San Diego Comic Con 2018: Interview with Sergio Osuna

2018 San Diego Comic Con
Day 1 (July 19, 2018)

Late in the day on  Day 1 of this year’s San Diego Comic Con, The Magicians (and Colony) fan favorite, Sergio Osuna, was nice enough to sit down with me for a 25 minute, one on one conversation. The topics discussed, included the Colony finale, Season 4 of The Magicians, and a new short film Sergio is working on.

After the jump, read excerpts of our conversation.  The entire conversation is posted at the end of the article.

On becoming a fan of Colony and joining the show in Season 3 …

“I loved it. I thought that it was an incredible premise, and the story was great. And the acting was amazing as well … I think that this specific Season, to me, is very well done … in all aspects of it … I became a fan while working on it as well.”

On Rafe and being able to continue to expand his character’s story in Season 4 of The Magicians …

“I feel like I have been incredibly lucky to be able to work a little bit more, expand this character a little bit more because I find him extremely fun to do and play. And I hope Season 4 brings a little bit more of that as well.”

On The Magicians ability to tackle difficult social issues and present them with a unique voice …

“Not only these heavy subjects that are presented in a very interesting way and real way. But to have good role models or diversity or female characters that are so strong and powerful in this particular show.   Taking on these topics and subjects, they’re not easy to speak of. [Speaking about Rafe and Abigail’s Love Story] It’s a metaphor for not judging anybody for who they want to love … The Magicians has such a unique voice to say and deal with these subjects, that I don’t think that any other show has on television.”

On how The Magicians writing allows the characters to come to life …

“I think that it’s incredibly well written. That the characters, it’s impossible. I found, as an actor, it’s impossible not to follow the character you’ve helped create. The words that they write are so well written, that they just kind of flow out of your mouth easily.  And they blend together with everything you’ve prepared yourself.”

On what Sergio would like to see in Season 4 of The Magicians …

“I would love to see a little bit more of the love story between Abigail and Rafe just because I find it endearing, and in a way, innocent.”

On Sergio’s film, Empty, beginning production in the Fall … 

“It’s very real, sadly, and it deals with a very heavy subject which is human trafficking. I’m producing it and acting in it with my producing partner, Katherine Hill. This is a subject that is very close to her heart. And my heart, as well. And we’re working with lawyer, a specific lawyer in Canada that deals with these types of cases. And we want to make it very real but at the same time, a unique approach to it.”

The logline for Empty is, “An unlikely connection is formed when a tortured mother hires a male prostitute to find answers about her daughter who was abducted and forced to work the streets.” Empty has made the rounds at festivals and has received several accolades already, including:

  • Winner of Best Drama Screenplay at Los Angeles Film Awards
  • Winner of Best Screenplay at New York Film Awards
  • Winner of Best Screenplay at Hollywood Just4Shorts
  • Official Selection at Los Angeles Cinefest
  • Nominated for Best Screenplay at Paris Art and Movie Awards


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