What To Watch – Monday, December 18, 2017

Read a book tonight, friends. Or wrap presents. Shit is a desert of no TV.  I mean, there is a very special Scorpion wherein Walter does the whole turn on Dickens’ Christmas Carol, but otherwise, blech.

Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS

8pm Hour:

1st Choice: Monday Night FootballAtlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From Raymond James Stadium.  ESPN

2nd Choice:   The Voice. The Finale, Part 1!!! NBC

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

3rd Choice:   The Great Christmas Light Fight.  The season 5 finale. I don’t even know who is watching this show? If you watch this show, please write me. And tell me, why?!?  ABC

9pm Hour:

1st Choice.    Monday Night Football. Continues on ESPN.

2nd Choice:    The Voice. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:  The Great Christmas Light Fight.  This ridiculous mess continues on ABC.

10pm Hour:

Photo: CBS

1st Choice:  Scorpion.  Team Scorpion does Dickens. Oh boy, buckle up.  “On Christmas Eve, when Walter chooses work over spending quality time with his friends, he falls down the stairs and hits his head, and as he lays unconscious, he enters a dream world where Team Scorpion never existed and he meets his guardian angelCBS

3rd Choice:   Monday Night Football. Continues on ESPN.

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