The Gilded Age: Episode 3 Title, Description and First Look Photos

The Gilded Age
February 3, 2022

Episode 3 of The Gilded Age will air on Monday, February 7, 2022 at 9pm (ET) on HBO.

Read on for the episode title, official description, and 15 first look photos from Episode 3!

Season 1, Episode 3 of The Gilded Age – Title and Description:

Episode 103 — “Face the Music”

“An unfortunate development finds George’s new rail station under threat. Despite Agnes’ warnings, Marian continues to see Mr. Raikes, who lays his ambitions bare. Peggy learns that a publisher is interested in her stories. At a talk given by Clara Barton, Ada reunites with a childhood friend. Oscar grows attached to his plan, while Jack invites Bridget to a show.”

Episode 3 First Look Photos:


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