The Daily Download – January 8, 2018

Today, we’re bringing you some of musical theater nerd love with an all too brief stinger for Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert; a trailer for the new David Letterman project on Netflix; and most importantly, the trailers for The CW’s Black Lightning which, while not new, are relevant as the series premiere is next week!

Photo: The CW

Black Lightning Premieres next Tuesday, January 16. With the imminent arrival of the newest DC Superhero TV show property, I bring you thwe 2 trailers that have been released. As BL is being executive produced by Greg Berlanti, you have to imagine that this show will be an official part of the Arrow-verse though from what I have seen and heard, outright references to the other properties will be limited, at least in the beginning.

Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert. We got 15 seconds of really not much of anything other than the stars that have been announced (John Legend, Alice Cooper and Sara Bareilles) but I love the music from JCS so much, hearing the first chords playing over the trailer was enough to get me excited. So, I share it with you.

My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.  A new Netflix talk show hosted by Santa Claus David Letterman will air monthly on the streaming service and will feature some big name guests. Here is the trailer released over the weekend …