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The Outpost
“Not In My Kingdom” (Episode 203)
July 25, 2019

Last week on The Outpost, Baron Aegisford arrived with his army in tow and an offer of marriage for Gwynn. He tells her Majesty that he wants to be the sire of a line of kings and queens and promises that Love never has to enter their marriage. He also tries to bone every female on the show. Charming. Elsewhere, Talon wrestled with how to deal with Rebb while Naya gave Janzo a makeover to win Talon’s affections (on the queen’s orders). Also, Wythers found the chamber where Garret’s dead body should be but only found his sword. Where is Garret?!? Catch up on all the action with our deep dive recap and review here.

Now, on to tonight’s all new episode of The Outpost, “Not My Kingdom” … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

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The Capital. Tonight’s episode begins inside the Chamber of The Three. Dred is brought before The Three and made to answer for his failure to bring them either the “head of the false queen” or “the corpse of the Blackblood.” In other words, his mission was a total failure according to The Three. They use some psychic torture on Dred and the agonizing pain brings him to his knees.

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Dred pipes up that he brought them something just as good as the Queen or the Blackblood … Captain Garret Spears, “the false Queen’s betrothed and organizer of her guard.” A bloody and half dead looking Garret is dragged into the chamber.  Dred spins that Garret can provide the information they need to bring down the Rebellion.  The Three agree that this is a useful tool and they order the good Captain taken to “the Institute” (presumably, to be healed up). But, if Dred had just done what he was ordered to do, such an alternative plan would not be needed.

So, for his crimes, The Three say the punishment for his failure is death. But, these are some sadistic motherfuckers and they say that they’re not going to kill him just yet. No, they’re going to torture Dred a bit and also, keep him in a tiny, tiny cell for the rest of his life.

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The Three don’t fuck around, y’all.

Opening Credits.

Gwynn’s War Room. As Gwynn fiddles with some papers, she asks Naya is they’ve made the Baron wait long enough to send a message? Gwynn has him brought in and he snides about how long she’s made her future husband wait. Gwynn disabuses him of any notions that he’s her future anything. The talk turns to cards and the two work out a wager of sorts.

If Gwynn wins, she gets the Baron’s land, gold, army and everything else he owns. If the Baron wins, Gwynn will marry him.  Best out of 5 hands of Octor, deal?

The Baron says that perhaps they should play cards merely as a way to get to know each other?  He says that a gentleman never wages with a lady but I think Gwynn’s supposition that he’s scared is dead on. Anyway, they sit and chat.

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The Baron notes that The Outpost’s mining operation and forge haven’t been restarted and Gwynn replies that she refuses to use slaves and prisoners for either. She tells him that she’ll pay men a fair wage to do the work and the Baron scoffs that The Outpost is so rich … he had heard they were broke.

When Gwynn admits she doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for the workers, Baron von Doofus begins to laugh. He tells the Queen that he’s laughing because of how much she needs him. Oooh, wrong thing to say to Gwynn, boss. She tells him this game of Octor is over and dismisses him. He’s amused at how prickly she is but takes his leave all the same.

The Forest. Talon trudges to her nightfall meeting with Rebb … a whiny Janzo hot on her heels. Why is he so fucking whiny? Gah, didn’t Rebb say to come alone?  Rebb agrees with me and reminds the order to come alone. Talon speaks some truth when she tells Rebb that Janzo “is no threat.”

Word, gurl. Word.

After Rebb produces the Dragman, safe and sound, the ladies get down to their negotiation. Talon will hand over the Asterkinj as long as Rebb promises to help Gwynn fight the Prime Order with the Lu-Qiri. On Talon’s word that Gwynn is a trustworthy human, Rebb agrees.

The transfer of the Asterkinj begins but, just as it’s about to leave Talon’s body, she notices the Dragman over Rebb’s shoulder vigorously shaking her head, “no.” With a split second of thought, Talon breaks off the transfer and grabs Rebb’s dagger. Holding Rebb as a hostage, the Lu-Qiri is kept at bay while Janzo is able to escape with Illyin. Rebb asks why the “sudden change of heart?”

“Because you lied.”

Talon bops Rebb on the head, knocking her out, as the Lu-Qiri roars impotently.

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The Institute.  Garret slowly regains consciousness and finds himself on a bed in a posh (for a Medieval aesthetic) hospital wing. Sana (Jelena Gavrilovic), First Healer to the Court of The Three, is there and explains to Garret that he’s been out for two weeks. Also, while he’s in her care, he’s a patient, not a prisoner. But, step outside her domain and well … you know. Garret wants to know why she’s even bothering keeping him alive and she says, cryptically, that she wants to help him. Garret is suspect of this given that they don’t know each other. He gets up, his ribs (general torso area) in a lot of pain, and says he has to go home.

“Thank you for the healing and all that.”

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After a step or two, Garret basically collapses and Sana helps him back to bed. She tells him that he’s lost too much blood, more blood than he’s ever lost, and if not for her and her skillz, he’d be dead. She strokes his hair lovingly and a bit too familiar if you ask me.

“You’re in good hands, Garret. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Janzo’s Lab. Janzo is sowing a theory that perhaps the Dragman turning on Rebb was part of Rebb’s plan, it was the Dragman that gave up the name of Rebb’s Lu-Qiri after all. At this, Illyin chimes in from across the room that she gave the name she was taught to give. From her mother who learned it from her mother before. Her job was to give the One the name, “Ekkundi.”  When a second Blackblood arrived, the Dragman had to decide which was The One and she chose Talon. Well, not so much chose Talon as much as knew that Rebb wasn’t The One.  The Dragman saw Rebb’s mind was “full of lies” and eliminated her.  So Talon is The One by process of elimination and default … I guess?

Illyin removes a key from around her neck. She says she doesn’t know what the key is for, only that it’s meant for The One. She hands it to Talon. Talon confirms with Illyin that if she puts the Vex Rezicon in the fire, the Dragman will be able to give Talon the names she was trained to give.

Talon holds the key over the flames and it turn a bright, glowing blue. Success!

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Throne Room. Naya tells Gwynn that a Blackblood is waiting outside for an audience with her majesty. After confirming she’s been disarmed, Gwynn allows Rebb to be brought before her. Introductions are dispensed with, Gwynn knows of Rebb as the one that took Talon’s “little girl.” Rebb pitches the same line we’ve heard before, that the Dragman came with Rebb willingly because the Dragman knows that Talon is not The One.  Gwynn doesn’t particularly shut her down so Rebb continues that if Talon knew her own family’s and people’s histories, she’d know she could never be The One of Prophesy.

** Yeah, we’re going to need some more info on this; it’s like the third time we’ve heard this now. I want that Blackblood Flashback action!**

Anyway, Rebb offers Gwynn an army of Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods, powerful enough to vanquish all of the Queen’s enemies. And, to boot, Rebb doesn’t need a Book of Names or a Dragman to summon them … she knows all the names already. All she needs is for Gwynn to get Talon to hand over the Asterkinj. Easy Peasy. Gwynn looks a little conflicted.

The Institute. Garret wakes in the middle of the night and painfully gets himself out of bed. He limps across the room and puts on a shirt. This whole thing takes him about 17 hours to do so he’s really in bad shape.

He makes his way to the door only to find one of The Three’s Tormentors on the other side. Said Tormentor (Magnus Samuelsson) laments having to bust up a pretty face but, what are you going to do? To be honest, he doesn’t seem really upset at all.  Garret is dragged to a cell.  Garret takes an ill-advised and staggeringly weak slap at the Tormentor. For his troubles, Garret earns a bashing from the Tormentor that lands him on the floor. In even more pain that he already was. Oh, Garret. Your pride is going to get you killed. The Tormentor looms over Garret’s prone body.

“This is what gods do to those who serve a false queen.”

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Janzo’s Lab. Talon is looking over a shit ton of scrolls generated by the Dragman.  Ilyin confirms that these are all new names to her and also, she wasn’t trained to summon any one particular of these lot. Naya busts into the Lab to tell Talon Gwynn needs to see her … NOW.

Gwynn’s Chambers. Gwynn is lying splayed in her bed as Talon enters. She begins the conversation by telling Talon that the “other Blackblood came to see me.” She continues that Rebb offered a Demon AND Blackblood army. Talon is all, “can’t trust her” but Gwynn wants Talon to help Rebb. ASAP. She needs her army.  Talon wonders what the rush is, until Gwynn is ready to actually mobilize her army, is she so keen to have Demons wandering around The Outpost?

Which, good point.

Gwynn goes on, repeating Rebb’s claim that she can control the Demons whereas Talon is incapable. Talon calls Rebb a liar but Gwynn isn’t so sure. Talon uses the Dragman as a defense but Gwynn isn’t sold on trusting the word of a little girl. Talon tries to convince the Queen that the Dragman is more than a child, that she can see into people’s minds.

Gwynn is not happy. Talon climbs into bed next to Gwynn and says that if Gwynn trusts her, trust her to look after Gwynn’s best interests. She tells the Queen that she doesn’t need Rebb. Gwynn tells Talon that she’s terrified.  Talon takes her hand and says she doesn’t need to be.

“I’ve got your back.”

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The Dungeon of The Three. The Tormentor tosses a bucket of water on to Garret, giving him a rude awakening.

“It’s no fun beating a man when he’s asleep.”

Garret maintains that Gwynn is no false queen and the Tormentor can’t believe his stupidity.  The beatings resume. The Tormentor takes a break to tell Garret that if he would just come to his senses, this would all stop. He tells Garret that Rosmund is dead and this false queen is just a commoner.

“They lied to you and you fell for it. They played you for a fool.”

As the beating is about to resume, Sana comes in and orders the Tormentor to stop. She says that Garret was illegally removed from The Institute and he needs to be brought back immediately. The Tormentor resists and Sana is all, “cool cool cool, I’ll just head to The Three and tell them you disobeyed them.”

The Tormentor walks off in disgust, leaving Sana to tend to Garret.

Janzo’s Lab.  Naya calls Janzo away for business upstairs, leaving Ilyin alone with the Plaguelings … with whom she is fascinated. Rebb appears from some hidey hole. Ilyin looks terrified. As Rebb advances on the girl, she tries to run but Rebb catches her easily.

“You failed me, Dragman.”
“I do not serve you.”
“Then you serve no one.”

Rebb draws her dagger menacingly as she drags Ilyin to the ground. The caged Plaguelings block our view as we head to break.


Night Shade. Janzo is trying to flower up the place per the orders of The Mistress from last week. Naya asks how the Talon wooing is going and Janzo says he wouldn’t dare to woo, Talon. Naya offers to help. She sits Janzo down and makes him compliment her eyes, pretending that she’s Talon. Janzo is all romantic words and wistful. On the other side of the table, you can see how much Naya is in to him. Janzo breaks the spell when he says that Naya’s are also very lovely … as brown as “dung beetle blood once it’s crushed up.”

Janzo is a virgin, yes? He must be. SMH Naya staggers away from the table, her heart broken in a 1000 places.

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The Institute. Sana has Garret back in the comfy hospital bed at the Institute. She non-sequiturs that her sleeping quarters are right down the hall from him, now. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. Again, Garret asks why she’s helping him and she says she doesn’t want to see him beat again. Eventually the body will stop being able to take the pain.

“But why do you care if I live or die?”

Sana says it’s not important but it is to Garret if she wants him to trust her. She confesses that Garret reminds her of her dead husband. She explains that her Hubby was a diplomat killed by Blackbloods. Garret tries a line on Sana about all the Blackbloods being wiped out but Sana looks at him, incredulously. Sana is all, “we all know there is one left, don’t lie to me when I haven’t lied to you.”

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Sana’s theory is that the Blackbloods sought revenge against The Three for a massacre that was carried out by Dred without The Three’s knowledge or consent. Garret doesn’t think an entire village can be slaughtered without The Three’s knowledge but Sana uses Dred’s current incarceration as proof of him acting rogue. And on the murder her husband, Sana tells Garret that she witnessed it with her own eyes.

**Though, from Sana’s description, she might be talking about Essa Khan as easily as a Blackblood. I’m not sold on this version of events.**

Sana takes Garret’s hand, tears rolling down her face, and says she sees the same goodness in Garret as was in her husband. She shhh’s him to sleep and takes her leave.

Janzo’s Lab.  Janzo returns to the basement to find Talon on the floor, cradling a dead Ilyin. Talon tells Janzo that in addition to this murder, Rebb also burned all of the names that the Dragman gave her. Crying, she tells Janzo that she can’t bury another person that died because of her, “especially a child.” He tells her that he’ll do it.

Thinking of her conversation with Gwynn, she mentions that she can’t produce even one Demon now.  Janzo notices that there is a scroll in Ilyin’s lifeless hand. On it, a Demon’s name.

“Brave child. She must have been hiding it even when she was dying.”

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Or, Talon counters, “Rebb put it there.” She suggests this could be just one of Rebb’s “evil friends.”  Yeah, girlfriend isn’t having all the mushy feels right now.


The Institute.  Morning has come and Garret is looking better though still in pain. Sana mentions that he can end his suffering but he cuts her off, he won’t denounce his queen. Sana finds his commitment to the lie remarkable and says she’s done something that could get her killed by The Three.

Sana tells Garret that she sent word to Gwynn, to have someone meet Sana and Garret to hand him over. Sana tells Garret that she’d rather see him live with a false queen than die at the hands of a Tormentor. Garret knows she’s keeping a part of the story back and Sana confesses she hasn’t told him the response she received …

“I already have a new commander.”

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Oh, Sana. Gurl, you so full of shit, your eyes are brown. Garret sits down, a bit in shock, but then he recovers himself. He tells Sana that she’s obviously lying … for one thing, she’d never take the risk of sending such a message. Sana reaffirms how much she cares for Garret … more than a healer/patient situation. She kisses Garret.

Talon’s Pad.  Janzo comes in from burying the Dragman. He says he “said some words on your behalf.” Dude, are you looking for extra credit? The fuck is wrong with you?  Talon tells Janzo she’s in a bit of a pickle. She can’t beat Rebb without her own Demon and yet, everytime she opens the portal, people die.

Janzo chooses now to sit and tell Talon about how her eyes “are like sapphire pools reflecting in the sky of a Spring Sun.”

She laughs in his face … as she should.

What the hell is wrong with you, dude? (That’s a paraphrase of what she says but the tone is right). Janzo gets defensive and tells her that he’s “just trying to prove himself” to her and how is that a bad thing?

The Institute. Sana busts in on Garret saying “they’re” coming for him so hide. But, too late. The Tormentor and some men come to take him away. Garret gets one more chance to renounce the false queen and, of course, Garret declines. He grabs the sword of one of the guard and starts kicking ass. But, a chair across the back sends him sprawling to the floor. The Tormentor drags Garret away.

Well, it was a good try, buddy!


The Outpost Market Area. Janzo is walking all sad faced when he runs into Naya. He lashes out her about her contributing to him looking like a fool just now in front of Talon. Naya promises Janzo that Talon’s laugh was a nervous one, the result of being caught off guard. She advises Janzo that he needs to dial it up, she tells Janzo that he needs to kiss Talon. Janzo thinks this may make Talon murderous but Naya assures him she’s a woman, she knows what she’s talking about.

I am very over this whole storyline.

The Chamber of The Three. The Tormentor is in front of The Three, defending his position that his “negative conditioning” was working …until this last round. The camera pulls back on the Tormentor to reveal Sana standing next to him and an unconscious, half-dead looking Garret lying in front of them. Sana chimes in that she too thinks their plan was working and can work, but that Spears is stronger than anyone else they’ve ever tested their methods on.

Photo: The CW/ NBCU International

So, these two are in cahoots! I like the twist! Anyway, The Three find this mass of flesh lying in front of them unacceptable. They continue, saying they didn’t send an army after the false queen because they were promised this method would work. The female of The Three glows a green light on her head and Garret moves a bit.

Seeing this, Sana affirms her devotion to The Three and tells them that they can get Garret in tip top shape. The Three let the Tormentor and Sana know that their army will be ready to move on The Outpost in 5 days, they have that long to prove their plan is better than the plan of The Three’s generals.

The Tormentor chimes in that he believes in his wife’s skills. Sana grabs his hand and kisses it. Sana turns to The Three and promises that this Garret Trojan Horse plan is the definite way to go.

“I assure you My Three. By the end of the week, Garret Spears will be yours to command.”

End. Scene.


Thoughts. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I thought the twist reveal in the last scene that the Tormentor and Sana were in cahoots was neat, but, then to learn they are married?!? TWIST!! And, I am here for it! Obviously we knew Sana was selling Garret a bill of goods with her whole “Gwynn rejected you” nonsense but her tears and story of her husbands, that was some damn fine acting! Great job!

The question remains though, can they ultimately turn (brainwash?) Garret against Gwynn? Against his father (who is still out there looking for him)?

As to the rest of the episode, I was very sad to see the Dragman killed but, something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll see Ilyin. She’s been built up as too important.

One of my favorite scenes was when Talon came to Gwynn’s chamber. It is just as likely that Gwynn would have taken Rebb’s offer without allowing Talon a chance to defend herself but that she called her into her bedroom to discuss it, real growth in these two as friends and mutually respected peers. The end of the scene, where they are lying in bed and Talon takes her hand, a great moment when she tells Gwynn that she has her back. Love it. I want these two to be on the same side.

Janzo. Oh, Janzo. Fuck you, you whiny bitch. I hope a Lu-Qiri eats you. Gah. It’s not even that he’s ridiculously whiny, which he is. It’s that he’s so arrogant and obsessed with propping himself up. I think back to last week’s comment that he made when Talon told Gwynn she was smarter than any man she knew. He had to pipe up, qualifying that he is smarter. Or tonight, when he brought up burying Ilyin and saying some words on her behalf. Gah, you’re such a chump. If you love someone, you don’t take victory laps looking for praise and extra credit.

Keep your head down and be the man she can count on, that’s how you get someone to love you like you love them. Being there. Showing up. Actions speak louder than words and Janzo is a ratio of 99:1 on words to action. Shut.Up!

And, on top of all of the above, the fate of the world, or at least The Outpost, is largely sitting on Talon’s shoulders … maybe don’t worry about your lovesick little heart so much and get some freaking priorities.

End of rant. Besides Janzo, this season is kicking ass and I am digging the expanded world so much. Let’s get into the Talon descendants backstory, I really want to know what it is that Rebb keeps referring to in Talon’s family’s history.

The Outpost airs on Thursday nights at 9pm (ET/PT) on The CW.


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