What To Watch – March 15, 2018

March Madness kicks off tonight with games happening on CBS and TBS. Arrow is a repeat tonight but still a preferred choice over the competition.

Our Top Pick to Watch Tonight is Gotham which continues to really entertain us every week!

8pm Hour:

2nd Choice: Tough Mudder: Tougher Together.   I love obstacle course racing so I am all about this hour long Tough Mudder special.  The CW

3rd Choice: NCAA Basketball Tournament. March Madness begins tonight with 2 games, the first is “Kentucky vs. Davidson in a first-round game. From Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho” and the second is “Arizona vs. Buffalo in a first-round game. From Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho.” CBS

9pm Hour:

1st Choice:  Arrow.  “Oliver continues his battle with Cayden James. Dinah and Oliver have a major disagreement that endangers the life of one of their own.” The CW

2nd Choice:    Showtime at the Apollo. Week 3. “Performers with various talents compete in hopes of winning over the Apollo crowd and having the opportunity to come back in the season finale for a chance at headlining their very own show at the legendary Apollo Theater.” Fox

3rd Choice:  NCAA Basketball Tournament. Continues on CBS.

10pm Hour:

1st Choice:  Truck Night in America.  “Things start off with a bang, requiring immediate repairs to save a truck. Driver skill is put to the ultimate test on a 75-foot vertical drop, and a knife is pulled in the Green Hell as one driver pushes their truck to the very limit.” History

2nd Choice: Impractical Jokers.  A whole hour of all new Impractical Jokers!! Best way to end the night.   TruTV

3rd Choice: NCAA Basketball Tournament. Continues on CBS.

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