TV Recap: Krypton (Episode 205) – Whatever It Takes …

“A Better Yesterday” (Episode 205)
July 10, 2019

Last week on Krypton, the Resistance fell into a Zod long con, leaving most of the foot soldiers dead.  In a last ditch move of desperation, Jax tried to use her weaponized Codex as a genocide weapon against the Sagitari but Val thwarted her efforts. In Kandor, Seg had an awkward reunion with Lyta and Dru-Zod, the former who betrayed him and the latter who tried to recondition him. Family, it’s hard! And Brainiac is still around! Get caught up on last week’s action with our deep dive recap and review here.

Read on for all of the explosive action from tonight’s mid-season episode of Krypton, “A Better Yesterday,” … BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

Pictured: (l-r) Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

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