TV Recap: EVIL (Episode 113) – The Devil Inside Me …

“Book 27” (Episode 113)
January 30, 2020

In the last episode of EVIL, the penultimate of this Freshman season, David had another bad day. Still very much recovering from his recent Christmas-time stab wounds, David went on a spiritual house call and found himself caught up in a revenge-fueled slasher film. Meanwhile, Andy needed to rush Little Laura to the hospital for increasing complications with her bad heart valve. However, owing to a miracle of sorts, her heart repaired itself at the last moment before surgery … but at what cost? With a post-trial hearing about the possible release of serial killer, Orson LeRoux, as the backdrop, Kristen finally squared off against Leland and girlfriend shut him down hard! But, Orson did get released from prison so that’s not good. And last, we met Leland’s unusual therapist.

Read up on all of the events from last episode, here. Caught up? Great! Now, onto the wild ride that is the season finale of EVIL BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! 

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

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