TV Recap: EVIL (Episode 104) – Would You Like To Play A Game?

“Rose390” (Episode 104)
October 17, 2019

Last week on EVIL, the God Squad investigated a case of possible diabolical obsession (check out our recap for all of the forms of possession). The subject was a renowned Broadway producer and it turned out, he was being pranked. Also, he was a massive douchebag. But, in the end, maybe he wasn’t being pranked and he killed himself. The same force that maybe was really haunting the dick producer also tapped into Ben’s family’s life and exposed some hidden secrets which may have tremendous consequences. David worked on deciphering his trippy vision and Kristen finally beat Leland at his own game. Catch up on the technology induced scare with our deep dive recap and review here.

Ready to see what a (potential) psychopathic 9-year old has in store for the God Squad? Well, read on for our recap of tonight’s all new EVILBEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS

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