2018 San Diego Comic Con: Interview with Emma Lahana of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

2018 San Diego Comic Con
Day 3 (July 21, 2018)

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we got a chance to speak with Emma Lahana who plays Detective Brigid O’Reilly on the Freeform hit series, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. Emma spoke on a range of issues including her trials and tribulations as Season 1 comes to an end and how O’Reilly is dealing with her actions this season. She is NOT spilling secrets about Mayhem …

“She’s not your average TV female character. That’s what I really loved as well.”

Emma Lahana at 2018 San Diego Comic Con

After the jump, check out transcribed excerpts from the interview with Emma, as well as video of the full interview!

On moving from protector to a potential villain in Mayhem in Season 2 …

“I guess it depends on who the villain is going after.  Maybe you’re going after people who deserve it.”

On O’Reilly’s emotional fallout following Fuchs’ death …

“I think you’ll see more how it effects her. Brigid is pretty, she’s got a hard shell. She doesn’t really wear her heart on her sleeve. It’s like buried … then you see a softer side of her, to then just ruin it and tear it up because it’s [showrunner] Joe Pokaski. [laughs]. You’ll see how that effects her and how much that drives her to go after Connors even more.”

On O’Reilly’s reaction to shooting Duane and real life police abuses … 

“Because that was kind of the moment where she became what she hated. She’s very against cops that do that …  We are talking about police brutality and systemic racism. Because that exists. It definitely exists. People want to deny it but it does exist.  I really appreciate that we do go there.”

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