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The Outpost
“This Is One Strange Town” (Episode 202)
July 18, 2019

Last week on The Outpost, Garret was seemingly killed by Essa Khan during a raid to bring her and Dred to justice. Back at The Outpost, Talon opened the portal to bring through a new Lu-Qiri and in doing so, also brought through a Blackblood named Rebb.  We learned from Rebb that hundreds of Blackbloods are still alive on the other side of the portal, in a place she called the Plane of Ashes. Wythers leaves The Outpost to bring Garret’s body home. And, Gwynn, on the advice of Naya decides to call banners to The Outpost to defend it against an impending attack from Dred.

Catch up on all the action from last week’s season premiere with our deep dive recap & review here. Now, on to tonight’s all new episode of The Outpost, “This Is One Strange Town” … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

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Tonight’s episode opens at nighttime in the market area of The Outpost. Talon walks along when Rebb appears behind her. Talon draws her sword, which is just good practice, but it’s only Rebb – the Lu-Qiri is guarding the Dragman. Speaking of Ilyin, Rebb tells Talon that the girl came with Rebb willingly – she understands her purposes is to help free the Blackbloods from the Plane of Ashes. Or so, Rebb says anyway. At the mention of the Plane (Plain?) of Ashes, Talon asks what the Blackbloods did that was so bad as to get banished there?

Rebb gets all defensive and explains that the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri willingly went into through the portal.  Rebb explains that they were at war with the humans and the idea was to go through the portal and then a member of Talon’s tribe would reopen the portal behind the enemy lines of the Humans, thus giving way to an awesome surprise attack. But, the portal never reopened and the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri got stuck in the other realm. Without the Asterkinj, they had no way to escape.  This is a not so subtle way of calling Talon, and her people, traitors to the Blackblood race.

Pictured: Lilli Hollunder as Rebb — Photo: Aleksander Letic/NBCU International

Talon plays with the word, Asterkinj, finally having a name for the thing inside her. Rebb confirms its the only way to open a portal. Talon semi-offers to bring the Blackbloods through but Rebb is all, “nope, that’s my job; your job is to transfer the Asterkinj to me.” Rebb tells Talon that it wasn’t a coincidence that the Dragman gave her the name of Rebb’s Lu-Qiri.

“The Asterkinj was meant for me.”

Talon counters that her teacher told her she was “the one” from prophesy. Rebb scoffs at this, Talon could never be the one, her blood is unpure making her unfit to lead the Blackbloods.

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Talon switches tactics and demands to see the Dragman. Rebb hems and haws but then agrees to demonstrate the Dragman is alive and well. She tells Talon to come to the same clearing as from last week in 2 days. But, no, she is not giving up the Dragman. Rebb mocks Talon as not being a good listener and says that the only giving is Talon giving Rebb the Asterkinj. They fight. Fight and chat. Neither one benefits from the other dying now because each comes with a consequence. Rebb lands a spinning roundhouse kick to Talon’s face, sprawling her on the ground. She tells Talon they are family and meant to fight side by side against their common enemy, the humans. Rebb tells Talon she two sundowns to get her shit together and meet Rebb in the clearing. And advises her to come alone. Rebb peaces out.

Opening Credits.

We come back to Janzo scolding the guards for still having the gates open after nightfall and he smacks some colipsum out of another’s hands. He sees Talon and complains that The Outpost is falling apart through the lack of leadership. Talon is all, “don’t care, need a drink.”

Inside the Night Shade, we see a drunk Gwynn gambling with her subjects and berating them into playing more. Janzo and Talon intercede and drag her away from the table.  Drunk Gwynn is fun!

“Whoo. Give my winnings to the poor.”

At the bar, we learn the reason for Gwynn’s despair (beyond dead Garret). All of the noblemen that she sent birds too have declared for the Prime Order, and against The Outpost. That’s a lot of new enemies. Janzo hands over a sober-up concoction that does its job super fast. It’s made of Skybalt Venom and promises a nasty headache for hours.

A now sober Gwynn tells Talon that not many noblemen are left to respond and she asks if there is still a chance of getting a “demon army”? Talon says she’s working on it and Janzo chimes in that their problems are worse because The Outpost is in disarray and needs a new commander. ASAP. Gwynn refuses to replace Garret “with just anyone.”  Gwynn turns on her two compatriots complaining that they don’t have time for Talon to work on getting the Demon Army or Janzo to finish his Plagueling research. Now standing and shouting, Gwynn tells them that if the Prime Order arrives tomorrow, she’ll have to surrender herself and “beg and plead” for the lives inside The Outpost. And of the army and any recruits, who will train them? Make battle plans? Lead? Talon stands to face her frenemy.

“You will. You’ve done it once, you’ll do it again.”

Talon tells Gwynn that she’s smarter than any man she knows and pledges that Gwynn can do this, with her friends by her side.

The next day, we are in a war room where Gwynn is laying out a sensible plan for staggered trenches. One of her officers says they don’t have enough men to fill these trenches and Gwynn makes a implied assurance of allies arriving. It’s one of those, “say what needs to be said” kind of moments and when they are alone, Naya calls Gwynn on the fact that no allies are coming.

“He doesn’t have to know that.”

Outside, Gwynn an Naya walk and talk. Gwynn tells Naya that she needs the girl’s help in discovering the identity of the traitor that let Dred go. With Wythers gone, Naya is the only one that can help her. She questions Naya (again) on whether she saw anything odd that night and Naya is all, “Meeeee? Nope Nope Nope.” Gwynn assures Naya that it’s only a matter of time before they figure out the name of the traitor. Naya, gurl. Be more suspicious why don’t ya.

Their conversation is interrupted by a horn blowing. An army is approaching The Outpost, the Flag not yet identified.


We come back from break with Gwynn and Naya in an observation perch. Through a spyglass, Gwynn identifies the banners as belonging to the clans of Rovannus of Aegisford.  Gwynn says that even flying the banners is in defiance of Prime Order law so this is either an ally or a cleverly disguised enemy. She tells Naya that it cannot be Rovannus, himself, as the man would be more than 60. The attractive man leading this army is in the realm of 30ish.

Down on the field, the aforementioned man (Aaron Fontaine) notes that the fields are undisturbed. The older woman by his side (Glynis Barber), his mother I am guessing, gives a classic, “I told you so,” saying that she told him no one would come. All the better for his offer, the mysterious man replies.

The mysterious man approaches the closed gate and he and Gwynn have some banter back and forth about being cautious in war and how hot Gwynn is (for real, tho). We learn that this man is heir to Rovannus, this man’s father. Rovannus died last winter. He asks to continue the discussion face to face and Gwynn permits him an audience in her throne room.

Gwynn and Naya discuss the mysterious man as they descend the guard tower. Since he didn’t openly declare his allegiance, Gwynn suspects he wants something along the lines of money, land, and a title. Naya is all, “just don’t scare him off, Gah!”

As the son of Rovannus and his mother lead the army through the gates, the Mistress runs out of the tavern to see what’s the fuss. She has a big ol’ smile when she see the man but her face falls in terror when she sees his mum. The Mistress hightails it back inside the bar. For her part, the mother definitely recognizes The Mistress.

The CW/ NBCU International

What is THAT all about?!?

Inside her throne room, Gwynn is lamenting her lack of advisers. She recalls her father having a ton of input back in the day. As Naya affixes the crown on Gwynn’s head, she counters that having no counsel makes Gwynn all the more powerful.

“You answer to no one.”

The son of Rovannus swaggers in and compliments Gwynn for being even better looking up close. She plays it cool and cuts to the chase. She tells the man that he wants something in exchange for his loyalty so what is it? The mysterious man is all, “maybe I just wanted to size you up, not join you.” Gwynn doesn’t think that’s it but asks him his intentions in any case.

The mysterious man tells Gwynn that he’ll pledge his army, his people, and his life to the crown forever on one condition.  He drops to a knee and asks Gwynn to marry him. Gwynn’s stunned look takes us to break.

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We come from break, the son of Rovannus (yes, we know his name is Tobin but HE hasn’t said it yet so I am not using it yet) telling Gwynn that she doesn’t have to love him and only has to sleep with him long enough to have a son. He goes too far, adding that he’s been told he’s quite good in bed so she’ll probably want to share his bed for the long term.

Gwynn starts to have him tossed from the throne room but he pleads to make his case. The son of Rovannus says he doesn’t want her power, only to be her consort. He also makes the point that their fathers, were they still alive, would have likely made this marriage happen. He assures her she’s free to have as many lovers as she wants cause he’s planning on doing the same. He gives Naya a long, “how you doin’ look” at this comment.  Anyway, the son of Rovannus is motivated to have a son, the eventual father of kings and queens.

“You want a legacy.”

Exactly right, agrees the son of Rovannus. He wants to be the source of a majestic family tree. Gwynn tells Baron Aegisford that he’s tipped his hand, reminding them both that her betrothal is the most powerful card in the deck. A prolonged metaphor leads to Baron Aegisford giving her three days to make her choice and then, she’ll be left all alone.

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He asks for one of the guards to take him to the best drinking spot.

The Night Shade. Baron Aegisford’s mom comes in and says hello to the Mistress, calling her Elinor. The Mistress gives a hiya to “Gertie” and when the woman says people call her Gertrusha, The Mistress responds that she’s called her Gertie she could talk.

These two DO have a history!!!

Even Munt knows this woman and calls her “Auntie Gertie” as he wraps her up in a giant bear hug.  Janzo comes in and ALSO knows her, calling “Aunt Gertrusha” and giving her a warm hug. There is a brief discussion about whether Janzo is a man or not but nevermind that, get Gertie a drink in a clean glass … only “the best for her royal daintiness”!

Gertrusha declines the drink saying she’s the Baron’s counsel and there is much deliberation to be done today. The Mistress confirms Gertie is her sister and is mock-impressed at her being “Baron’s counsel.”

“Who’d you shag to get that cushy racket?”

Gertrusha explains she was once the Baron’s governess but spent many years advising his father. There is some sisterly back and forth and Gertrusha takes her leave. The Mistress’s competitive juices are flowing and she orders Janzo to clean the tavern up, flowers on every table. Munt she drags out the door, he’s coming with her.

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The Organic Colipsum Farm. Down in the dank sewer colipsum farm, Brogan reports to The Mistress that they have 60 brick weight worth of colipsum ready to sell. The Mistress isn’t impressed by this number but tells Brogan to sell it all to the local dealers, she needs gold.  Brogan, by the way, is wearing a fancy new cloak and twitchy as fuck. The Mistress knows this and pulls Brogan close, threatening him that he better not be skimming off the bank.  He’s certainly tasting the colipsum product, if nothing else. Super twitchy. The Mistress, thinking of her successful sister, laments her life situation as she puffs on her pipe.

“This is what my empire is. Halfwits harvesting fly’s eggs out of bloated corpses.”

Munt is confused because from where he is sitting, The Mistress has people’s respect and she’s rich.  True, but she replies that she wants the respect of people with power and as for rich, she may be loaded but her cash is dirty and you can’t spend dirty money.

“I’m secretly rich, and that’s the same as being poor.”

There’s a Catch-22 for you.  Thinking of her sister turning up the next day, The Mistress says she needs bags and bags of gold. Brogan promises her that they’ll lean on every Buyer they possibly can, double her gold. When Munt questions whether this is smart since it’ll increase the number of dead people and Pplaguelings , The Mistress tells him to shut up.  Poor, Munt.


Gwynn’s Chambers. Talon and Gwynn are playing cards and talking about the things they should be doing instead of playing cards. Talon mentions the meeting with the Blackblood the next day and says she’s not sure she has any idea what she’s doing or if she can actually control a horde of Lu-Qiri. Gwynn’s thinks that Talon can rise to the occasion but talon is less sure. She changes the topic of the conversation to Baron Aegisford. Gwynn starts off by saying that he’s no Garret and Talon is all, “why would you even try comparing them?!?”

Gwynn apologizes and tells Talon that Garret loved her. Talon is all, “psssh, whatevers. Love isn’t for me.” She tells Gwynn that men always turn on her or die on her and so she’s giving up the love game. Gwynn thinks the men she picks is the real problem and proposes maybe she give Janzo a shot.

Talon’s spit take is classic. She says that she cares about Janzo but not in the way. She puts the topic back on Baron Aegisford and Gwynn admits to the marriage proposal. She thinks his handsomeness may be his only good quality. The game ends and Gwynn asks if Talon let her win. Talon says she would never do such a thing and tells Gwynn she’s as good at Octor as Talon is. This seems like its significant in the friendship department for these two.

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The Night Shade.  The next day, Janzo finds Talon drinking and they discuss what to do about Rebb. Janzo suggests poison but Talon isn’t sure she even wants to kill Rebb at this point. It’s possible, Talon concedes, that Rebb is right about everything. The Mistress calls Janzo away.

Baron Aegisford swaggers into the Night Shade (he swaggers or saunters every place, it seems). He sidles up to the bar and The Mistress is all flirty eyes and snark mouth, ordering Janzo to get “this gentleman, here, a stiff one.” Double entendres! He tries to flirt with her and she tells him he’s full of shit.

Photo: Aleksander Letic/NBCU International

After The Mistress walks away, the Baron notices Talon coming down the steps and his eyeballs fall out of his damn head.

I feel you, brother.

Talon comes up to the bar and the Baron starts hitting on her almost immediately. She shuts him down hard and challenges him to fight.

“I like to test my skills on rude men who think they’re better than everyone else.”

Talon walks away as the Baron gets distracted by Janzo and his delicious beer. When Janzo hears that Talon challenged Baron von Fullofhimself, he tells the newcomer that Talon will whoop his ass.

“This is one strange town.”

Oh, Baron. You have NO idea.

Up in Gwynn’s chambers, Gwynn tells Naya that Talon needs love in her life and she thinks that Janzo is the best candidate.  Gwynn tells Naya that she’s putting her in charge of transforming the brewer into a man that Talon won’t resist. Naya suggests this task may be impossible. But Gwynn won’t hear it.

“Fix him.”

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Janzo’s Lab.  Naya finds Janzo conducting some experiments and being, well, Janzo. She tells him she’s there to help fix him up a bit so that he can move his relationship along with Talon. The Gwynn has asked this to happen.

“I don’t need fixing, thank you.”

Really, Janzo? Naya says that no one is happy about this assignment but the Queen has commanded so, there you go. And besides, what’s the downside? Talon can’t like you any less, Naya says to Janzo. Which, true.

The makeover complete and it’s really just his hair that’s been redone. Janzo thinks he looks like one of the men in the Night Shade that are jerks and can’t be trusted. Naya counters that he looks dashing and besides, women like a man who represents a little danger.

Act confident and assertive and stand with a straight back, and Talon will faint when she you, Naya promises.

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Upstairs, Munt has a strong reaction when he sees the new Janzo and Janzo is all, “yessss?” with the raised eyebrow. Baron von Douchebag is at the bar drinking and intimates that he can bang Naya whenever the Queen isn’t around. Seeing as she clearly just finished fooling around in the basement, he assumes she’s open for business. This conversation is interrupted by Talon coming by for refills for some tables. Naya straightens Janzo up and Talon takes a long look at him but doesn’t otherwise comment on the new appearance.

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Naya assures Janzo this was a good sign but, I am not so sure. Baron von Sucks pipes up about Janzo and Naya doing the dirty and Naya walks away in a huff. Baron von Asshole grabs Naya’s ass she walks by which earns him a bonk on the head from  Janzo. The Baron responds with a bitch slap that sends Janzo to the floor and Naya rushes to help him. Baron von FilthyPig turns back around to find Talon standing there.  He asks why the hotter the woman, the crazier they are and Talon’s response is that she’s about to hit him.

And then she does. The Baron repeats that he won’t hit a woman, so Talon adds on several more punches and kicks. Enough being enough, Baron von CantHandleTalon takes some swings at Talon but she dodges them all and puts him on his ass. Talon challenges the Baron to get up but he chooses to stay on the ground for a bit, catch his breath.

“You’re smarter than you look.”


Janzo’s Lab.  We come back from break and Talon is holding an ice pack to Janzo’s head. He confesses that the change of hair and picking the fight were at the urging of Naya. Talon advises that Naya will get him killed. That’s rich coming from Talon, Janzo says, given all the things he’s fought alongside her.

The topic moves to how she plans to get the Dragman back. Talon says she’s going to transfer the Asterkinj to Rebb. Janzo can’t believe it and says they still have time to figure something else out.  Talon shakes her head, the Smith told her she was the one in the prophecy because he thought she was the last Blackblood. But, there is another now, better suited according to Talon.

Janzo reminds Talon of the part of the prophecy about summoning the “slayers of men,” meaning Janzo, Gwynn, etc. Talon counters that “summon” doesn’t have to mean “kill” and she thinks she can convince Rebb to chill on the human death score. Talon tells Janzo that she can’t leave the Blackbloods to flounder in the other realm and Janzo asks about her promise to Gwynn? Talon tells him that she can’t control a Demon army but maybe the other Blackbloods know what they’re doing.

“You’re making a huge mistake.”

Photo: The CW/ NBCU International

The Ruins of Dun-Ebdin.  Wythers arrives at the ruins where Garret was killed. Torch in hand, he begins the search for his son’s body. He finds plenty of Garret’s dead soldiers but where his son’s body should be laying, there is only his sword. Marshal whispers to himself that perhaps his son is alive. The episode ends with Wythers calling out for his son, his sword in his hand.

Photo: The CW/ NBCU International

And scene!


Thoughts.  Lots of developments tonight as we settle into Season 2. The arrival of Baron Aegisford and his army goes a long way towards making Gwynn feel less exposed to the Prime Order’s threat. But, is his term of marriage too much to ask? And, even if she does accept, is the Rovannus forces large enough to make a difference against Dred and the Prime Order?

Maybe more is better than none?

What an entrance Baron von Arrogant made for himself tonight. He eye fucked every female character in the cast, including his governess’s sister. Yeesh, homeboy can’t keep his shit in his pants. With such strong females to deal with, the Baron will do well to make sure he wakes up with his manhood in tact every morning.

Slow your roll, young Baron. Damn.

And, as a spur to the Baron’s arrival, we unexpectedly got a glimpse into The Mistress and her past. With the Baron’s counsel being Elinor’s sister, a long simmering sibling rivalry got kicked into high gear tonight. It will be interesting to see what Gertie’s presence at The Outpost will mean for The Mistress and the actions she takes vis a vis the Night Shade and her illegal colipsum operation.

Ugh, I can’t tell if Gwynn’s matchmaking plan for Talon and Janzo is from a sincere place of concern or just trying to pair off what she sees as a female rival for affection.  Gwynn is complicated and Naya isn’t the best influence either, making Gwynn even more unpredictable in her sincerity and actions.

Obviously, when push comes to shove, Talon is NOT going to give up the Asterkinj. Even without Janzo’s warning, she has to know that this is the wrong move but, the question will be how does Talon get herself (and the Dragman) out of harms way when she goes to meet Rebb and her Lu-Qiri?!?

Last, that seen with Wythers and the Garret-less ruins. I don’t think anyone believe that Garret could be dead for long but, I am not ready to jump on Marshal’s bandwagon that his son is just up and gone somewhere. Something bad has happened to Garret, even if he is alive … the “what,” though, is the question that will need to be answered!

The Outpost airs on Thursday nights at 9pm (ET/PT) on The CW.


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