their victory was a success and cost little in the way of rebel lives. Jax tells the rebels a great debt is owed to Nyssa and her information. Jax says quietly to Nyssa that she was sorry for doubting her.

Jax continues telling the rebels that their offensive has opened up a hole in Zod’s defense, but their opportunity is limited by time; reinforcements will obviously be sent. Jax and Val explain that the next campaign involves them using long range oxygenators (stolen from the Sagitari in the ambush) to take them to the elevator base station. Control the space elevator, control Wegthor.

The rally is interrupted when Adam is roughly escorted into the cave. Adam, hands bound, awkwardly greets everyone and rests a longer gaze and greeting on Jax.

Clearly, he’s thinking of a safe word. 

Kandor. Lyta’s, ahem, Bed. Lyta and Seg are still having fun under the sheets, giggling. She tells him it’s strange to have him here and not having to worry about being caught, like earlier times.  

“It’s pretty hard to get in trouble when you’re sleeping with the Primus.”

Seg tells Lyta he loves her and repeats the line from the opening flashback that she’s still the only Sagitari to ever help him. Lyta reacts like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about but that gets glossed over because Seg notices Lyta’s got a nosebleed. She flips over and tells him it’s from stress; it’s been happening since the war started.

Seg acknowledges that her and Dru-Zod have taken on a great deal in leading the people of Krypton. Lyta replies that someone has to. Seg inquires to know what Jayna thinks of this situation?!? Lyta is super cagey and replies that no one has seen her. Seg gets to the thing that’s been plaguing him. He tells Lyta about his vision of the future which he had in the Phantom Zone; you’ll recall the one where Dru chokes her to death.

Lyta protests, telling him that Dru-Zod was the only thing she had left of Seg after he vanished into the Phantom Zone. She’d rather choose to believe their son united the two of them. Seg elaborates on his worry that Adam has seen a future where Zod conquered the galaxy for his own gain. Seg believes Lyta and him, together, can stop that future from becoming a reality. Lyta doesn’t respond to this directly but tells Seg to get dressed and follow her.

Non sequitur, much? 

Wegthor. Val is thrilled when Adam tells him that Seg is alive and out of the Phantom Zone. Val praises Adam for helping keep hope alive and says that Adam would have “made a good El.” Adam is hesitant to accept his praise, telling Val he thinks he messed up big time and maybe broke the universe. Adam continues that he used the Zeta-Beam and got a glimpse of the future. It was a void, nothing. As if time stopped. Adam is fearful that by giving Seg the Sunstone and everything else that’s happened, all the activity with Brainiac and Zod, has created a “catastrophic universe-ending shitstorm” and it’s all Adam’s fault?

Val tries to reassure Adam that he was not responsible for what he saw. Val tells him the best way to go forward, to not have that reality, is to fight Zod and win the war. Adam likes this idea.

“Tell me how I can help?”

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Kandor. Lyta introduces Seg to his baby, Cor-Vex. Seg is in awe of him, his likeness to himself.

Christ, that’s a cute baby.

Lyta tells Seg that she looks at the baby’s face at night and she sees Seg’s face. Seg’s face changes. He asks Lyta why is Cor here, what happened to Nyssa? Lyta tells Seg that Nyssa is on Zod’s side, “helping fight the Rebellion.” She asks that Seg stay here and when Lyta returns from Wegthor, they’ll be together, as a family, with “our son.” Seg goes wide-eyed at this possessive comment. 

“Our son? Lyta, Cor will always be mine and Nyssa’s child.” 

Just then, Dru-Zod arrives announcing that Lyta doesn’t mean Cor-Vex, but rather, himself. Seg is incredulous that Lyta would tell Zod he was in Kandor. Seg sputters that this wasn’t like Lyta. Lyta responds that it will all make sense soon and then Seg will understand. Seg looks at her like, “how do you spell betrayal? Z-O-D.”

Pictured: Colin Salmon as General Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)


Outlands. Dev comes to sit with Jayna in the outpost bar. Dev apologizes for his emotional outburst last night and Jayna assures him he has nothing to apologize for. That being said, she’s willing to listen to him, if he needs to let it out. Dev breaks into a story of what broke him.  He begins by saying the Rebels were successful in picking their numbers off and he and his soldiers were driven underground. The Rebels knew the tunnels and, despite having superior numbers, the Sagitari were at a disadvantage; of course, their number one mission was to never let the Rebels knew they had the upper hand.

Flashback Time! The Sagitari regiment is below ground and a soldier on surveillance announces she’s got a bio-reading but she’s unable to make a determination as to what it is. Dev instructs her to set it to thermal. Kem handles that and sees they’re civilians, clarifying that it’s families, lots of them. Dev instructs his soldiers to keep moving, to leave the civies alone.

Pictured: Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

A Sagitari sergeant (Ed White) challenges Dev, saying these civilians could be harboring Rebels. Dev disagrees, thinking if those civilians had been doing that, the Sagitari would be dead already. The Sergeant tells Dev he already called this into command and what’s he supposed to do now with Dev overruling this action. Dev is annoyed this was even called in and tries to get the message ignored by his command. 

“Wegthor Command, this is Faora One-Three Actual. Ignore prior comm blast. Hostiles not found. Civilians only. Over.”

Dev is told by the disembodied voice from Command that Dev’s override is ignored and the order to blow the tunnels stands. Dev counters, insisting that civilians are in range and are “danger close”; they’ll need to be cleared before they can proceed on blowing the tunnels. Again, Command overrides his request. Dev escalates the request to Primus Lyta-Zod for a consult on the order. Command relays to Dev that she gave the order. Exasperated, Dev returns his focus to his troops. He orders a hole to be opened up to get the civilians out. The Challenging Sergeant steps in front of Dev.

“That’s not the order, Commander. I’m not getting Reconditioned because you suddenly felt noble.”

Pictured: Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Dev tells the Sergeant to either move or try to stop him.  Sergeant Dickhead throws a punch which Dev catches in his fist and crunches the bones.

Did you read that right? CRUNCHES HIS FUCKING BONES!!

A few loyalists to Sergeant Dickhead try to jump Dev but he tosses them around. Eventually, Sergeant Dickhead gets back on his feet and bashes Dev in the back of the head. Kem and several others made no move to help either side.

Dev continues his narration by saying Kem came to him later and told Dev that all the civilians were killed after being deemed, “a calculated risk.” Something broke in Dev that day and he vowed to never fight again. Kem released Dev and told him where to meet a smuggler who knew Wegthor and Kandor; a man who could get him out of there and help him disappear. Dev was cool to desert the Sagitari, but he says he needed to talk to Lyta face to face one more time. 

The flashback continues. Dev is in Kandor, in command HQ, wearing very noticeable civilian clothes. Lyta spots him and ducks him into a darkened corridor. She tells him he’s been reported AWOL. She wants to help him, but he’s made that very difficult. He fires back she should have rescinded the order to kill civilians and throws salt in the wound by saying that the Lyta he loves would have done the right thing.

Lyta wants to know why Dev is here, if it’s to chastise her? But, before she can finish, he cuts her off. Dev lays it out that he endured hellish conditions because he believed in her.  

“But now all I see is your son and his will.”

Dev takes Lyta’s hands in his and she looks up into his eyes, a hint of tears on her waterline. He thanks Lyta for being a light in his life but that’s all done and now, he wants nothing to do with her.

It’s a pretty poetic, yet savage way, to tell someone to fuck off, Dev. His face is hard right now, no hint of the emotion to overcome him later on. She tells him she won’t be able to help him should the Sagitari find him in the future. This gets Dev a little emotional, because he knows she’s gone; his Lyta has irrevocably changed. He leaves her. 

The scene fades back to the present. Jayna tells Dev she knows that’s all true about her daughter, but Jayna can’t give up on her. She feels compelled to save her from Zod. Dev wants Jayna to know, they’re not dealing with the same Lyta anymore. Dev needs to know that if they join forces against Zod and Lyta gets in the way, what is Jayna willing to do? Jayna is torn, she doesn’t know, but she trusts Dev’s input and counsel. They agree to work together. 


Kandor. Zod grandly tells Seg that it brings him great joy to see his father holding his brother, Cor. Zod deceptively says that he’s pleased to have Seg back from the Phantom Zone. Seg knows this is a bullshit and calls Zod on it saying he didn’t know what to think when Zod destroyed the Phantom Projector, thereby trapping Seg in the Phantom Zone. You’re giving mixed signals, Zod!  

Zod, unfazed, apologizes for his actions but in no way regrets his decision. He saw it as necessary to protect Krypton from Brainiac. Zod coyly asks about Brainiac’s whereabouts presently? Seg replies flatly that Brainiac is dead. Zod’s eyes widen with maniacal glee at the prospect that his father killed Brainiac.

“I have never been more proud to be your son.”

Zod adds he had confidence that Seg would overcome Brainiac and escape from the Phantom Zone, believing that Seg’s love of Krypton would lead him through.

Zod. Shut up, you sound like an overbearing and pompous politician, and pssst, you’re laying it on just a little too thick. Thankfully, Seg smells the ripe bullshit in the air. Seg says it was Lyta, not Krypton, that got him through the Phantom Zone. More specifically, it was seeing a vision of Lyta being strangled to death by Zod.

Awkward Family Time!

Zod dismisses this as a “vision, a mysterious treachery” of that place. Seg sees it for what it is, a promise that Lyta won’t be in “lock-step” with Zod forever. Zod tells Seg that Lyta understands Zod’s vision for Krypton and for the universe. Zod says that he’d rather spend time building, like the El’s and Zod’s of the past.

Seg tries to temper Zod by saying he’s seen a version of the future where Zod goes too far. Zod would like for Seg to be the bridge between their two houses and work with Lyta-Zod to broker a peace with Val-El. In the meantime, Zod is sending Seg to the med bay to be checked out after his Phantom Zone ordeal. 

Wegthor. Kem and Adam are reunited on Wegthor, on the rebel base. They take a moment to catch each up on what’s happened since they last saw each other. Kem starts to tell Adam that Seg is gone, but before he can finish, Adam excitedly tells Kem that Seg is alive. Adam relays that he found Seg on Brainiac’s home planet and they made it back to Kandor.

This gives Kem hope they’ll defeat Zod and he’s onboard to help. Adam actually has a way for Kem to help: he’ll need a Sagitari with approved bio-scanned capability in order to gain access to the space elevator, the top secret mission Val assigned to Adam. Adam thinks that Sagitari in question could be Kem. Kem hems and haws a moment for comedic effect and then says he totally in.

Whew, Kem. You had me worried there a moment.

Adam warns Kem about their upcoming mission. 

“Shit’s gonna get dicey. A lot of ways it could go sideways. So we’ll probably die. Later today.”

Kem replies back, his resolve hardening, that certain death wouldn’t deter Seg, and Kem says it won’t stop him.  Probably not anyway, he adds with a chuckle.  Oh, Kem!

Kandor. Seg is in the medical bay getting his head examined. Apparently his beard needed to go in this process too. He tries to assure the technician, in the most unconvincing tone ever, that his head is fine and he’s definitely not had any recent mind hijackings or weird nightmares. Nope Nope Nope.

The technician excuses herself for a moment and is replaced with the somatic reconditioned version of Raika, who gives no hint she knows Seg. Seg tries to get her to look at him, to remember she knows him from the catacombs. She starts to freak out. A team of technicians swarm around her and one injects Raika’s neck with a sedative.

Seg asks what’s happening to Raika and the response is they’re not sure, but that’ll take her to the Somatic Division for evaluation. Seg insists he’ll take her. He’s met with the condition that he’s not authorized. Seg is indignant at this and puffs up his chest.

“Do you know who I am? I am Seg-El, father of the savior of Krypton, General Zod. So I suggest you find someone to authorize it, and also I want the best tech you have to see her, is that clear? Or maybe you’d like me to tell my son.”

This gets immediate results of acquiescence. Boom. Mic drop using the ‘don’t you know who I am’ gimmick. Works every time, you just need confidence and a bit of luck to pull it off. 

Wegthor. Nyssa approaches Val looking highly concerned and needing to have an urgent conversation. She is concerned that Jax now has access to a biological weapon capable of mass destruction. She shows Val the hologram schematic we saw last week and tells Val she got the intel from an old friend. She omits the part about that friend being in a post-coitus coma. The weapon is linked to the Codex, specifically the genetic index. This would give the operator the ability to shut down specific genetic signatures in the blink of an eye. Don’t like a particular group of people? Press a button. Gone. Val understands immediately the implications such a device could yield.

“A single miscalculation could destroy everyone in Krypton.”

Cut to Jax, off in a secluded location priming the weapon Nyssa just described. She literally talks about the genetic signatures being primed and the weapon being armed.  Jax separates the detonator from the weapon and hands it to Araame. Jax tells her the command to detonate is to come only from Jax.

Araame asks who they’ll be targeting? Jax replies “every Sagiatri on Wegthor, if necessary.” Jax adds for Araame to tell no one of its existence. Jax then put the machine back in its hidey-hole and whooshes it away. I think hidey-hole would make a great safe word. Not sure what this look on her face is. Resolve? Conflict? Is she proud? I will say that the music of menace and doom is playing hard on the soundtrack as we head to break.


Kandor, Medical Bay. Seg is standing next to the tech working on Raika. Raika is strapped into the full body apparatus we’ve seen with Somatic Reconditioning. Seg is making pained small talk with the tech, asking if he can access the memory files of anyone who’s been reconditioned from this console? The tech answers that yes the computer can do that wonders what this has to do with Raika?

Pictured: Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Seg gets closer, chuckles as tells the tech he was just wondering and then slugs the tech, taking him out of commission. Seg takes over the console and commands the computer to search for files on Lyta-Zod. He sees images from Raika’s reconditioning where Lyta was strong-arming Raika into the processor. With a little more desperation, Seg  changes his search to include reconditioning files on Lyta and adds her title as Primus. No results. 

Pictured: Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Wegthor. Adam finds Kem in the tunnels. Their mission to gain control of the Space Elevator is about to begin. Araame approaches Kem with some helpful words.

“Move fast and don’t die.”
“That was an awful pep talk.”

Kandor. Seg is at the console in the reconditioning room. He’s got the tech in the chair and has been able to access what he was looking for. He’s watching a painful video of Lyta being reconditioned as General Zod walks in, entourage in tow. Seg asks him what has been done to Lyta?!?

“I helped free her mind of conflict. Relieved her of thoughts and memories that impeded her potential, so she could more clearly see my vision.” 

Are you sure your name isn’t Schmadolph Schmhitler, General??? Cause this is some Eugenics-like bullshit right here. Seg charges at his son and Zod has Seg placed in the reconditioning chair. 

Ruh Roh.

He gives a Sorry, Not Sorry, about hoping Seg would have come to love Zod for who he is but alas, they’ll do it the hard way.

“I’m sorry, father.”

Pictured: (l-r) Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Colin Salmon as Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

The tech at the console initiates a full reconditioning and Seg’s face erupts into unimaginable pain. I just don’t see this ending well for the cohabitant of Seg’s psyche. 

Wegthor. The Rebels are on the move. They’re in a tunnel looking for a bio-barrier that only Kem can get them through with this previous role as a Sagitari. Kem waves his arm at an access point and a force field is detected as he approaches. When Kem waves his arm at the access point, nothing happens so he thinks all is hunky dory. But, after he takes another step forward, a force field lights up red and an automated voice begins warning of a “breach detected.”

Kem grabs an item from his pocket and places it on the access point as confusion breaks out amongst the group. Kem tells them it’s a data scrambler that confuses tech and hopefully grants them access. As he says that, the force field turns from red to blue and the overhead voice changes from “breach detected” to “access granted.”

Well done, Kem. And the group moves on.

Kandor. Reconditioning Chamber. Seg is unconscious but his face moves and twitches. Finally, the tech says the reconditioning is complete. Seg is to be moved to recovery while the tech reviews the memories they just deleted from his brain. As Seg is being helped up, Brainiac pipes in to Seg’s head.

“Can you hear me, Seg-El?” 

Seg, empowered by Brainiac, turns on his handlers and takes out the room, shooting one of the guards and manhandling the rest. Now alone, Seg heads to the console and zooms in on one of the images of his face during the reconditioning. His face has echoes of himself and Brainiac in the still photo on the screen. He deletes the photo and then races from the room. 

Photo: Syfy


Wegthor. The Kem/Adam-led Rebel group make it to the access terminal of the Space Elevator. Coordinating from HQ, Jax sends in ground forces with the long-range oxygenators. Jax asks for a status update and she’s told the key is inoperable. A moment later, Jax sees a bigger problem: the bio-readouts are showing depleted oxygen levels. The Rebel ground troops are starting to stagger and fall to the ground as they are running out of air.

Jax realizes that Zod tainted the air supply and played them for a long con. Watching the ground troops suffocate is agonizing, bodies hitting the floor. Jax regains her composure and instructs Araame to detonate the Codex weapon as all ground support are dead.

The underground team hears this in their earpieces and look highly alarmed … as you might imagine. Adam asks Araame what Jax meant by “detonate the Codex weapon” but Araame says there’s no time to explain. Kem points his weapon at her, telling her to make time to explain.

“A genetic bio-weapon that’s linked to the Codex, programmed to wipe out every last Sagitari on Wegthor. Sorry, Kem.”

Araame presses the detonator but … nothing happens. Araame reports to HQ that the detonator has failed. Jax runs to her quarters to get the Codex, but it’s gone. Val is there, looking angry and forlorn at the position she’s put him in. She’s frantic, shouting questions about what he did with the Codex?

“You should have told me what you were planning to do.”

Cut to Nyssa walking away from the compound with the Codex in wraps. Oh, gurl, things gonna get messy for you. Don’t you realize no one trusts you and you have no friends now? 

Pictured: Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Back at the Space Elevator terminal, Adam, Kem and Araame’s group are just about out of options. Adam takes some ordinance out of the bag saying they’ve come this far and they are going to finish it. Adam understands this means their certain death and Kem gives him a nod of support.

As Adam is about to detonate, Sagitari surround them but don’t open fire. Adam asks what’s going on as the lead Sagitari removes its helmet revealing Lyta-Zod.

“The end of the war.”

End scene.



Whoa! This episode was a nail biter! Between Lyta’s betrayal of Seg to Zod; Zod sending Seg for reconditioning; the Rebels total failure; Jax getting caught with her dastardly Codex plans; and Nyssa. Oh, Nyssa. Gurl, this isn’t going to end well for you. You have the most to lose and you’re being reckless about it.

Beardless Seg has such a baby face, he almost looks like two different people. Well, he kind of is, since Brainiac is still co-habitating in there. You knew he wasn’t going to completely devoid himself of Seg, knowing how clever and resourceful he his.

Besides, it’s fun to play around in other people’s memories and make them doubt themselves entirely … if you’re a psychopath like Brainiac.  Also, back in Episode 1, Brainiac did say to Seg that his own survival was predicated on Seg’s survival. Even though we’re a few moves past that given the events on Colu, some of that may still be true. I wonder if Brainiac is kind of like Voldemort and his Horcruxes. If he’s able to divide himself into pieces to protect his mortality. Similar concept, maybe?

I’m left wondering why Seg opted to not share with Lyta the complete vision from the Phantom Zone, where he saw Dru-Zod choking Lyta to within an inch of her life? You would have to believe that such news will have to come out in order to stop that reality from coming to fruition or be a really compelling reason for her to join Seg and the rebels, or at least not turn Seg over to Zod. I imagine that Seg is smart enough to be saving it for an opportune moment. And with Lyta up on Wegthor, stomping out rebels, she has no idea what Zod is doing to Seg back on Kandor. 

It might be me but Zod doesn’t blink. At least when talking to Seg. It became a little creepy and a little distracting tonight. Speaking of creepy and distracting, Zod being all psycho and cagey about believing in Seg’s return and his false pride in Seg for overcoming Brainiac. Wait til Zod finds out Brainiac’s not all dead yet. Then the shit will really hit the fan.

Kem! Kem you didn’t die in all the opportunities you had this episode and you’re on the side of right. Proud of you, buddy!  

Dev’s tale of how he got so broken aligns perfectly to how broken he really is. His heartbreak about Lyta is palpable and the cold, calculating decision making nature of a seasoned commander when he asks Jayna what is she prepared to do if Lyta gets in the way of them overthrowing Zod. Speaking of calculating, did ya hear that when Kem was relaying to Dev what happened to the civilians on their mission that Lyta so morally and ethically failed herself and Dev, not to mention those civilians, that they were a calculated risk? Zod and Lyta spoke about that exact topic in the previous episode. I guess Lyta is a good student, lapping up her lessons.

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