The Daily Download – January 9, 2018

In honor of the return of new Arrow-verse shows next week and The CW’s Winter TCA this past Sunday where they clarified their scheduling plans, today The Daily Download is focusing on latest trailers for all of your favorite DC shows.

As for scheduling, in case you haven’t heard: Because Black Lightning will be airing in the Legends‘ normal 9pm, Tuesday night slot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow won’t be back for a few weeks.  On February 12, it’ll take over Supergirl‘s 8pm, Monday night slot spot for 9 weeks (which is the rest of its season run). And then, on April 16, Supergirl returns for the remainder of its season (ending on June 18). As The CW announced, it’ll be 23 consecutive weeks of new Supergirl/Legends episodes, which is pretty cool.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Suit Up! All your Arrow-verse characters in one promo, including “the new guy”!

Supergirl. Its a literal Legion of Superheroes!

The Flash! We gave you the Trial of The Flash trailer last week, today’s Framed!

Black Lightning. We gave you 2 trailers yesterday so today, we’ll give you the Resurrection trailer …

Arrow.  The Divided Trailer.  Ollie and the rest of the newer recruits are still having trust issues (rightfully so). But, bad guys still need to be caught …

As noted above, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow won’t be back for 9 weeks but here is the Daddy Darhkest trailer (featuring Constantine!!).

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