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The Outpost
“The Book of Names” (Episode 106)
August 21, 2018

In last week’s episode of The Outpost, The Bones came to visit the Outpost, Wythers discovered Gwynn’s secret, and Talon learned more about The Smith.  If you haven’t caught up with last week’s recap, you can read it here!

And now for this episode…. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

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Talon is face to face with the Demon, Baphnoro, and she commands him to return to where he came from in her native tongue.  Talon notices a pink mark on the Demon’s arm and realizes he saved her life from The Bones when she was young.  Her powers awaken and the portal opens.  She commands the demon to leave and it obeys.

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Talon goes to see The Smith, now knowing who he is.  He is still alive from his stab wound, and Talon checks his arm for the tattoo.  She realizes he is “The Wolf” that she has been looking for. After seeing Talon’s powers that night in the tomb, The Smith dedicated his life to learning about the prophecies.  He gives her the sword that he made, engraved with the prophecy.  His dying request was for her to find the Book of Names and told her that Dragman is coming.


“Promise me, you’ll fulfill the prophecy.”

Dred is traveling with a young girl (Elizabeth Birkner) to meet Karric Unger (John Patrick Driscoll).  Dred begins to question him about where The Book of Names is.  Karric reveals that it is inside the altar of fire.  He starts to say the prophecy and Dred kills him and his family.

“If there’s no one left to translate them, well, The Prime Order can interpret the texts however they wish.”

Janzo goes to see The Smith, but finds Talon covering his body.  He asks her about the books on The Smith’s shelves and Talon reveals that she cannot read them because they are written in a different language.  Janzo tells her that the language is Yindrian and that he can read and write 12 different languages and speak three.  Janzo goes on to tell her that the Yindrians were slaughtered by the Prime Order because most ancient prophecies are written in their language.  Talon lets him read through the books and asks him to keep his eyes open for The Book of Names.

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Gwynn tells Garret that Calkussar is ready to introduce her to the encampment.  Garret doesn’t think this is a good idea since they only just begun their training.  But, she tells him that the Prime Order is growing suspicious, so it has to be now.  Gwynn inquires about Talon being alive and Garret tells her that Talon can summon a demon.

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The mistress gets a reply about the colipsum and asks Janzo to go to the meetup.  He is nervous about possibly meeting bandits or smugglers, but The Mistress guilts him into going.

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Wythers finds Talon burying The Smith.  She tells him the Lu-Qiri is gone and that she will leave the Outpost.  He takes her to see Gwynn first.  Talon is very defensive about Gwynn handing her over to be killed, but Gwynn tells her that Wythers was blackmailing her.

“I could see no other way.”

She reveals who she is and wants Talon to help overthrow the Prime Order.  Gwynn asks about the Demon and if there are more.  Talon tells her there are more, but she can only summon them by name and realizes what the Book of Names is.

Talon goes to find Janzo, who has already figured out that the book consists of Demon names.  Janzo makes a deal with Talon to accompany him on his journey and he will continue translating the books for her.

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Calkussar, Gwynn, and Garret come across a group of Prime Order soldiers as they are on their way to address the troops.  The Trio is travelling with weapons for the troops and can’t afford to lose them, so they kill the Prime Order soldiers. They meet up with the troops and Gwynn is surprised how many men are willing to fight.


“Your whole life has led to this moment.”

Calkussar addresses the troops and reveals that Gwynn is Princess Rosmund.  Some do not believe him.  Gwynn asks if any of the men knew the royal family.  Two men worked on the grounds and Gwynn recognized them and knew their names.  They vouched for her identity and the troops bowed before the Princess.

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Janzo and Talon are traveling to Gallows Rock.  They meet singers along the way who try to rob them, but Talon saves the day and they continue on.

“I kill anything that comes near book.”

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Dred has gold and lit candles in front of him and the young girl he was traveling with before, is with him again.  A woman walks in, he addresses her as Essa (Sonalii Castillo), and he asks her to retrieve the Book of Names from the altar of fire.  He wants her to destroy the book, but keep one page as proof.  She runs her hands over the lit candles, takes a piece of gold, and says she will destroy the book.


End Credits.


I was really surprised to see Talon banishing the Demon at the beginning of the episode.  She just finished killing The Bones and now the Demon is gone too.  These were her two main goals at the beginning of the season.  I’m glad this show moves pretty quickly.  She completes her initial missions and she gains a new mission.  Find the Book of Names.

I was pleased to see Talon get closure with The Smith.  He was the only person she hugged in this series so far; it seemed like she trusted him the most.  It was sad to see him give her the blade and have her continue on with the prophecy without him.  I wish his character would have stuck around longer.  I like the sense of a father figure that he was to Talon and enjoyed having him challenge Talon to figure things out on her own.

I’m not sure how I feel about Janzo helping Talon out with translating the books.  He’s using her to protect him on the journey that he needs to go on, and in return, he will help her.  Obviously if he doesn’t survive, she won’t have a translator, but this still seems out of character for him to use her like that.  He was always willing to help her without wanting anything in return before, so this is a completely different side to him.

We got our first look at Gwynn in her role as Princess Rosmund. I miss Gwynn, the fun mischievous one.  We see Princess Rosmund and it seems as though she is abusing her power to make Talon help her fight the Prime Order.  I wonder who we will see more of, in the last few episodes, Gwynn or the Princess.  I wish we got to see Rosmund address the troops for longer than she did.  Most of that speech to rally the troops was all Calkussar. I enjoyed the musical score underneath the speech; it really punctuated the point they were trying to make and complimented the scene really well.

One thing I was a little confused about was, if Calkussar planned on revealing who Gwynn was, why would he let Gwynn be blackmailed into giving Talon up?  I imagine the Prime Order is going to find out she’s alive relatively soon.  Why ruin that friendship?

The prophecy played a big part in this episode.  I am going to guess that having Talon fulfill the prophecy will be the next challenge for her to face after finding the Book of Names.

We finally got to meet Essa in this episode!  I hope there are big plans for her character because she seems like a great match to go head to head with Talon.  Who will get to the Book of Names first?  Will Essa get the chance to destroy it?

I have to give credit to Elizabeth Birkner.  She didn’t have a speaking part, but spoke volumes with her creepy nature traveling with Dred.  I am curious to find out more about her character, Ilyin, to see what sort of powers she possesses … mind reading maybe?

Episode Score: I was a little disappointed in the scene where Garret was riding his horse and you could easily see that it was a stunt double and not Jake Stormoen.  (Sorry!)  Aside from that, the episode was a great introduction to Essa and I give it a 4 out of 5 Casey’s.

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