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The Outpost
“Colipsum Conundrum” (Episode 107)
August 28, 2018

In last week’s episode of The Outpost, Talon banished the Demon back to his homeland, both Dred and Talon began to search for The Book of Names, and Calkussar introduced Gwynn as Princess Rosmund.  If you haven’t caught up with last week’s recap, you can read it here!

And now for this episode … after the jump (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Farmers found Lilly’s body in their garden.  Wythers was upset with Danno for not picking a better spot to bury the body.  Gwynn suspects Wythers killed her.

“Looks like a good place to be murdered.”

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Janzo and Talon reach Gallows Rock.  Janzo starts to rest and wait until sundown, but Talon is not comfortable being out in the open.  They go up a hill to higher ground and stand guard to see who is coming to meet them. Talon begins to rub her shoulder and Janzo goes over to her.  He thinks her shoulder is dislocated and he pops it back into place.  Talon feels better and tells him that he is “full of surprises.”

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Gwynn and Garret are arguing whether or not Wythers murdered Lilly.  Gwynn is certain of it, but Garret thinks that his father upholds the law and wouldn’t do such a thing.  Gwynn mentions that Wythers had Garret’s brother, Jaden, sent to the mines and he died there.  Garret argues that Jaden died there and he does hold his father responsible, but he is not a murderer.  The guards bring Wythers in and Gwynn dismisses Garret.

“Now you’re just playing with words.”

Janzo and Talon are still waiting for the supplier to show up and they are talking about their pasts.  Janzo tells Talon that the Mistress is not his real mother and that he has a twin.  The Mistress couldn’t take care of both children, so she sold the girl off to the slavers.

Their suppliers show up and they are Greyskins.  Talon wants to escape, but Janzo doesn’t. He doesn’t want to go back to the Mistress without colipsum.

“We have to at least try.”

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Gwynn accuses Wythers of killing Lilly.  Calkussar wants to kill him for his attempted extortion of the queen.  Wythers reminds them that if he dies, the letters he wrote revealing who she is, go directly to the Prime Order. Gwynn decides that she is not going to have him killed, but she is going to send him to the mines.

At the encampment of soldiers, three men conspire to warn the Prime Order what the soldiers are preparing for.  One of them attempts to leave the camp that night and go to where the Prime Order was stationed, but Raelius shoots him in the leg with an arrow.

“That was way too easy”

Janzo goes up to the Greyskins and gives them the gold.  Talon sneaks around the side of them with her blade drawn.  The Greyskins give them their bags of colipsum.  Janzo opens the bags and notices that there is too much colipsum there for what they paid.  He doesn’t want to take it all, but Talon tells him to take the bags and leave.

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Calkussar goes to see Gwynn and sees that she is playing cards.  Gwynn tells him that she is not fond of the new handmaid.  Calkussar explains that Naya (Medalion Rahimi) is the only one they vetted for her love for the crown, which is why she was chosen.  Gwynn continues to call him ‘father’, but he says that she doesn’t need to call him that anymore.

“You’ll always be my father”

Dred and Ilyin arrive at where the Prime Order is stationed.  The commander tells him that a bird came from Gallwood Outpost and the note reads:  Shek and Bones dead.  Blackblood stains found.  Shek only checked ears of woman. Dred plans to go there and kill the Blackblood even if it means killing every woman.

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Raelius is abusing the prisoner in hopes that he will reveal the names of his co-conspirators.  Raelius wants to sentence all the deserters to death.  Gwynn comes in tells him to stop abusing him and she discusses options for punishment with Garret, Calkussar and Raelius.  Garret and Raelius want to continue trying to get more information out of him, but Gwynn refuses and sentences only the deserter to death.  She tells his friends to go back to camp, tell the men what has happened and that she is a fair and just queen.

“I must demand loyalty”

The Plagueling prisoners at the camp attack one of the guards.  They break out of the prison and start attacking the men.  Garret is fighting them off, but his leg was bitten.  He hides it from Raelius and the other men.

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Janzo and Talon are traveling back to the Outpost, and stop to set up camp for the night.  Talon’s powers awake her.  The portal is open and a voice from inside tells her: “The Dragman comes.  Not much time.  The Dragman comes.

The new marshal of the gate, Marshal Higgs (Jake Suazo), is not very presentable.  Gwynn walks in and inquires about when Garret came back.  He tells her that he returned with three of his men.  Gwynn asks him to look for Garret.

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Wythers is down in the mines and meets up with men that he sentenced there.  They attack Wythers and leave him for dead.  A woman helps him.  She says her name is Sill (Yolanda Stange) and that the Mistress asked her to keep an eye out for him.

Dred is not pleased that Calkussar failed to provide his latest shipment of armor and that he has not found the Blackblood yet.  He plans to march with 100 Covenant Guard to bring the Outpost under new command.

Janzo and Talon are awoken by a creature attacking the camp.  It grabs Talon and pins her to the ground.  It is about to attack her, but Janzo lights a branch on fire and scares it away.

“You saved my life”

The new Marshal has not found Garret yet.  Gwynn begins to worry and orders them to keep searching until they find him.  In the meantime, Garret has chained himself up, waiting for the virus to run its course.

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End Credits.


There is never a dull moment on this show!  This episode continued to surprise the audience with revealing information about characters’ past and shocking us with the thought of killing one of our main characters!

I’d like to start with Janzo revealing that he has a twin sister.  There are so many possibilities with this storyline.  What happened to her?  Is she still alive?  And more importantly, have we already met her?  My first thought is that she might be Essa.  Hopefully we will get to explore this storyline in this season.  There aren’t many episodes left, and there are so many stories to finish telling.

Garret! I have to admit, I was really surprised to see him attacked by the Plagueling.  After a quick internet search, it shows Jake Stormoen will be in all 10 episodes, so hopefully that information is accurate and we will get to see more Garret.  The writers could drag out his infection over the next few episodes, but given the pace of this show so far, I am willing to bet that maybe Janzo might find a cure first.  The question I have is, how far into the infection can a person be saved before it’s too late?

We also learned a little more about Garret’s past.  Last episode, we heard about what happened to his mother and now we learn that he had a brother, as well.  All these defining moments in his life, reveal more about his character and why he behaves the way he does, especially towards his father.  When Garret told Wythers, “no more innocent people need to die,” was he referring to his brother?

I don’t know where to begin with Wythers.  If I hadn’t seen Wythers kill Lilly, I would feel the same way Garret does when defends his father to Gwynn.  Wythers upholds the law and that is what he does best.  Lilly got in the way, though, and that’s when his true nature is revealed.  He has referred to the Outpost as, “my Outpost.”  Now he is stuck in the mines, with no control.  Will he get that control back?

While in the mines, we meet Sill.  I really enjoyed this character.  She seems like a survivor; a smart woman, with the type of attitude that – she has to do, what she has to do – especially since she knows the Mistress.  It was interesting to hear Sill say, “you have friends in high places,” and have her referring to the Mistress.  I hope we get to see more of her.

Another surprise from this episode is the Greyskins selling colipsum to humans.  My initial thought was that colipsum might have a medicinal purpose, especially when we saw Janzo start to examine the Plagueling bodies.  But I believe this may contribute to making the Plagueling infection worse, if the Greyskins are the ones providing it. Do they want to help kill off the humans faster?  Another question I am wondering is, what would the Greyskins use the gold for?

Dred is getting information from the Outpost.  Who is providing this information to him?  My guess would be the Mistress.  He is planning for a war.  Will he be surprised to see resistance?  Will the soldiers be ready to fight for Gwynn?  Who will gain control of the Outpost?  I can’t wait to see how this will play out.  Will Talon be at the Outpost when Dred arrives, or will she be on her journey looking for the Book of Names?

I feel like Talon is a little behind on her quest for the book.  Her journey with Janzo, while it served a great purpose, delayed her in searching for the book.  It seems as though Essa will get to the book first and possibly destroy it, except for that one page.  If that’s the case, will that one page be enough for Talon to fulfill the prophecy?

Who is speaking to Talon from the portal?  It was interesting to hear that it wasn’t her native tongue, which the demons seem to understand.

At the end of the episode, we get to see Janzo be a hero!  I am thrilled that it was what he read in a book that saved Talon’s life.  Janzo is constantly comparing himself to Garret, but he doesn’t need to don armor to be a hero.  Hopefully he will realize that now.

Episode Score: I give it a 4.5 out of 5 Casey’s.  I really enjoyed the music under Gwynn’s speech that continued on to the next scene with her and Garret, but I was a little disappointed in the CG for the Bone Wolf.

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