The Daily Download – January 3, 2018

I don’t like combining news into the daily “What To Watch” but it happens over the course of a day, something gets published or released that I want you to experience with me. I am going to try to gather those items into a separate daily post which I am calling, for right now, “The Daily Download.”

Today’s offerings include 3 minutes worth of The Brave, which returns next Monday, and a trippy trailer for The Magicians (ahead of Season 3’s premiere next Wednesday).

The Brave: 3 promos of Episode 110 (“Desperate Measures”):

Clip 1: Dalton is in bad shape following Jaz’s abduction …

Clip 2: Campbell, Noah & Hannah are in gameplan mode!!

Clip 3:  Has all of Dalton & Co been exposed in country?!?

All 3 of these clips are pretty self-explanatory in their content, what remains to be seen is, How does Dalton, who clearly isn’t leaving Jaz behind, plan to rescue her and how to they get exposed? is there a mole?

***********************************************************The Magicians: Not quite a trailer, trailer ahead of next week’s Season 3 premiere (on January 10). Called, “Aboard the Muntjac”:

Let’s break down what we see in here … in reverse.  Julia still has her spark of magic, as far as we know, the only magic left in the world.  Margo and Eliot are still uneasy with each other following all that went down last season and to add to it, the Fairies, last seen staged right outside Whitespire (and in the throne room) are literally behind Margo (in her mirror anyway).  Alice is looking all sorts of paranoid following the revelation that The Lamprey, an enemy she made when she was a niffin, is coming for her.  Penny is still alive and still working the books in the Library. he seems … pleased? with whatever he finds (maybe his book finally has pages instead of the last 20 being blank). And Q, well, he is doing card tricks and looking mopey as only he can.

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