What To Watch Tonight – Monday, February 25, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? With the mid-season premiere of Shadowhunters and the series premiere of The Enemy Within, it’s a big night of TV. But, for us, the Top Pick to Watch Tonight is the all new The Passage (check out our review for last week’s episode here). Also high on the list, the all new  I Am The Night (read our latest recap here). What are you watching?!?

Cr. Erika Doss / FOX.

8pm Hour

(Freeform/John Medland)

1st Choice: Shadowhunters. “In the emotional midseason premiere, everyone is dealing with the loss of Clary and are trying to move on best they can. Unbeknownst to them, the Shadowhunters face a new level of evil that they can’t even imagine with the arrival of Jonathan Morgenstern.” Freeform

2nd Choice:  The Voice. “The blind auditions commence in the Season 16 premiere.” NBC

3rd Choice: The Green Book: Guide to Freedom. “The story of The Negro Motorist Green Book, a travel guide that helped black motorists navigate safe passage through segregated America.” Smith

9pm Hour

Cr. Erika Doss / FOX.

1st Choice: The Passage. “Brad and Lila flash back through their history together as they plan to save Amy. The Secretary of Defense gives Horace Guilder full authority over Project NOAH, leaving Sykes and Richards terrified for what his plan of attack might entail. Meanwhile, the bond between Amy and Carter is stronger than ever, as he prepares her for Fanning’s grand plan, and Lear fights to help Elizabeth before it’s too late.” Fox

2nd Choice: I Am The Night. “Jay and Fauna search for a way to make it to Hawaii: Fauna to find her mother, Tamar Hodel, and the truth about why she was put up for adoption, and Jay to see if Tamar holds the answers to the Hodel case that destroyed his career.” TNT

3rd Choice:  The Voice. Continues on NBC.

10pm Hour

(Photo by: William Gray/NBC)

1st Choice:  The Enemy Within. Series Premiere. “The premiere of the series about a former CIA operative-turned-traitor, who’s serving life, and the FBI agent who recruits her to help him track down a dangerous and elusive criminal.” NBC

2nd Choice: The Good Doctor. “The new chief of surgery, Dr. Jackson Han, believes Dr. Shaun Murphy is a liability more than an asset and works to keep him out of the operating room permanently.” ABC

3rd Choice: Bull.  “The TAC team works tandem cases when Chunk represents his first legal client, Darius Lambert, a young man facing federal counterfeiting charges, and Bull represents Darius’ grandfather, Willie Lambert, who may lose his business to the FBI for owning the barbershop where the fake goods were sold.” CBS